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  1. This tooltips is broken, may be due to new expanded tooltips glossary
  2. First time logged in: frozen black screen. When tried to see intro again, it freezes again although i see bottom right ESC intro tooltip
  3. Boas pessoal 👋, pois é, chegou finalmente o momento! Quem aqui se lembra do inicio no Kickstarter em Março 2015? 😎 Passados muitos anos e UP&DOWNS no desenvolvimento do CF, chegou o dia que muito ansiaram e outros amaldiçoaram pelo caminho! O jogo será oficialmente lançado a 6 Julho 2021. Ainda não está na versão release (o ultimo grande patch está a caminho nos próximos dias), mas está pronto a ser experimentado na sua essência Até breve 😜 PS: O nosso projecto EniXia está de pé, estou a revitalizar o site com conteúdos. HF cya
  4. Yeah it should update with those healing modifiers as other powers, report it on Live bug topic please.
  5. Launch day = Big Bang You cant have apocalypse at the Start, right?! 😁
  6. Is a bit dumb guineceans having dirt&dust FX in double jumping mid air, same goes for burrow mode 😜
  7. I believe some more polishing is coming, but couldnt avoid telling you how i feel this, be it too much nitpicking or not 😎
  8. Em contagem decrescente para HungerDome! 👋😎
  9. Bem vindo / Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here, cya around. Diverte-te
  10. Im one of those KS backers and i agree + support most of the changes from initial KS campaign.
  11. Yes, they need to tweak damage calculation.
  12. Thanks for the info. Eagerly to test next updates. Cya soon.
  13. Referral Code gives a discount to buy the game. If someone signed for Closed Beta, a 30 day access code will be email to that account someday soon (invites are sending in waves, like BETA 12.1 through XX.X so on, so on) Try see if you have buddy code in your account rewards after you bought game, that code can be used 5 times to different new accounts. HF.
  14. Yes i know, been here since KS. They start be meta since promotion talents arise.
  15. Something is over the top when a "unplayed classe" for years start be one of the most played nowadays
  16. Boas pessoal. Vai haver evento PvP nesta quadra natalícia e ano novo: Aproveito para desejar umas Boas Festas e um óptimo ano novo, HF.
  17. Indeed, it is lacking at the moment.
  18. No date announced to end, but if you have a free BETA invitation is 30 days available.
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