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  1. Im one of those KS backers and i agree + support most of the changes from initial KS campaign.
  2. Yes, they need to tweak damage calculation.
  3. I have seen most of attacks being calculated "instantly", disregarding Animations (ranged VFX or physical), feeling that collisions doesnt matters at all, ONLY distances to target in recticle. Lunge/charge attacks perform mostly at end Animation. It is the feeling i get personally.
  4. Thanks for the info. Eagerly to test next updates. Cya soon.
  5. This tower only gave me RESTING BUFF when i conquered it (not sure if only full capped), no buff when in neutral or enemie hands.
  6. Referral Code gives a discount to buy the game. If someone signed for Closed Beta, a 30 day access code will be email to that account someday soon (invites are sending in waves, like BETA 12.1 through XX.X so on, so on) Try see if you have buddy code in your account rewards after you bought game, that code can be used 5 times to different new accounts. HF.
  7. In GR's The Earth Temple [1 to 9] map zone, Elementals NPC mobs droped doobers all look alike as Ethereal Dust (Elemental Aether Wisp and Elemental Clay Shard).
  8. Yes i know, been here since KS. They start be meta since promotion talents arise.
  9. Combat log is so borked atm, is like only registering 10 lines of damaged at all, or is just the scrolling up/down, dunno. Is not working as used to be.
  10. This red lined distance inside "holding circle" do not work to capture site, green lined area works normally.
  11. Something is over the top when a "unplayed classe" for years start be one of the most played nowadays
  12. In EU CW Elohim zone at Malekai outpost, is the second time i get somehow "desync" from server! I see people freeze, stop moving, then i start get attacks by invisibles as my HP go down to death. This bug, client problem makes PvP unplayable
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