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  1. it was a good fair, i ended up being awake for the whole thing and i enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. it's already there. i could not find it, as well as that i have been away so i could not update it.
  3. true. but how many people that first come to the guild forum are likely to find the site?
  4. thats why i will remove any guilds that become inactive or dead from the list
  5. i did see that. but i decided that it would be better if there was a list on the forums for people who want to quickly find what type of guild you want.
  6. I have been looking around the forums for a list of guilds, there wasn't one so i have decided to create one hopefully it works. The list is not in any particular order: Made for Crowfall: Aeon Knights: EU Based Gaming Community (Co-Leaders: Jinks & Pybo) Ascendance: Caldera: Flux: Immortalis Noctis: Legion: Crafting and PvX guild, lead by Navaji Mystical Awakening: contact pilgrim Obsidian: Stealth based guild Pax Gaming: Sanctus: Serrated: Stormcrows: Player-run mercenary Guild The Guardians: The Most Honorable and Prestigious T
  7. to start with you could just make a list.
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