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  1. @surelia stop trying steal french ppl for dregs 🤣 and welcome again @Yueyehua , i hope u will love crowfall
  2. Bienvenue @Yueyehua ! Je rejoins @Belantis et @Uta pour te conseiller de venir sur le discord fr pour rencontrer la commu fr qui est à mon avis agréable et où l'entraide est très présente. En effet comme belantis encore je te conseil de pas jouer seul dans ton coin trop longtemps (le temps de la découverte ca peut se faire pour aller à ton rythme) car sinon tu risque de passer à coté des meilleurs cotés du jeu. Si tu veux voir qq vidéos en français sur le jeu tu trouveras des liens dans le discord et nous avons qq streamer aussi. J'espère pouvoir bientot te rencontrer en jeu ou discuter sur discord ! Heureux de te compter parmis nous désormais!
  3. I think this kind of mob can work like u want @yianni , i assume it's like a world boss but it can promote pvp if we know when the monster pops on this or that map .
  4. Salut et bienvenue à toi @CerbereStyxx ! Bonne année à toi aussi Comme l'a dit @Uta n'hésites pas à passer sur le discord pour de l'aide ou des conseils, tu pourras aussi y trouver des liens vers quelques vidéos tutos et/ou des streamers. Si tu cherches des partenaires pour pex/farm s'entrainer tu devrais aussi t'y plaire. En attendant bonne découverte du jeu à toi et j'espère te croiser bientôt ig.
  5. even the mob rank can be decrease we got infected to finish Xp and sacrifice we need more risk/reward imo!
  6. I think joveth need to be decrease (mob lvl and ressources lvl 5 max) to promote infected which can be a good world between campaign. Cause today infected is empty because there's no interest to risk something when u harvest u can have better thing in joveth...
  7. totally agree with @Jah, and we have to know and test the system for future new players to catch up the older players. It's really important cause many new players come atm and cant do anything good in craft before many weeks so we need to test how we can help them in the future. X1 passive training and catch up system really need to be test fast to balance them before there is too much player. If these systems are not balance ppl will criticize the game as hell
  8. Salutà tous! Dans le but d'organiser une soirée d'entrainement pvp sur mon royaume éternel (ek) je vous mets le lien d'un doodle afin qu'on soit le plus nombreux possible! https://cally.com/pbxhdsq467fphtte Cette soirée est destinée à la communauté francophone que vous soyez débutant ou initié n'hésitez pas à venir pour découvrir le pvp de crowfall ou vous entraînez pour devenir le roi du champ de bataille! Petit règlement afin de rendre les choses équilibrées, venir avec un corps de base (vessel blanc) pas de bijou et/ou collier et au niveau du stuff celui que l'on recolte en war tribes ou équivalent.(de toute façon dans la commu fr peu de joueurs ont mieux !) Venez nombreux pour une bonne partie de fun!
  9. royo


    Yes but if i have 2 accounts after 4 months it's cheeper than one vip and i can train A+B+C+(A/B or C) so after only 4 months 2 accounts is more p2w than 1vip . And as u said many ppl will have alt account u cant do nothing against that but u can offer something more pleasant for ppl who just play with one account and be competitive against someone with 2 for example. Anyway we have two differents pow and i'm sure we cannot change here.
  10. royo


    Yes for me p2w means be stronger/better than an other player in one thing and that's why if u can train 3 talent trees in the same time it's not a problem for me, because u never be better in each tree than someone who train 2 of these tree. We have differents opinions but it's life, aniway i dont think dev will come back on this point unfortunately...
  11. I am agree with @pamintandrei, badges from pre-alpha must become only cosmetic at launch at least (for the beta idk) because in the beginning of the game they give a too big bonus. After many month of passive trainning they are less impacting but still usefull. It will be totally unfair to let us a such bonus against new players for the launch.
  12. royo


    I never understood all the critics about the old vip (3 talents tree trainning) it's not pay to win at all because u just have on bigger horizontal progression. It's cheeper to take two non-vip account and have 4 talents tree trainning ! I thought on the contrary it was a good idea for many reasons . And now after the tears of the community at that time, we are wondering what they can do which is non P2W and enough interested to be paid... Really sometimes people like to complicate simple things....
  13. pretty agree with you on that. I think skills trees need more horizontal progression like the last part of exploration. With that a new player can be quickly good in one thing and feels usefull for his friends/team/guild, and an old player is just more diversified . And your idea to slow when u learn a second profession can be a good idea but there's other way too . Let's see what they announce wednesday
  14. another question, will u increase the max population per map for dregs? I hope and think it's yes (i maybe missed this information), but if it is, have you an idea of the next pop max ?
  15. sorry but skill exists since hunger dome even if it was useless at this time ! end of flood
  16. you probably talk during hunger dome or second phase (i dont remember the name, big siege maybe) but it seems to me that when passive began to have sense (for big world) it was X10 but i really can be wrong and it doesnt really matter for the problem. I still think player base need to test skill training in X1 speed to see how it is slow and make feedback on it.
  17. I didnt remember X1 was already test, i just remember X10 but whatever it's not just math, there's an other and important thing for me, it's player's feelings when they play and honestly i think in X1 ppl will to progress to slow i can be wrong but now that the community is bigger than years ago i still think try the X1 speed can be good to see if it needs a balance before launch. and ty for human info i missed that.
  18. Will you test the X1 to skill training ? and any info about the catch up system for new player after launch ? Any info about the vip (as usual ...) ?maybe it's a time to discuss about that with the community ? for which functionality we are ready to pay a subscription? because curently multi account is so powerfull. what about human passive if all passive are active? what change for the different racial bonuses? like the others, more info about settings for alliances in dregs !
  19. royo

    kit for fan site

    @Hyriol thank you for the link i didnt know it but, as you, i hope we can have something newer
  20. 5.11 will come in a few weeks and as many of us i hope it will wake up the community and attract many new players. So i think many guilds will try to recruit (i konw we can on forum/discord/ingame but a website can be a good way too), and i was looking for a kit for making website with banners, pictures etc... and i dont find it. @Pann and @jtoddcoleman is there something already exist for that or planned ? I know we can use old picture or screen capt but it can be really helpful to get something with content suitable for a website. hope u can answer me
  21. Salut, je vous présente un tutoriel pour faire découvrir Crowfall au nouveaux joueurs ou aux curieux, celui-ci s'articule par une série de vidéo entre 10 et 15 min comme ça vous pourrez à terme choisir des choses plus précises si vous connaissez déjà un peu le jeu. N'hésitez pas à partager et à me dire ce que vous en pensez ou si vous voulez que j'aborde un sujet en particulier dans de future vidéos. Je vous donne le lien de la première vidéo. A bientôt en jeu !!
  22. i really enjoy the video, it really shows how organized ppl can made funny things. gg vanguard
  23. 2 bugs today, the first one, after dying on the infected with my stoneborn, the remains of my corpse following me everywhere ! The second bug is from skill tree on great ranged weapon tree. When i tried to put some points on long bow : damage vs beast talents it always disconnet me. here a little video to show you the problem :
  24. hi @Imppen , welcome on crowfall ! You can find fire for sacrifice in the temple. It's the big fire in the middle !
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