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  1. I agree with this idea... Personally, I think that to much potion concern takes away from gameplay, and skill should outweigh these things... Skill's are whats relavent, not an overwhelming plethora of potion stats... However, if they do implement them, then yes... a penalty in the form of a "debuff" after affect would be the way
  2. Hello everyone! So as some of you may already know, Legionnaire's being centaur's (half human/half horse) will not be given mounts. However, as an added perk for fun/utility, I'm suggesting that if a Legionnaire consents, he/she can allow a fellow ally to mount him/her and ride into combat! If you like this idea, give this topic a lot of traffic, we wont the creators of Crowfall to put this one in!
  3. Have a few comments of my own, but I'm assuming I need to become more active before I can make my own discussions!

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