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  1. they would give you a refund if you want one and thats it !! If you could take every developer to court because they lied about a release date or something, games like Star Citizen would never be released cause of lawsuits. Im a backer of SC and willing to wait but their "release dates" are often months away from the actual release of new builds etc. Be patient, it wont kill you if you can play a few weeks later than expected.
  2. You dont need to pledge now if you dont believe it will be successfull! Just wait until release. You want special treatment? Buy the 10k pledge. The devs should concentrate on making the game not talk to someone who will only pledge if they give him "special treatment".
  3. I'm against that whole give rewards for participating thing that so many games have today. First of all, too many people ruin the "event" which is behind it, because they just attend to get the reward. Its the reason why people dont even try to become better players! Well its like the first point, why try to become better if I just need to participate? I think you should get rewards by achieving something, not for (not) trying. If you just participated in the alpha or beta, nobody will know you did something, if you want to become well known for helping in the alpha/beta you should simply find bugs post them in the appropriate forum and help as good as you can. You won't get an ingame reward, but the community will remember you as a big help.
  4. You have a really bad view of the world I for example did a free raffle last month, and Im currently working on another one to publish soon, what do I got from it ? NOTHING ^^ I "lost" 10$ to give penpen because he was so close to win the raffle and I wanted to give him something for this. I think its sad that modern gamers always want a reward for EVERYTHING they do, (or for doing nothing also). Sure the developers should be paid, cause its their JOB to work on that game, but we are all just consumer of those games and I think we all get something out of it (doesnt sound a bugfree game better than nothing) if we help to find bugs. I am really looking forward to just try out the game and help the developers, if I find some bugs and can help them Im happy. But I dont need more than a "as bugfree as possible" game for doing this.
  5. Isnt the reward that we can play a game with less bugs ^^
  6. The problem is in my opinion that some of the community thought that the castles will be just a little bit more expensive than the keeps. This is not a problem that ACE made, I for example was sure that castles will be atleast 400-800$. Thinking that a large castle would be around 300$ is naive - no offense ^^. ACE still needs money and they dont get it by throwing goodies out like its summer sale (they might get money but at what cost ^^ there should be some ingame goals, if a big ek is someones goal)
  7. mine is still incorrect I also have another question regarding the transaction total. Is it already implemented that you become the backer badge and alpha lvl etc. according to your total amount? Im over the 1k and dont have the ruby badge so far. Its not a big problem, but its still a bug.
  8. Stalker definitiv nicht Pirschjäger! Das klingt so erzwungen zusammengesetzt, gefällt mir persönlich gar nicht. Kann mich da den Vorschlägen von Angor und penpen mit Jäger oder Pirscher anschließen. Beim Confessor finde ich es schon schwieriger. Beichtiger klingt für mich wie eine schlechte Google-Translate Übersetzung ^^ (wobei wir dank Tristifer ja wissen, dass es diesen Begriff lustigerweise wirklich gibt). Bekenner hört sich irgendwie auch wirklich garnicht gut an. Am Besten gefällt mir da bisher penpen's Vorschlag mit Inquisitor.
  9. well he can buy an unclaimed "kickstarter pledge" from another player and get all kickstarter rewards, BUT its not allowed to advertise such pledge transactions on the official forums, so he would need to find someone outside of the official forums , gifting pledges is allowed but not making advertising as a seller. and no Im not selling anything so I cant help
  10. As far as I know 1. you can GIFT the pledge and sell it, but you cant sell your account (not really a problem, because of gifting) 2. kickstarter is worth more than 2015. Like always, exclusivity makes things more expensive. Since you can't buy a KS-Sapphire on the store again its price will may rise in the future, at the moment I dont think so BUT since you have 6 (I think so) years of vip from the amber package which are worth alone more than the Sapphire Package you may find someone to pay more, but I think this will be not that easy at the moment, since the HYPE is still not at a peak 3. I "bought" some kickstarter pledges at cost before from other users, since you can only buy an additional pledge per kickstarter account.
  11. @rhoklaw I would explain the eternal kingdoms in the open world scenario a little bit like the animus and "real world" in assassins creed. when you join a campaign its like using the animus. the whole game is during your time in the "animus" (campaign). the world outside of the animus (eternal kingdom) is just to walk around and waiting until you use the animus again. the only difference is that if you win in the campaign you can carry some things over to the eternal kingdoms world. so there is no safe zone in the world we play, the eternals is just like a extended waiting lobby. written on the phone, sorry for mistakes
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