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  1. Are there any new news if the larger inventory of the merchant pack pig is bound to the figurine or to the skin? What I really want to know is would I lose that bonus inventory permanently, if the figurine is looted or is shattered because of to many deads? Or would I get the bonus inventory back as soon as I apply that skin to another pack pig.
  2. Werent the figurines even lootable, but the skins not? Therefore my question about the carrying capacity.
  3. Is the higher carrying capacity of the merchant pack pig bound to the skin or the figurine?
  4. Huh, I wonder if that is because its part of a (Kickstarter) package. (For me it would have been possible to upgrade my small keep to the large keep, but my keep wasnt part of a package)
  5. Ha, the thing is you cant - at least not for the 2015 items and packages since those will end this year. And with that you wont be able to upgrade from for example a 2015 fort to a 2015 castle. Should they implement it next year, then the upgrades will be for the 2016 items. As its now with the Kickstarter packages that will upgrade, when upgraded to a 2015 package. And nope - since they dont trade in it wont. - Its not possible to upgrade from the Amber fort to the castle. (I know that, because that was what I already tried to do as long as the castles were for sale.)
  6. I said currently - and as it currently is you cant upgrade from small keep to castle, but only to the large keep. Or trade in a building to get a package with a building. (And I dont know how it is with the mounts, since I dont want to unpack my bundle just to see if they are upgradeable, but for one I am sure that they cant be traded in.) And with a small package and separate building there isnt even a reason to get the first package with a building (and that would even cost more than the other 2 separate)
  7. Whew, is that bad - I wonder how you think you can sell with that to your customers, who have already a fort, a keep or even a castle, if they cant trade in their fort (or keep if they want go for castle from keep) to the really next tier since currently it is only an in-tier upgrade possible - Not a good move. And I wonder how many palaces you will sell, when the castles are already way overpriced for digital items in a game where you can lose everything.
  8. Whew, must have missed that, but whew is that bad...
  9. So its now mid fall and as I could experience it, its still not yet implemented - Are there any news regarding that? Is that something that we will see somewhen? Is it even still on the table or already a disgarded idea? I do wonder since its still not possible and there werent even any new news about it.
  10. Should you visit their store link for stretch goals, I think you would understand, what I have meant.
  11. I think SOTA has a system like that, but since only direct contribution adds to a goal, they wouldnt even reach together the smallest goal at the moment.
  12. Do the castles on sale include the villages this time? I do wonder because for example the text under the picture states: "2015 Small Castle - Stronghold (Small Castle), Great Hall structure, surrounding land parcel (1 mid-sized & 3 small villages)" and no text that says they arent included like in the 3rd example pics of the other structure offers. Is there somewhere already a example pic of the castles surroundings?
  13. Yep, it seems no reason was true, since they are now visible too. - Thanks!
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