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    Grew up on D&D, The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Elder Scrolls. Avid PC gamer, role-player, and PvP enthusiast.

    Beyond excited for Crowfall!
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  1. SPEARS! SPEARS! SPEARS! Seriously, spears. My personal favorite weapon type. Spears I feel are the most overlooked weapon choice in every game, not many games especially MMO's nowadays even consider the use of spears/polearms as a weapon choice. Spear/sidearm, spear/shield, spear/throwing weapons for me all day.
  2. So excited that I might die

  3. Essentially this thread is pointless now seeing as pets are available, so arguing about whether or not you like this or not is a waste of time. So lets move on, shall we?
  4. Why does the class HAVE to be stereotypical, and what makes you assume that it will be.
  5. How so? I'm not saying that i want classes to be reliant or built off of the pets, but it is another aspect that adds to character customization in general and i find that exciting.
  6. Nice boogie gif lmao Fairly excited for the news as well, would be pretty cool for every class to have pets
  7. My Sager NP8278-S Laptop (AKA My mobile desktop) Everything is user upgradeable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M 6.0GB GDDR5 Haswell Core i7-4810MQ (2.8 - 3.8GHz) 12 GB DDR3 1600MHz 1 TB HDD 7200RPM 125 GB SSD Win 7 Professional 64 bit Peripherals: Logitech G602 Wireless gaming mouse, or Logitech G600 MMO mouse Logitech G930 Wireless headset
  8. I do like the idea of this becoming a CC/debuff based class, and im sure through later character customization and disciplines this can be achieved. Really great ideas, thanks for sharing.
  9. I definitly do not think there should be pets inherently built into any specific class, or for that matter any class built specifically around pets. I do however agree (and am excited for) the prospect of having specific Diciplines that will allow for the usage of pets in any way. This allows for further character customization and development and breaks away from the cookie-cutter feel of other pet based classes like WoW's Hunter. My specific vision and hope for the ranger class is for it to be naturally a scouting and solo survivability based class. I dont mean solo survivability as
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