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  1. Thanks for the invite Crem! 5.110 patch looks good so far, and definitely looking forward to some pvp action
  2. "Fear will keep the local systems in line ... fear of this battle-station"
  3. Perhaps "unlikely" to happen, but not necessarily "highly unlikely"
  4. Wow, definitely some "mountains out of mole hills" being made here.
  5. I was referring to you having listed the mount, which also has a minimum requirement (higher than the [$40] bonus tax free parcel that you had mentioned). Sorry
  6. they did it this way to allow people to see the exclusive bonuses that carry over when upgrading to higher post-kickstarter tiers later.
  7. +40 listed twice = 80... pre-Emerald/post-Emerald are equivalent at 80... your second point is also wrong... pre-gold 12months VIP... post-gold 9 months VIP pre-sapphire 72 months VIP... post-sapphire 24 months why is this so confusing?
  8. You really need to look again... your missing a lot as there are more than one listed minimum tier requirement in the exclusive rewards!
  9. yea, Emerald KS has +40 in two spots so it is equivalent. If I am a Ruby backer with +10 bonus Parcels, and I upgrade Post-KS Emerald, does that mean I now have 90 total Tax Free Parcels?
  10. Mistake on Emerald Kickstarter (quantity) of Tax Free Parcels... states 40 which is less than post-KS.
  11. Thanks Oberon, You Rock! possible bump to page 2?
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