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  1. Nethari Templar até agora, mas vou testar novamente as outras raças entretanto...
  2. Noite. Só necessita ser mais darker!
  3. Been reading all the feedback here, all have their reason and mind to point in need. I am fine with decision ACE make to archive the goals you aim, it is pre-alpha test anyway My take: Wipe or not to wipes: Leave skills running (if update arrives on time - wipe) to keep tracking impacts on mid/late game of continuing CW season. Wipe SB and vessels if you dont block imports. Capture points mechanics: Good options in table, lets test them
  4. Im here with moneda, the whole post! Just want to add: if Disciplines 2.0 version is in good shape to Patch on test, make it! Believe we all will welcome it very good (i personally want to hunt those thralls and see discs in economy).
  5. Ainda não Pelos guild crests consegues visualizar várias
  6. Sim especialmente solo players, agravando não haver advanced armor/weapons poor quality vendors! Isto iria ajudar bastante, pois ainda não existe economia global da comunidade criada suficiente para suprimir o exigente harvesting/crafting...
  7. Yes you need crafting discipline to unlock recipes.
  8. While having a stack close to right side of screen/inventory and want to split it, the split window get cut off screen
  9. Obrigado e um bom ano novo para o pessoal, abraço. 2019 vai ser o ano do CF
  10. Dismount pack pig using abilitie description - Cast to summon and to dismount, Will recycle mount and not disengage. You need interrupt the casting to actually get off it.
  11. Boas, A versão de campanhas 5.8 tem sido espectacular Estamos a retornar como grupo dia após dia, sem compromissos sérios! A diversão tem sido o aspecto primário nas nossas aventuras... Ao pessoal que deseja voltar ou começar a jogar pode contar com o nosso apoio e solidariedade Até breve, HF
  12. Outpost fire camps FIRE to cook interation dont work (not sure if intended). Plus make tower worth more than points (something add value to hold besides points)
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