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  1. Hopefully we can get enough UK and NA so we have people on 24 hours ;p
  2. It was fun watching the stream together, hope to see you guys next Tuesday and maybe we can pull some more people in =)
  3. I just watched the Camelot Unchained promo video on their website and they go through character creation, Im not very interested in the game but the customization options during character select was amazing, i really hope they have something like that for this game. It would be nice to specialize your skills if you want or you can be balance if you dont want to deal with all the number crunching.
  4. I dunno how everything will end up but from what I understand alpha will just be combat testing, I doubt there will be any advanced skills or skill trees. Probably every character will have like 5 abilities and when those pan out they will slowly release more. That's my assumption based on their design approach.
  5. Eq1 just started a progression server on the ragefire server, if anyone is interested in killing time, my in game name is Gigz
  6. Where are the news updates? I guess they are busy trying to get ready for pre alpha. Hope they release more on skills and abilities since alpha will or should be launching at the end of this summer
  7. Oh yeah, Damn so no alpha 1 till sapphire, I think neji has that
  8. Lol nice, when you go Amber you will hit that alpha access, I think that's targeted for end of summer,it's nice to see them gearing up already for pre alpha.
  9. I just tested Samsung's Verizon's VR device: http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/wearable-tech/SM-R320NPWSXAR It was pretty amazing and it was all run off a phone, and oculus rift runs off pc so I can't wait for this.
  10. So they are sending out pre-alpha invites to test combat, we know anyone who has that?
  11. Yeah, I wish i bought a few more accounts so I could sell them. Think how many backers would buy KS accounts, now that you can upgrade them with KS rewards. Spend 120$ on 4 accounts then sell 3 of them for 50$+ each you could make some money.
  12. Titan, update your account so it displays your badge, also no worries about being active. Not sure how to draw people to this post... maybe when alpha starts it will be easier to recruit people just because of in game presence, although im not sure how many people in alpha will be guild-less.
  13. I'd be the guy that pushes people, my goal is to knock people of buildings, cliffs, bridges, anything really. I just want to be pushy.
  14. Find out your style in beta, or buy multiple accounts, the idea of limiting your choices is probably not going to change. People who want to play every class will be able too, but will probably have like 10 accounts. It may not be ideal, but 6 slots is more than enough for the average player. Besides if are willing to pay extra it would be better to have the extra accounts for multiboxing.
  15. Just make people to have first and last name like FF14, never get that error message with that system
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