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  1. Is it normal that sun elves are killing each other in the middle of nowhere ??
  2. Sorry it's totally the opposite of an idea to have passive skill. i agree they can implement something to support ppl who are online but not on passive skill. @MacDeath you are too fast for me 😅
  3. The light from resurrection statue in my ek is not in the right place 😅
  4. in french translation "anti" has been forgotten. a) coups critiques b) cause it's totally not what talent need to mean c) Anti coups critiques
  5. Uniform plate can be active without helmet or with an helmet from another kind of armor , i didnt try with other uniform or matching. edit: it seems, you only need to have 3 pieces from plate to activate the pasive from uniform plate, it doesnt matter which piece you do not wear
  6. @MiracleMax, thanks for this answer. Just to know, Is there an interest in raising the problems of texts that do not fit in the boxes or that translation errors?
  7. did you talk about beneficial harvesting or something else to increase speed on farming ?
  8. Welcome Tiggs! good luck with the salt 😅
  9. bull rush is still bugged but only if you click on a "move forward" key and if you click on other "move" it create funny move ^^ it seems to be almost the same thing for "head butt" for elkens
  10. basic knife and intermediaire runestone knife got 100 more durability than others tools
  11. when i open the launcher i have this error message : and even if i answer "NO" i can play the game
  12. Bonjour à toutes et tous, je suis en train de refaire des vidéos tutos de crowfall sous une forme un peu question réponse sur ma chaîne youtube. Je vous mets le lien de la première vidéo pour ceux qui seraient curieux ou auraient des questions encore sur le jeu ! Si vous avez des questions auxquelles vous voulez que je réponde n'hésitez pas !
  13. I had rain without any cloud on my ek 😅
  14. yes. it's only for alpha warrior spec, i know it stupid to see it for every champ but currently it's like that, if you are Alpha each "spike" can fill and represant points of dominance
  15. I think you still need to practice young padawan
  16. I think you still need to practice young padawan
  17. 1/ not totally agree we need to see ek fix to answer 2/ disagree , we just need a catch up system for new players and a balance between craft and loot on early game 3/Agree 4/ pvp game man , no more pve 5/for talents yes for white vessels but not for all , for skill tree why not but limited (maybe 1 times per month if you got vip ?) 6/arcade already answer 7/ hard in pvp game
  18. I love the concept! if i was not in another project for french community, I would have applied instantly! GL and long life to cyberbullies
  19. Impossible to watch your video in france... 😪
  20. i did not remember if it was already said but : Mighty Shield Slam from shield breaker discipline is broken, you didnt block when you hold the attack while it is written in description text.
  21. it's in the known issues @DocHollidaze 😅
  22. translation of "flask" a) gourde b) because it's not the good / better word for that c) "fiole" or "bouteille" would be a better translation
  23. https://ibb.co/Z6PSLDc a) "augmentant" b) because it is the reverse of a good translation c) "réduisant" a) triste lamentation b) because we talk about sings so you might as well put a name in connection with the music c) complainte des lamentations here you can change the text like that : "Complainte des lamentations résonne pendant 12 secondes réduisant la puissance d'attaque de 150 et la puissance de soin de 150 jusqu'à 5 ennemis dans un rayon de 5 mètres." (edit: i cant insert image with BBcode )
  24. I know that the uselessness of crafting during the early game had already discuss and I know @jtoddcoleman said he wants new players can get stuff on war tribes to join campaigns with decent stuff but I still think they can create a system which is good for everyone. For me they just need to remove weapon and armor on war tribes loot table and remove the weapon boxes, and to use the artifacts as a money. Temple are currently empty now, they just need to had new vendors from each race from war tribes (just an idea for visual diversity but stoneborn can do the job) and these vendors can se
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