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  1. hi @Imppen , welcome on crowfall ! You can find fire for sacrifice in the temple. It's the big fire in the middle !
  2. @ACE_JackalBark problem solved, it's just because he used his mail in the first location instead of his username. Many ppl made this mistake because in the launcher it's written e-mail instead of username. Et @Emohysterya bienvenue !! et la prochaine fois met ton message dans une section du forum plus adaptĂ© 😅. Ă  bientĂŽt ig
  3. hey there! i discovered today that pixie is the flower power spell everyone i heal with made the anim of the spell (flowerpower ?!?) and i'm not sure it's a normal thing ^^ here a video with praticedummy to show but it's the same with my mates when we fight :
  4. Bonjour @Schtroumpf et bienvenue, tout d'abord je pense que ton message aurait été le bienvenue dans la section fr ou hardware du forum plutÎt que dans la section d'accueil. Cela étant dit crowfall n'étant pas encore vraiment optimisé dur d'affirmer bcp de chose quand aux différentes config pour faire tourner le jeu en fct de la qualité. Mais pour autant en l'état actuel des choses je fais tourner crowfall presque à fond avec une config bien moins puissante que ceux que tu présentes ici donc j'aurais tendance à dire oui mais pour avoir une réponse plus sure je t'invite à revenir poser ta question vers avril-mai .
  5. I dont know if it's a known issue but champion can negate the fall damage with his leap . like that :
  6. a small note on centaur, when i walk it seems my left back leg got a problem maybe centaurs prefer run and got cramps when they walk as usual a little video to see the problem :
  7. Castle wall panels: Door 1x1 Deeds i try to put others and it's always the same result.
  8. ok maybe an opening is a better word than door !
  9. today i find a door bug on my ek !! after putting different doors i cannot cross one of them. here a video to show u .
  10. RĂ©colter c'est bien mais se taper sur la gueule c'est mieux ⚔! Afin de s'amuser et s’entraĂźner je vous propose de venir jeudi 3 octobre Ă  partir de 21h pour un moment de convivialitĂ© et d'entrainement .(il n'y a pas de siĂšge ce soir lĂ  donc aucun regret!) Pour le lieu c'est simple c'est "chez royo" dans la rubrique "royaume Ă©ternel" ou "eternal kingdom"! Si vous ĂȘtes nouveau sur le jeu c'est l'occasion de combattre sans risque et d'apprendre avec le reste de la commu fr. Si vous ĂȘtes un vĂ©tĂ©ran, amĂ©liorer son niveau ne fait jamais de mal . Et n'oubliez pas pour discuter le discord de la communautĂ© : https://discord.gg/jCNDKE3 ! PrĂȘt Ă  combattre?
  11. we already asked for that many times and they never give us a small map since bloodbath during big world, it's really a big mystery for me... It could be a great place to make a lot of pvp video to promote the game if we got smaller map ... I hope next campaign they will listen to us cause with next update in january/february 2020 if the campaign stay like that, they will become really empty
  12. I vote for no wipe cause only skill tree wipe is totally unfair for new players. But i can accept a wipe if in the same time u begin a campaign with no import and where u can only create a new white vessel. Like that everyone can enter in and try like a launch, and in the 2 god's reach new player can learn the game and veteran can test different craft . A full wipe right now can be fun for some weeks but i really think if u wipe something old player will take a break after few days waiting 5.11 on test or on live
  13. Voici quelques passage de notre soirée .
  14. A little feedback for EK after a training night with mates. we are unable to change discipline in ek and for test some combo it's very boring to return in a temple and then come back to the ek. @jtoddcoleman is it intented or just a result from change in campaign set?
  15. @Belantis merci de ta participation, c'Ă©tait cool !
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