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  1. Thank you, that was very useful.
  2. As the topic says, when i try to access https://crowfall.com/en/account i get instantly redirected to the travian agreement page. Even if i agree it will keep on redirecting me. Tested on Firefox and Vivaldi
  3. So ehm, Everquest next is still a thing? With Landmark stuck in beta i don't think the future looks very bright for that one.
  4. you don't buy that he's of age? me neither
  5. Nice, i failed the search god...
  6. Sometimes Developer release a pack of Artwork, Logos and Wallpapers, to kick start Fan Sites or just to support Fan art. May i suggest Artcraft to do the same? It would be appreciated!
  7. I have the attention span of a yoghurt, so yeah that was hard.
  8. i chose 20 vs 20 since i want a decent sized group but not a zergfest.
  9. I really really hope they get the action combat right. Since that's propably what we are going to do the most.
  10. Downloading the shadowbaneemulator now. Thanks
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