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  1. i got a double sfx when i harvest ore, one when i hit and another one 1 sec earlier
  2. No fix for french atm, still the same problems for talent's tree
  3. maybe it was the TEST copy ?
  4. amazing tool, man! keep up the good work
  5. @MiracleMax i am not german but your answer is a bit annoying for me cause we got the same kind of problem for french translation and when you said there are 3-5 weeks required for change strings i am pretty upset to see that after more than 2 YEARS telling you TALENT TREE is WRONG/ FALSE / WITH BAD INFO choose what you want nothing is fixed! Launch is tomorow and many player will come try the game in french lvl a caracter spends point and will suddenly realize they made too much mistake and they have to make another caracter ! So they'll give up we had many during alpha and beta already... I hope tomorow i will be surprise by an update on the translation but i really doubt ...
  6. a) colis b) because in french "colis" is a a postal package not a parcel ! c) parcelles de terrain or just parcelles
  7. i'd like to see a dregs at day 1 but some surprises can be fun so even if we dont know it doesn't matter for me
  8. it was a pleasure to play with or against you during alpha and beta i hope we will have a lot of fun after the launch
  9. long life to the Harbingers ! can't wait to see you on the battlefield! as ennemies or allies !
  10. "suggestion sur crowfall" is duplicate in french section
  11. a) talent trees b) because they are still totally false 2 days before launch c) make a right translation
  12. Thanks to every backer, i hope we'll have great times and great fights from 6 july
  13. i'm surprise you asked something like that @MacDeath 😅
  14. for me the biggest problem is not the group size but to not have something for raid's group, if we got an ui for that and some spell with no caps like songs for example it can be better whatever groupe size. but like most people here i prefer to get group size of 6 or more until we got something to manage multiple groups
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