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  1. @Matos, ils ne bossent pas chez ACE, il a juste investit dans la société
  2. The first idea which was to not have newbie weapon each time you go in a new world is pretty good and the purposal to let the sentinel of earth gives these weapon is good too. For the leveling thing there is no solution for everyone so no need to discuss too long on that !
  3. just to be sure, in the battlerager promotion, if i hit a bleeding target with neckslash, do i mitigate 100% of berserk crash or u cant add the 2 mitigations?
  4. @Tiggs here is my contribution to help the community : https://royogaming00.wixsite.com/lecrowmalin i work for french community first cause there is a big lack of informations in french and new players are often lost and doesnt find anything interesting in french in official website
  5. salut et bienvenue sur le forum @shadownomade. Apparemment tu as eu des mauvaises expériences, si tu veux des conseils n'hésites pas à rejoindre la communauté fr sur ce discord : https://discord.gg/bV4CGYK
  6. really sometimes you need to connect to the reality...
  7. I think it's not the right place for that but i dont know where post it . When someone make a application on our guild we cannot send him a message when we accept or decline his apply. @Tiggs any info about a improvement for guild management in-game or on website?
  8. Skill in crowfall ??
  9. frostweaver auto attack VFX seems to be drunk 🤣 https://youtu.be/PbPIGXKZHuI
  10. here my command tree on TEST server: and here u can see on left stat with leader buff and right without .... the difference is so low compared to the time invested that i cannot understand who will invest in this tree on LIVE with so useless stat after so much time invest : I hope this tree will be rework.
  11. salut, pour tes 2 requêtes je te conseille de les poster dans la partie suggestion anglophone du jeu, tu auras bcp plus de chance qu'elles soient lues. Pour le réticule je ne ressens pas trop le pbl mais avec le temps j'ai du m'habituer donc je suis peut-être pas le mieux placé pour juger ça. Pour le pad désolé mais je suis un défenseur du clavier souris alors j'espère que tu pourras trouver une solution mais je ne pourrais t'aider perso
  12. Is it normal that sun elves are killing each other in the middle of nowhere ??
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