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  1. I was going through the collection of mmo's this weekend to play and couldn't settle for one. The invite came at a great time .
  2. So can we buddy buddy up with some of the devs in order to get better access !? I kid... kinda.. 10+ year industry vet looking for invite. :X I can write bug reports in your favorite choice / format!
  3. Ka kawww Psh 99 at the time of that posting. Farm those stars!
  4. They mentioned its 'in the cloud' , if its aws its those locations mentioned above. I havent looked up the other vendors. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6043-the-crowfall-budget-question/?hl=cloud#entry151762
  5. Have they talked about if its on AWS or not? Let's assume they're using EC2. California, Virginia, Oregon are the locations of choice there. ( I believe ) Edit: Frankfurt and Ireland in Europe.
  6. Chrome 1. Be not signed in. 2. Navigate to http://crowfall.com/#/account 3. See default page not filled in, no prompt to login.
  7. I'll give you my time! You already got my money ! .. lol
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