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  1. combo and retaliate are on the same keyboard key ( i do not rebind on TEST)
  2. me too, it happens during the fight against the elemental boss after that it didnt happen again
  3. for "kill" the translation is ok but it miss an "e", "coups de grâce" if the string is too long you can change that by "exécution"
  4. french translation of the talent tree is still a horror, half of the node are wrong, you got things which dont exist anymore. Please fix that before the launch !!!!
  5. You might not welcome many new players, when one of them hit the game try to tell him, at launch day 1 he will have weeks of farm to catch the vet, you will see answers... i dont think many of them tell you "nice it will be funny" , i think it will be instead "custard the poorly made dergs i'll wait and go on NW"
  6. it depends of what you looking for ? need more infos to answer
  7. Stop the joke, this thread is just a no sense. ok i thought it was a troll at beginning but when i saw all the answers i remember a part of the community like to kill the game... A launch without a wipe will just destroy the game, it will already be hard for crowfall to survive, let it a chance
  8. @FrenchDede le lien du discord : https://discord.gg/kd5xA6e6jj
  9. hi @FrenchDede if you play in french the talent tree is totally wrong, you need to put the game in english. and if you wanna join some french ppl we created a discord for the community, you are welcome on it !
  10. so at least we got something thursday at noon 🤣 or almost
  11. <question> is there an improvement in the translation planned before the launch?
  12. i disagree with your analysis because they were too few guilds which participating to have 5 guilds in the top 20% and for me "mousquetaire du clic" increased by 2 so they are the only one in the top 20% but maybe @Thon is right and minikeep didnt count but it's not clear as usual ... I could understand if "clic" got 5 and all other 4. Anyway devteam can take a look and maybe we'll have an answer
  13. It seems this card didnt work as intented cause we hold 2 keeps at the ends of the spring and all other participants got 1 but everyone won 5 points????
  14. If they don’t give a date for launch at the end of the tournament or at the Q&A, the game will be empty since 4 June until launch! It’s time to get into the big leagues
  15. Soothings winds descripiton needs to be completed
  16. the 2 descriptions dont match
  17. water spirit description needs to be completed
  18. the description does not match in french it still the description when hellraiser was bugged
  19. i already said that but just to show it will be better to make in french like in english to just write major for discipline ("majeure" in french)
  20. Corruption and Exhaustion are missing in the french descritption
  21. Haunt description is not complete
  22. storm avatar description is not the good one
  23. Arcane barrier description doesn't match
  24. in french we just have as info "regularly" instead of the real info once every 24 sec
  25. we dont have all the description of the differents buff
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