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  1. That's pretty much what any good guild should be striving for. As such I have little interest in doing things in that way, leave that to those guilds that want to go the extra mile. That being said tho, I do agree about the activity part you mentioned and its importance in a different manner. In the end its about having fun and finding a place where you feel comfortable. I have no doubt that if I can make a place like that, people who want to join in and help me expand it will appear willingly. It's one thing when you have an alliance or guild with people in charge who decide for you what everybody will be doing. It's entirely different when you get to decide for yourself, if you just want to hang out here or pitch in and make it a better place. Right now I'm not putting much thought about stuff like events and activities and complicated stuff like that. For now, all I want is a nice little kingdom with people coming and going while sharing a few stories and socializing.
  2. I agree Savvy, that's how things usually go in guilds when it comes to the big ones and the small ones. Big ones are like a living creature, the ones that get burned down by the pace or just cant keep up are weeded out and replaced by others who can. And the process repeates itself. That's pretty much how things go in real life too isn't it? Cold, calculated and inpersonal. When a guild is smaller, its a lot more personal and each member stands out weather they like it or not, however in the end, it's about the numbers. No matter how much quality you have, quantity will have an edge. Both sides of the coin have their strengths and weaknesses that cater to different people. That's why I am honestly curious how far I can take my ideal. Like I've said before, even if it's just me there all alone, thats fine with me, but if someone else decided to come have fun and share the experience? Well even better. That's a nice bonus. ^^ Also I kind of feel like apologizing. Since you said you went through the pages that means you saw a lot of people posting things that do not belong here, from promoting their guilds "descreatly", to flat out flaming and openly advertising them. Personally I'm fine with it since it just speaks bad of said people doing so, but when someone like you comes with the intrest to read whats going on has to go through that as well.......yeah that kind of makes me feel bad. Thanks for reading and posting none the less. ^^
  3. First of all sorry for being inactive for a while. But Jebus, I had no idea that things would work out like this if I left for a bit. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the topic in my absense. From posting and sharing ideas, to just coming to have a laugh and yes even for just reading to see what the fuss was about, this means you Adrian.......I know I got a lot of you wrong but hey if someone called Adrian reads this I wanna blow his mind, he he he. Thank you all. I like the mood that this has been swinging in to lately. And I do hope we get to talk more in the future. Not just in here but eventually in game. No matter what any of you guys choose to do as players, class, activities, guilds, none of that matters to my ideal and goals. So consider yourselves always welcome and with a place for you around my kingdoms camp fire. So come and share some stories or just talk about whatever floats your boat. P.S. Apperantly flocking is now a thing. Copyright! P.S.S. I liked the Log Horizon anology. It's pretty spot on for those that know the legendary party in it. P.S.S.S ok seriously for the last time now xD Nestling, I understand why you would seem doubtful about the matter. For one, it's way harder then simply making a guild. Everybody can do that and everybody has. This ideal place relies heavily on those there. If no one is there, nothing will happen, but isn't that the same for guilds? They go inactive and people drop out of them. SO in that sense I am not worried. But most of all I am not worried for another reason. You can't have a guild with one person. AN ideal is still that even if just one person respects it. SO even if I am alone, as long as I am here, so too is Outer Heaven, from there on, all you have to do is pay me a visit and chat me up from time to time Be it friends, trade accosiates, or rivals, drop by for a drink.
  4. Oh god can you imagine what some tougher level 10 monster boss would be like? You kill it and suddenly you get burried in a sea of daggers and swords. A SEA! >:0 Because of all the lower level players that died to it. Scary!
  5. If every item you have has your name on it doesn't that kind of defeat the perpous tho? If it's on everything then it doesn't mean much. Personally, I think it's way more meaningful and thought provoking to put your name only on select few items. Those of exceptional quality, or those who have another sentimental or like wise deep meaning.
  6. Tho yeah, if we have control over flavour text and hopefully some good options on design and looks department, I can think of something cool. Hows about a wall to display weapons on? In a sense that since everything brakes sooner or later we will go through a lot of weapons. You put the blades as momentos, this blade helped me thorugh this war or that war I did this awesome feat with this weapon. And the weapon will always be there are a reminder plus if someone is looking aorund he can learn about the users history through the flavour text of his past weapons?
