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  1. sometimes when i harvest wood i can't recolt ... ressources appear but nothing in my bags
  2. they can remove wartribe gear and use wartribes coins as token to buy stuff in temple in a dedicated vendor (there is lot of space for vendor currently!), like that they can scale gear lvl between different quality (with white/green/blue/... coin) and they can scale gear between different campaign (gr/infected/dregs with or without import...) and at last they can scale with what crafter can do (at launch bad gear some month after better gear). @CrusaderW this problem has been pointed out for a long time, i dont understand why it took so much time to resolve. i hope it will be done before laun
  3. it's even worse with oak, i dont know why but oak is the worst
  4. 100% totally agreed, wartribe MUST drops weak stuff (maybe except for boss if u let them be an event which can create pvp), good stuff needs to come from crafters only !!!
  5. @Wulfi salut et bienvenue sur crowfall, je te mets le lien du discord de la communauté fr si tu cherches des partenaires francophones. https://discord.gg/AN6Nhhr7bc à bientôt peut-être
  6. sometimes shield bash doesnt work with no reason. i really found nothing to explain why, i need to relog to solve that
  7. hi @AlexKotteiv and welcome on crowfall! For EU guilds it depends if you prefer one language or another, but you got KDS which is english spoken but members from many countries, for spanish you got red reapers for example, for french you can join la communauté de l'arbre clair, for german nordic marauders, i forgot the same of italian's guild, and you have multiple guilds more or less active. I hope i helped you a little bit
  8. When you choose healer spec, you have to switch between deathtray and life tray to gain or spend your essence. Moreover when you use a staff in life tray your LMB spawn life orbs you can use to heal yourself so it's easy to selfheal
  9. @Animeboi4u i think if you wanna discuss about race, you can in the roleplay section. And if it's about race attributes you can suggest things in the dedicated section. Like @APE i think there's enough sub forum
  10. @Valdraken here's mine : BUDDY-B2DSGKMB5NX
  11. Nous discutons avec toutes les guildes fr sans soucis pour le moment et cela n'est pas voué à changer, de plus nous ne forcons jamais les gens à nous rejoindre et conseillons même les autres guildes... Enfin crée de multiple discord a tendance selon moi de perdre les membres dans tout les sens mais on ne partage pas le même avis apparement. Au plaisir de ne pas te revoir alors et bon courage pour le travail que tu vas effectuer pour la communauté et merci de ton passage.
  12. <Question> we can see on TEST that your are working on a new version of hunger dome, do you plan to use a kind of ranking for this kind of maps? <Question> @jtoddcoleman said last month he didnt like the current system for harvesting and crafting discipline cause there's too much rng (which is right!) so what's the plan to fix that problem ?
  13. That’s why a « to do list » can be better. As we know factories are not for launch maybe some features had been reported after launch.
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