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  1. Farblue suggested in another thread that we could have a permanent avatar in the EK, and only use the vessel system in campaigns. Best of both worlds?
  2. I think Farblue's suggestion of having a permanent customizable avatar for your crow in EKs would be a good way for players to maintain a permanent identity in game, and a permanent connection to their character, without sacrificing the usefulness of the crow/vessel system in campaigns.
  3. Fighting underwater in heavy plate armour is absurd anyway. They should make it so that movement through water is restricted, so that locations like bridges can make choke points. Either swim and get shot to bits or fight to take control of the bridge. That kind of thing
  4. Well, perhaps certain animations could have a 'windup time' during which the animation can be cancelled. Some animations could allow for limited movement during the animation - enough to make minor adjustments to positioning. Others might just need more speed. 2 seconds doesn't sound like very long, but it can feel like ages if you're watching your team get blown up in the meantime. Faster animations doesn't necessarily mean the game turns into a twitch fest. Lots of mobas have spells that can be cast instantly but you'll still be holding onto until the perfect moment, rather than just ch
  5. I agree. Most games have horrendously over-designed armour and weaponry. For a good example of gear that looks functional, but still has character and style, look at the props made for the LOTR films. You can instantly tell from the design of any piece of armour or weaponry whether it was made by a human, dwarf, elf, orc, etc, yet for the most part they also look like something that would be practical and useful irl.
  6. If you have a character-shaped mesh for your hitbox it has to change every step in the game's internal clock because the character is animated. You can pull it off in a game like Dark Souls, but having that work properly in an MMO sounds like a complete nightmare. If you imagine something like the character from Minecraft, made of a few boxes, that would be more reasonable. Weapon hitboxes being scaled properly to each weapon is doable though, I think. I only really understand collision coding for 2d stuff.
  7. Would go well with an ocean-themed xpac with ships and stuff
  8. If they can do something interesting with the races, lore & setting I'm all for fantasy. If it's just more elves, eh... I'm good. What I'd like to see is something built more around an ancient Celtic kind of setting. No knights or princesses, but lots of druids and weird nature cults, rituals, and strange gods.
  9. Eh, I used to like my metal in the vein of Gojira, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Opeth, Tool, all that slightly proggy stuff that's still got a kick to it. I don't listen to it so much any more, mainly 'cos people around me aren't as into heavy music. More recently I've mellowed and been listening to more Hendrix, more Floyd, Led Zep, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guthrie Govan, even Newton Faulkner... lots of really great guitarists. Also I have a taste for some weird electronic hybrid thingies like 65daysofstatic.
  10. Id prefer a more organic system in which any kind of hard disable such as stuns, are on a moderate to long CD, and are mostly skill-shot based. That way you don't want to blow all of your disables on one guy because then you have nothing to deal with his backup, and you don't want to just throw disables out indiscriminately because you will probably miss.
  11. How about basic ammunition is infinite (ie your basic wooden arrows), but specialised arrows such as fire arrows, armour piercing arrows, and whatever magic arrow types they decide to add, are finite. That way you still need have a little upkeep cost to fight with your full potential, but you're never left with no viable way of fighting as a ranged character.
  12. Im thinking one that works like Bloodseeker from Dota 2, where you can sense injured foes from a distance. Put it on a mobile character or one with stealth, murder injured enemies as they try to escape the battlefield. Hmmm.
  13. Right but there are things you can do to discourage people from being d*ckholes. For example, in old WoW before cross-realm dungeons, notorious trolls and ninja-looters would be basically blacklisted on the server and nobody would group with them anymore. Because levelling a new character was arduous, and you couldn't change your character name, you were stuck with your reputation no matter what. Nowadays you mostly play with people from other realms who will never see you again, so it doesn't make a difference if you act like a pr*ck or not. There are ways of dealing with idiots better t
  14. Well, arrows will need some point at which they just disappear, just as a safeguard against arrows being rendered forever and slowing the game down if there's a physics glitch. Always have safeguards against memory leaks. But from a gameplay standpoint, arrows should last long enough that long range snipes are possible by skilled archers. What's even the point of playing an archer if you can't pull off those awesome skillshots? ^^
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