  7. Cool idea, I like it man. But lets be honest. 95% of people that find it will be like, compare stats, its worse ok i will sell it and forgets about it. Or, it's better equip, be happy, until he doesn't need it no more and forgets about it. MMORPGs are so cruel xD
  8. I see that 95% of what I posted went right over your head and you just ignored it. I'm going to ask one more time to stop posting your none sense, there is no place for it here. Using other people's topics for your personal flaming and advertising is against the rules and I've ignored it the first time around, take a hint and stop it. No idea what you mean, the way I see it, every day is Tacos day.
  9. Exactly dude, the Soul series is a prime example of how to make the most mundane item matter. Not just through effects but through story elements. The first Dark Souls's story was pretty much told 50% through items if not more with NPCs just dropping hints to confirm things. Mmm good stuff =x=
  10. Having a cool name for a weapon is fine and all, but personally I think it's not enough, it's gotta have that flavor text that really shows its a cut above others and its got history and a personality. Example Haganemushi: A legendary short sword that causes any armor it strikes to instantly rust away, earning it the name Haganemushi, or ‘metal-eating bug’. Any blade it clashes against grows duller with each blow. May this serious and righteous wielder never fall to the wrong path; May both the sword and its master support each other; to fight against evil curses and the suffering of the world.
  11. Hey, you were a soldier weren't you? I don't think I need to explain to you of all people that things in the world exist and we except them. Doesn't mean we want or like them right?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion but I think I will keep the name as is. If some people misunderstand it I see nothing wrong with it. And yeah there are those who've posted to make fools of themselves but thats fine too. It's the internet after all. Weather people understand it by name alone or misunderstand it, it doesn't really matter in my opinion. If you dont understand something, just ask and discuss about it. I find it a pretty simple concept don't you agree? Those are the people I want to talk with. Those that decided to post without thinking or reading first, I had a laugh at their expense. That's good vent for me considering my job, heh. Either way, I stated my thoughts on this, if someone doesn't like it, then too bad, no one is being forced to be here. But if you will post, make it worth everybody's time or don't bother. Anyway, back on the current discussion. Valor, what are your thoughts on RPing and such? Considering we will govern the rules of the EK kingdoms.
  13. On a personal level definately. I love RP more so if its going to be in the Eternal kingdoms. Not going to be a requirment though. Would be fun to see where it goes considering we are going to have a lot of liberties with the eternal kingdoms. I honestly see it as a RP building environment if you decide to put in effort and time in it. Should be a fun time to experiment with. Also one last thing to add. For the insecure people with nothing better to do then seek attention. Since I don't want this topic to become a dumping ground for the brain fart "posts" of bottom feeders, from this point on I will just ignore the post that are about, off topic advertising or straight up stupid and inappropriate. I'll just let the appropriate people handle it. Sad I know but I think I proved my point and I am not going to bother explaining it again simply because some people don't like it. I think I wasted enough time doing that. And with this topic closed. I would like to bring stuff back on track. RPing is one thing. I am also curious to learn more about the new class we added with the unlocked goals. Doesn't seem to be much info on him yet.
  14. Well here's something for you and everybody that got butt hurt and is too immature to except someone having an opinion on the internet. Deal with it. And don't let the door hit you on the way out. Also read my signature, it says it all for people like you. Maybe if people that find the time to get mad at me for stating my beliefs and opinions would spend less time on flaming my topic with random BS, and instead work on their guilds and worry more about their members, there would be a lot more good guilds. And also they wouldn't feel so insecure that they have to defend themselves without anyone calling them out. Isn't that funny? If nobody is talking about you but you find decide to defend yourself, then doesn't jsut scream you got an issue? Please keep it to yourself.
  15. Drakiis, usually I start off by saying thanks for the reply and contributing to the topic but for you I'll skip that because you didn't do no such thing. You have the nerve to come here to promote your guild, or whatever the hell you got, in my topic and then emidiatly move on to insult me and accuse me of stuff without clearly having any idea what you are talking about. It takes a special kind of person to do that and I don't mean it as a compliment. Honestly, where do people like you come from? Einstein said it best: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I am not sure about the former." You clearly display your ignorance in your post and embarrassed yourself by shamelessly advertising and talking out of your back side about other matters. As such I won't even bother wasting my fingers pointing it out. It's like beating a dead horse. But the worst part is that I feel bad for the people that took you in. It's one thing to make a joke of yourself but because of your actions this harms their reputation too. So here's my advise. Next time you want to post without using your brain stop and count to 10. Blow in to one of those things cops use to measure alcohol levels in your system, then say your prayers and think to yourself what would Jesus do. Then talk to your local anti-dumb move counselor. And after a 2 month standart waiting period, proceed to never post in this topic again. Thank you.
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