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  1. Vou experimentar activamente a prรณxima campanha Dregs de duas semanas - 0 imports (Naked Start) Quem quiser companhia, PM moi
  2. Im not a ex-SB player but i can say from all reading around, people in general would see it as major needing improvement to CF!
  3. Yes please. There still work to do before BIG DAY
  4. Agree with you on this topic. The only option in my opinion to counter the lack of mobility is the Nethari Race. But still dificult to Stay on target without some major disciplines abilities, sacrificing some templar's own kit ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Templar Holy Warrior abilitie animation is not sync with FX. Vendors and Spell book windows drag to place option is not limited to Screen (windows cut on left and stop mid right screen), resolution: 1920 x 1080 General Chat sometimes cleans itself.
  6. My chat was broken, tried several relogging but nothing fixed
  7. This has been bugged since ever, cant hit harvesting bonus target crosshair!
  8. When in CRAFTING, eating consumables should not happen. We try make some cooking and end up eat some mistaken stuff.
  9. Red ELK knockdown effects radius should end when become dead, we still got KD.
  10. Estamos a retornar ร  actividade no CF ๐Ÿ˜ Quem quiser companhia nesta aventura, pm Tofyzer ou Tofy. Estamos a trabalhar, daremos novidades a seu tempo ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Elken racial power HEAD BUTT: This power should knocking down at physical contact or push player target during his 20m animation, not doing nothing besides running during animation to perform only at end.
  12. Character Creation: Race should have describe his racial discipline content to show newcomers that matters more than looks. Classes could have a brief introdution to his "role".
  13. In-game menu windows (inventory, spell book, crafting, et cetera...) needs some polishing to easy the overwhelming feeling we get when some menu is recalled (all stay up and running at background) Quests log should be highlighted on GUI to easy the burden of keep track, Log without hotckey makes even worse to navigate Hope to see on coming NPE phases improvements as video tutorials in lobby/game client launcher, links to FAQs, so on... Keep it coming ACE, cheers.
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