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  1. You use Discord for both types, direct and EK trading. Be Smart! PS: Devs told they Will introduce a EK wide item search, Soon ™
  2. Tonight's Sunken Temple hotzone in SHADOW had loot bugged, no multiplier activated!
  3. Lost players/NPC nameplates/crests after recalling to temple!
  4. Switching Rings/Necklace: When i RMB select my inventory Rings/Necklace to switch with my currently using ones, their dont switch although i hear relating sounds. After i remove a using item (tried switch before) it goes to overflow!
  5. We may have it in time , hope so 🤗
  6. I like it on my hybrid build It fits my small scale playstyle gameplay.
  7. Great founders update! Eager to see it coming September
  8. Yeah it was great when campfires did damage!
  9. Mount_Spawning animation have VFX desync with mount spawning (Could be much better)
  10. Please report it in Bugs thread if not done already
  11. Thanks ACE! Having so much fun in this PvP game, keep it coming hard Devs
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