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  1. OK, if that is the case then the video shows -W- being pushed back and off their position 4 times by something close to even numbers. Further, -W- was unable to take the breach on their first attempt and had to retreat as well. Given you are stating that actual numbers in the fight were even, this also suggests that gearing didn't play a part since Chaos was controlling the battle ... until .... Chaos sallied forth to knock -W- off the bane tree hill they had retreated to. That was a tactical error and you lost the hill fight. You were pushed back to the gate away from the breach. -W- wa
  2. I also have a similar and perhaps related issue ... using Chrome. When I access the forum I am logged out. When I select login from the forum page I login which sends me to my account page. When I try to access the forums again from the account page I get to the forum page but am logged out. The only way I can get into the forums in a logged in state is to go to the main page and logout. Log back in on the main page and then I can access the forums in a logged in state.
  3. Locking a character to a faction simply removes or mitigates the ability for players to self balance as they enter new campaigns. Clearly this has already happened in the past here multiple times as larger guilds have switched factions expressly for the purpose of creating a more competitive and improved game play for everyone. So I would not think we would want to remove that ability. Nobody wants to have to level individual toons for each faction. Further, if they did go through that grind you are simply back where you started; That is, players then have the ability to play whatev
  4. White to blue vessel is a decent jump ... blue to purple, not so much. I was recently offered a new purple from one of our crafters. And, we have really good crafters! Yet, the stats on the purple were simply not that much better than my blue to warrant triple the time to level a purple, at least at this time since everyone is starting fresh. I will eventually level to purple. So yes white to blue is a very noticeable difference. But I believe gear to make a bigger difference in 'power' than the vessel. And I know ACE is looking at that and there is talk about removing the HP bonuses fr
  5. Well there is that, and this is probably a discussion for another thread .... but to be fair and accurate, Chaos did not lose their keep last night due to gear or numbers. Chaos had 63 in zone against 37 for Balance. Chaos successfully pushed Balance off their siege position and destroyed Balances siege equipment at least 3 times. Balance did get a hole in the wall after about 25 minutes but could not get through the breach. Balance retreated to the west away from the breach and took up a position on the bane tree hill to regroup. And that is where things went awry for Chaos..... All
  6. Those imbalances do shift from map to map. Also, relative to the keeps, it can create some more interesting strategic decisions for a side. Rather than going all in on defense of 'your' keep with the R9's, go all in on taking the keep with the R10's.
  7. I do not see a reason or rationale for extending the campaign length. I don't believe it will create more PvP. Rather, it has the potential of creating less PvP as people get bored and/or an under populated faction falls further and further behind in the scoring. No amount of 'handicapping' or scoring mechanic manipulation will keep things interesting for a faction that is getting rolled, not to mention I feel those mechanics are generally undesirable. Further, while I agree that linking exports to scoring at the end of a campaign makes sense, it further exacerbates the problem for an und
  8. The rallying cry works quite consistently no matter how many years the game has been going on. It can actually be more effective as the game progresses. Of course you can't do it every campaign and its more than a rando posting 'hey we need more guys'. In games that run for a long time like EVE, SB, or WWII Online for that matter, storied players, clans, corps, or groups will be known. These folks have will have developed larger networks of players and their leadership skills in making thing happen is established. The marketing blitz is generally more than a forum post. Phone calls
  9. Hmmm .... on one hand the original posts cites concerns with false notifications. I think the concept underestimates the degree to which this will be gamed.....one alt and some mats. No one will care about durability and guilds will have plenty of mats to throw up at a whim.
  10. I spent many years in WWII Online, a side V side campaign style game that experienced the problems the OP states. Over many years the game tried to address population imbalance with a plethora of mechanics designed to give the under pop side hope of turning things around. Side Locking / Spawn Delay, faster captures for under pop, more equipment availability, etc.. etc.. None of these 'handicapping' mechanics solved the problem and virtually all were not well received by the player base regardless of the side they were playing. IMO there are really only two things that work ...
  11. I think the notification on siege engine deployment in a zone would be gamed .... doesn't cost that much to trigger the early warning system with one player. I agree with @Glitchhiker that if its too hard or time consuming people would not bother, especially given the fairly low reward with fort taking when compared with keeps. I think forts should be a viable cap option for 5+ groups. Again, if it is too hard or takes too much organization there will be less fights as opposed to more. An early warning system that reflects the number of enemy within the fort range could reduce fals
  12. Yet your video was a montage of stealth ganking unsuspecting noobs, a number without armor at all. I am sure those considering playing can't wait to experience it..... Hoot! That said, the music was great!
  13. No, your right and I'll own that but the results would have been the same if we had to stop to take down a wall. It really is a question on whether the campfires need to be reassessed and siege firing into the tree room is valid .... Walls are not generally going to be bugged but now every keep take will have to deal with the two strategies you employed and I mentioned. Look I am certainly not butt hurt because we didn't take the keep. I am happy enough we could provide some player content by conducting the attack. You reap what you sow brother
  14. Hoot! Ya I made a post on your 'Epic Defense' ... I am running a sale on Campfires if you need some of these back ... That said, well done!
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