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  1. i just finish the new npe ( sorry for the late but holidays 😎), and it's really smoother to xp your vessel good job. There's stll 2 or 3 things to say : - The wolf quest, the npc told us to not forget to equip our equipment but there nothing to tell us we have to press "i" to open it ( i know it's a detail ) - imo when u talk to a npc the camera zooms too much on the face's npc - Sun elves looks loke high elves but their mini picture shows a half-elf picture - the mother nodes quest need to be improve, either we do one before to explain we can harvest a simple node alone and cannot a mother nodes or the animation need to be improve to see the "miner" harvest with us. - for the major discipline quest maybe i miss it but i didnt see something that tell us that we need 5 points to get a major discipline slot and to pay attention to not waste points if we want it here for the npe Then i think map is better now but it is still twisted, i dont care about that but many ppl told me they cant use it properly without the north on the top of their screen ... To finish i dont really understand why you decreased the target number of aoe, i hope it's just a test for performance or something like that but i got the feeling that ppl were asking to increase that number, i didnt see any explanation about that so if i missed it sorry.
  2. Please do not waste 30min to explain things for news players or things like that, community do it really well. give us some hope !
  3. Sad to see you go! And i hope u come back fast with beta. I agree with many points but definitely not with the aoe one, for me it's not aoe which are too strong but just spells to counter it are missing. A last thing, i think instead of totally leaving the game, i think a guild like yours should organize things for the community like tournament in ek or things like that. Dev team should do that too but they dont, so leaders must show the way in that case instead of leave the ship (even if i can understand the tiredness). Enjoy your time on NW
  4. ok, i misunderstood, indeed passive trees are too vertical while if they were more horizontal, we can imagine that, for example in blacksmith, you can choose to be good in one kind of weapon quickly (like sword for example) but bad for all others. And an other player can prefer to be good on maces or axes etc... And with time u can be good in each one. Exploration passive tree is a bit better for that.
  5. there will be a catch up mechanic to help new player to be as good as veteran with some work but it's not implemented yet
  6. There is no quest to tell us to train talents and get new powers ! it can be strange for a new player to get 5 or 6 lvl and to get no explain how to use points or i missed something But for the part 1 NPE is really smooth currently there's no localization for quest, let us now when it will come to test the translation
  7. when i use the recall (new fx is cool) i need to make a rmb to stop the sound
  8. -Energetic harvesting still doesn't work .
  9. middle tree should be rotated a quarter turn
  10. let's talk about the time we are in crow form (death...) I think the system need a rework, and it needs to separate different case. I know it's really not the big issue currently but i think the player experience need to be cooler and less punitive or at least give players a choice... and to have something to do, when the beta will arrive they will be many players so even in infected many ppl will die multiple time in a session so if they have to wait each time 2 or 3 min without can do nothing after a couple of day they will left the game... cause it's boring. We need to have an interesting or funny activity even when we are in crow cause fly through the world is funny but one or 2 times not more. When you died you get 2 choices, flying to a respawn statue or tp to the temple. If we choose the temple, we should not have to wait in crow form, maybe they can lock us in the temple for the same time but players need to have something to do, if we retrieve our body faster we can go to a vendor to our bank or something else but we are not waiting uselessly... player experience is really important to keep player in game and if after a long day at work you wait 30 or 45 min in crow form at temple you will not stay a long time on crowfall. For the other choice you have to go to a respawn, so i can understand to wait to not return instantly in the fight, it's fair, but why dont let us look the stat or crafting windows... anything BUT have something to do! Many options are possible for this case so i will not tell this one is better or something like that, but we really need to think about the player experience and how to find a way for they wanna stay . At last, plz remove death timer in EK, it's so boring, i know it's an universal timer but maybe u could add a command or something to reduce that ! @Pann i know it's a bit late for Q&A and that this problem is far away in the list but i insist i really think it's an important thing for future players
  11. the heart of myrmidon still has problems to display, you need to relog each time if you want to see it
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