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  1. Ah wicked. That game is fun. I need to complete it as I did not get very far.
  2. Ah I never knew star wars was on the PS3 thought it was just for the next gen consoles. I really need to buya computer myself this MSI is not enough that will be my next present to myself
  3. I loved SWTOR beta game is amazing. I also have that on pre-order. Dragon Age is amazing you will for sure like it, game is tough though. I love the new Metal Gear solid and Mad Max, Until Dawn, Gotham, Farcry 4 is decent also if your into them games. I was bored so I just bought a bunch of games and Pre-ordered random games like Lost Cause, Rainbow, Sword Art Online, FallOut 4 and a bunch of other games. Can't wait for Final Fantasy and the Division. Crowfall needs to hurry up and come out as I'm wasting money on PS4 games and thinking of buying a Xbox 1 as well. Funny enough yesterday I counted how many PS4 games I own and I counted bloody 52 an I ain't even completed 1 bloody game...... Oh yeh has anyone played Galatic Trans on the PS4 it'sa free game similar to Dota. I'm enjoying it and you should try it if you have not already
  4. Hello Mate, Good question. Well I have been busy renovating my house and playing abit of Skyforge and PS4. Bout yourself? KoS is a very friendly and team orientated guild who strive for success and fun Also love to PvP
  5. My thoughts on Hunger Dome... 1) I think everyone should be launched within a XXX radius as if your lucky you will be spawned next to a house which will contain a few treasure boxes of gear and that for sure gives you the upper hand, as there were times when I was spawned miles away from a house and by the time we got to the closest one it was empty so your forced to play the waiting game and attack when everyone is pretty much dead. 2) It for sure takes strategy in when initiating combat as I've noticed that people tend to go for the Knight first while their Mage is at the back blasting them. 3) I noticed a few bugs as when you open a box and right click you sometimes lose the item and it does not get equipped to your character, so to play it safe you best bet is to open the box and press (I) right click the item in the box then right click from your inventory 4) One thing I can say is the game is heavly on how you use your skills and not who has the best gear, as I've killed a lot of people who had better gear than me but because of the combo's I used I was able to stun them, knock them down etc which gave me the advantage in winning over them (So learn your combo chains as it's HIGHLY effective. Nakawe if we organize our teams and use teamspeak we will do really well. The game is still at a really early stage but so far it's fun and challenging at first the camera angles takes abit of getting used to. Looking forward to what is coming next and Range is balanced so far as meaning melee can also dominate range visa versa. Well done to CrowFall for working on balancing range vs Melee but I'm sure there will be classes that will just dominate and hopefully they try to prevent that but right now each and every class seems very well balanced
  6. Same I like the Knight, but then again I have no played the other characters as they have no interested me. Will try the Archer
  7. Hahha will do guys. Will keep on killing. KillerBee has been playing as well but sadly we have not been on the same team. The others will like the PvP in the game. So far it's very well balanced, at first I felt though range was OP but with the stuns and pull skills you have it's good Can't wait till you guys jump in game Learning the combo's is for sure a must in this game!
  8. Testing was amazing. Had another great match. We sadly had a team of 2 but still managed to come 2nd place. I had a 3 vs 1 and killed all 3. My name for sure its getting recognized as after that match my name was being mentioned in chat
  9. You should for sure of had a invite by now
  10. Oh sweet I guess I will post some free image hosting print screen windows xp screen shot on windows
  11. Naka u need to hurry and get in game mate. I've made my team come first 4 times in a row yesterday. I took a few screenshots but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share them. PvP is fun man even though its still very early stages I for sure see a bright future for this game
  12. Aight Naka thats fine. I'm currently dominating the battlefield and once you login I can guide you around but I'm sure you know the game pretty well as they have shown pretty much everything on their videos
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