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  1. SPEARS! SPEARS! SPEARS! Seriously, spears. My personal favorite weapon type. Spears I feel are the most overlooked weapon choice in every game, not many games especially MMO's nowadays even consider the use of spears/polearms as a weapon choice. Spear/sidearm, spear/shield, spear/throwing weapons for me all day.
  2. Scouting seems like the overwhelming majority here, and I'd have to say that I'd most likely play this way as well. My specific vision and hope for the ranger class is for it to be naturally a scouting and solo survivability based class. I dont mean solo survivability as in tanking 20 players or npcs, but rather focusing on having more resistance to things such as enviromental effects, hunger, and fatigue to name a few. Thus essentially making it a hardy scout (ranger) type class at home being on its own for 5 hours of playtime without having to rely on other players as a source of survivability. Imagine following a enemy guilds Caravan for a couple hours on your own, whilst simultaneously feeding movement and troop info back to your guildies.
  3. I'll be rolling Ranger as a main for certain, Stalker and Duelist are my close second choices. Overall I'm pretty excited for all of the classes and making something I can adapt to my play-style. Hooray for utility/specialist classes!
  4. So excited that I might die

  5. Essentially this thread is pointless now seeing as pets are available, so arguing about whether or not you like this or not is a waste of time. So lets move on, shall we?
  6. Why does the class HAVE to be stereotypical, and what makes you assume that it will be.
  7. I would have to say that I totally am, and its cool to see others showing such a wonderful game love.
  8. LOTRO Dat RP doe Spent the majority of my in game time there, and its the game that holds the most nostalgia for me. Extremely detailed and the storyline was classic, very underrated it seems.
  9. As of now The Outsiders has 3 Alpha testers, all Alpha 2
  10. I think this a great idea and i would love for our guild The Outsiders (http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5031-the-outsiders-an-intimate-crafting-guild/) to be a part of this. But i am heavily skeptical and wary for how exactly the security system will work. This is an obvious concern due to the amount of players who will be specifically targeting traders or Caravans.
  11. How so? I'm not saying that i want classes to be reliant or built off of the pets, but it is another aspect that adds to character customization in general and i find that exciting.
  12. Nice boogie gif lmao Fairly excited for the news as well, would be pretty cool for every class to have pets
  13. Very nice, clean and legible. Great work on this!
  14. My Sager NP8278-S Laptop (AKA My mobile desktop) Everything is user upgradeable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M 6.0GB GDDR5 Haswell Core i7-4810MQ (2.8 - 3.8GHz) 12 GB DDR3 1600MHz 1 TB HDD 7200RPM 125 GB SSD Win 7 Professional 64 bit Peripherals: Logitech G602 Wireless gaming mouse, or Logitech G600 MMO mouse Logitech G930 Wireless headset
  15. I like the idea of The Hunger maybe corrupting your character over time, but i do believe that the "hunger resistence" seen in the screens refers to physical hunger (food, drink, etc.) as this has already been noted as a game mechanic
  16. I do like the idea of this becoming a CC/debuff based class, and im sure through later character customization and disciplines this can be achieved. Really great ideas, thanks for sharing.
  17. Thank you, looking forward to seeing you all around
  18. Hi Sellin, A friend and I have recently started our Crowfall first guild "The Outsiders" and are looking for dedicated, serious players such as yourself. We hope to be a relatively small, intimate guild that is going to be focusing on crafting and building guild to guild economic relations early game. We have alot of ideas that we're looking to share with players who are looking for a new type of gaming experience and would love to hear some of yours. As you are an Alpha tester we would be more than excited to have you in our ranks. We are looking for players who are interested in being apart of a tight band of brothers, and if you are interested on hearing more check out our guild's thread here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5031-the-outsiders-an-intimate-crafting-guild/ Or PM me directly Good luck with finding a guild
  19. The Outsiders The Outsiders are a Crowfall first guild brought to you by experienced MMORPG/PvP players and IRL bestfriends: myself - SykotixRaw, and ClaytonRath. Our intentions for this guild are simple: we want a self sustaining and self supporting community with tightly woven player relationships. We are an 18+ guild based out of the North American East coast We WILL NOT accept characters that you consider ALTERNATIVES; We will only accept characters that are your 'mains', and that you will put most of your time into. Crafting, resource gathering, and strictly trading with other guilds will be our primary focus We are intending for no more than 30 players max, so if you're looking for a massive 400 player guild look elsewhere We have found that in larger guilds that there is a sense of competition and negation among low ranking or less active players, we hope to avoid this and create a tight bond of brotherhood between members. We are accepting all applications, but only embracing players with extensive MMO experience or those we find extraordinary (we apologize to the newer players but we are aiming for... a more educated Guild in Crowfall.) In terms of The Outsiders wanting a relatively small guild are for these reasons: We feel like in today's modern MMOs (or even aRPG communities) there is a serious lack of true 'togetherness' in Guilds; this is why we plan on keeping our member max to 30 players or less. One of our KEY values for The Outsiders is providing a close-knit community that plays together and stays together. Keep in mind that there will be STRICT regulations. We advice you to seek elsewhere for a casual guild. Here are some other values that will be part of the core game-play experience of The Outsiders, in terms of the community: Talking and communicating effectively over voice-chat/Steam/ whatever game platform our members are comfortable using. We plan on having own own Forums and Website before Crowfall's launch. Making sure that we play together on a day to day, week-to-week basis. No member should be under 18 years old for pure responsibility and maturity reasons. (Such as we don't want one of our members being 'grounded' and not being able to participate in group Operations. - This does not mean we won't work with people who work a lot; ClaytonRath works 6 days a week, SykotixRaw works 5 days a week.) As keeping to our under 30 member limit, we want to be able to keep regular communication and constant 'game reports' with our members. Not only will this help keep a close-knit group, but it will also make sure that our guild Operations stay true to the main objectives. Playing as an ALT Character will not be allowed. We say this so that we are sure that our members are giving our Guild and its Operations proper attention - this is also going back to keeping under 30 members. The less we have, the more we can reinforce these 'regulations.' (Some exceptions may apply) We are always open to hearing ideas and thoughts about our policies More information regarding guild policies and our ideas will be revealed upon acception into the guild. Contact myself (SykotixRaw) or ClaytonRath for more information or to apply Contact info: SykotixRaw: Through CF forum messenger OR Email at Sykotix.theoutsiders@gmail.com ClaytonRath: Through CF forum messenger OR Email at Klessrendwater@gmail.com The Outsiders public Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_OutsidersCF Guild website: (W.I.P.)
  20. Inevitably im sure there will be something similar to this, and as Drakkus mentioned, further funding will continue long after kickstarter days.
  21. Hello all I have some ideas that i would like to share, and i would love to hear everyone elses. As far as my knowledge goes i havent heard much about how gear and weapons will actually work. What i mean by that is if we will have the freedom to wear any type of armour, or use any type of weapon regardless of class. If not inherently, then maybe through trainers or Disciplines. For instance if i want to be a Duelist, but would prefer to use a 2h weapon should I be able to do so and how should that be done. Also, should certain weapon types have different advantages and disadvantages such as: Daggers slightly increasing crit chance but slightly shorter range, or 2h's having slightly more damage but slower attack speed. Input?
  22. Extremely excited to see the political system be created and in action. Even more excited to be the guy uprooting it all
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