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  1. I would like to see more everyday buildings. Like a Tavern or blacksmith like what was previously mentioned. I would also like to see more improvement with the parcels. A description of what they contained would be great. Also a greater selection would be nice too.
  2. I thought it would be cool if we thought of harnessing the hunger as a type of dark thrall. It could be trapped and harnessed in a dark soul gem, and used in crafting recipes to make weapons dark weapons. - maybe even using the dark weapon could give the user an adverse effect over time, with the added benefit of the possibility of dealing large amounts of damage to an enemy. Armor to counter this could be made of light (good) thralls. There could also be the possibility of releasing dark thrall essences onto enemy's to deal more damage. This was an idea I thought would be cool. There are many applications were this could be used. I would like to hear your ideas as well.
  3. Playing with siblings has its pros and cons for sure. If you make them mad, they can seek revenge IRL . In a game where you can loose months of progress in a day, having someone you can trust is useful. There is also nothing like a good conversation about were we think crowfall is headed.
  4. All of it? this may seem like a cheap answer, but seriously, the hole idea is exciting! I have been waiting for a game like this
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering, while editing my profile, there is an option to display name changes history. I have yet to find a GUI that allows me to change my name however. If i ever want to change my name, how do i do it? Is it even possible? Any help is appreciated
  6. We are under 1,000 as of 7:07 Pm 3/21/2015 est. Please spread this around, we need more backers. If you have not already backed it, I beg of you, DO IT. The funds generated on ks will fuel the vision of this game. Please. Any support is appreciated. Current ks stats: 13,556 backers $1,300,175 pledged of $800,000 goal Requirements for mounts & caravans: Met Requirements for packbeast: 4 more backers needed! thats a minimum of $20 backed.
  7. They are. Scroll down way to the bottom and you will see the FAQ section.
  8. Hi everyone, Recently, I was shown this by a sibling of mine, and I fell in love with the game. Being a PC gamer, I love these types of games. I Just made this account, as well as backing the game $60 in Kickstarter. I am excited to see this game released. Eventually I am hoping to back it on ks for the $100 tier as well. The sibling I mentioned earlier, who has been a fan (as well as I) since the opening of the ks page, has backed it at the $175 tier. In the end, it was hard for me to put money down, but I did, and am glad of it. I hope to see all of you in-game, as well as the forums.
  9. What an update! I have been looking forward to this for a very long time. Let me say, it has exceeded my expectations. I have never seem a game with such a detailed macro and micro building system. The actual customability looks endless. The prospects of the economic seem very good. Insted of having ranks that make up political/socioeconomic standing, it seems to me that players themselves make it - whether it be through a guild (acquiring land and creating a market system) or forging your own eternal kingdom. The best part is not everyone has to be a monarch - there is a desire for a niche within a kingdom or guild.
  10. I agree, guns should not be added. I think Crowfall should stay with simple ranged weapons (i.e slings, bows, crossbows) and not get into guns. If there were to be guns, make them slow firing, early black powder type guns. I am hoping lore and immersion will stay intact if this is the case.
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