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  1. I agree too it's a nice idea to give multiple way for a player to progress.
  2. After been eliminated from hd and quit the game our teammate cannot be invited to go on another HD and cannot connect to the last world (infected in this case) he was. He needs to log in dregs and come back to the lobby to resolve the problem.
  3. harvesting potion buff stay when i join a dregs campaign so i can use a potion on my ek and come harvest with the plentiful harvest buff during 30min then unlock my character and do it again. like that i can use a non-equipable item in the campaign.
  4. Like i said i love the concept but launch a game with the current system (ek overhaul is long term in road map) is a big mistake which make give up many ppl, population retention is a bigger issue for that's why i prefer something quicker and easier, waiting they work on something better
  5. clearly the economy need a boost and really need to be easier to find for new player. the easiest way for that is an auction house, even if i love the EK idea with vendors, unfortunatly it doesnt work specially cause we can let them open all the time.
  6. Yes i was in a group, and this morning after close the game and restart my computer, when i connect i have no problem until i join kulverin zone on eu campaign where i can see my old group even if i'm not grouped and even if i reboot the game i got the same issue
  7. salut @abso non pour rejoindre la CAC ce n'est pas obligatoire du tout. Tu auras un chan guilde en jeu mais que les joueurs ont tendance à ne pas regarder par habitude des outils tel que discord justement.
  8. i totally agree with @Prometeu we clearly need a real 3 factions world not an unique zone with pvp, and if it's in the tube; imo, you need to communicate about that because it's something which can "hook" ppl to talk like prometeu 😅. it was strange to see the general chat disappear just before a massive wave of invitation too but you made your choice. Furthermore localization comes too late, it's not like if french, german and spanish ppl told you months ago it's a big issue... we even offered to help .... I hope things will accelerate but as prometeu i think some things really need
  9. Si vous démarrez l'aventure Crowfall n'hésitez pas à passer sur le discord communautaire fr de crowfall ça pourra vous aider dans votre compréhension du jeu et dans la recherche de partenaires pour la bagarre !!! voici le lien : https://discord.gg/QzrwuE6
  10. campaign is over so we have to wait the next one, and currently we dont have an EU infected so you have no eu server. Don't worry nothing's wrong
  11. Many ppl alerted devs that the per member cards were better and they had to make more obj for small or mid size guild, they clearly listen the other camp (zerg camp and shadowbane's fanboy). Now we can see an empty game with many ppl waiting a launch date in hope to see something interesting but even with HD ( big guild will ruined it too, they already do...) after a couple of week ppl will leave the game because of the same issues we report since years now... I can take my pop corn and watch...
  12. yes, currently the free respec is only for vip. If you buy now 1 month of vip, you will get it until one month after the launch.
  13. @Extintor @Arkade , thanks for the answer.
  14. ty @Arkade but i maybe formulated incorrectly my question, i wanna know if i craft potion by 10 do i have ten times more likely to succeed to get a discipline than if i do it one by one. Just to know if i have to waste my time to craft it one by one to get more discipline ^^
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