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  1. Thanks for the Q&A recap and informative article about newly character customization improvements. Looking forward to it, more please
  2. When changing quantity it should adds up items to recipe, not remove materials.
  3. Red Elk mob stop performing KB AoE effect when die but ground dirt particles still shows up
  4. * Shadows quality level in graphic settings need more work, they mostly change "purely" regarding distance between character and shadow effect, is not good atm. I am testing with Very High overall quality. Quest marker "?" in map should reflect location of objective and not quest giver. You can use own NPC quest state icons
  5. Gaea and Zaleena dont have their own god map icons like D'Orion have! They still have Hero statue markers.
  6. This is a first in my CF testing experience! Should i press YES? dunno :s
  7. Trailmaster passive need update his power icon, match buff description. Druid Sickle LMB 3rd attack animation is de-sync with SFX. Cleric LMB hammer attacks only shows VFX when target is on crosshair, no visuals without target aimed. Element Minion mobs have attacks badly de-sync: damage is instantly performed while animation still running.
  8. A versão 6.100 que incluí Mounts, Alliances e muitos QoL polishing chegou ao LIVE! Estarei cá para jogar com quem quiser companhia, até já pessoal
  9. De volta após uns dias de férias! Quem anda aí que precise equipa? Nós temos guilda já feita pessoal, até já.
  10. Yes we could have it on common non-crafted vessels
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