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  1. There is some GLITCH with Far-sight + culling renderization, allowing 1sec sight far away of max range!
  2. Peppermint item have a "candy sugar" image!
  3. This POIs outpost type have invisible walls (marked on picture) not allowing movement at top platform.
  4. Peppermint cooking resource have a wrong image icon - looks like candy sugar
  5. It should open and select recipes within Cooking crafting section, but do select basic harvesting tools instead. Camp fires cooking fireplace does the same!
  6. These camp fire VFX are a bit out of place - above, Satyr tribe
  7. I lost that crow reward hero frame after enter Shadows EU cw - relog doesnt fix! On same Shadows EU cw, after ress from crow form in a zone hero statue POI, lost mount avatar.
  8. Yes, most likely that will be introduced in some recipe before VIP reward delivered, if is not already hidden in some loot table this today's patch 😏
  9. Hell yeah 💪👌 thanks ACE, keep the good hard work coming 😎
  10. So much Fuzzzz about this coming VIP reward, as also previous given to testers during pre-alpha/beta! So i must appeal your memory fading: You forget they give stuff like this, now and then?! Look yourself and cold down the rage: https://crowfall.com/en-US/promotions/launch-rewards
  11. I can NOT support this claim! Started with Nethari Vindicator for this same reason but changed to Elken due his shadow sight native power to spot Stealthiers! Anyway, i can tell almost can 1v1 any classe i face around PvP maps
  12. Welcome to the fight!
  13. Tainted hills hot zone have those around in any CW ruleset
  14. You can try contact support@crowfall.com, they are very TOP tier 🤙
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