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  1. *sigh* I can rebind "E" now! Except now apparently "D" is a reserved key? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?
  2. This was in the 5.5 patch notes. What exactly does this mean? Changes to the system? Changes to the trees themselves? Do we have any more information about this? Is this major changes? Minor tweaks? Need more info!
  3. I hope this isn't exploitable... Stand in/near a crypt, one person get naked, let yourself be killed repeatedly for skulls to sacrifice?
  4. This is a heavily economy based game. You're going to spend a bunch of time looking for gear. You're not going to be mid battle, lose gear, then go shopping. You're going to going shopping, stock up on a bunch of stuff, then go fight. Between battles you do your shopping, and you can take your time.
  5. I, and many others, did exactly this in SWG. And it was great.
  6. I thought that could be a possibility as well. Multiple currencies can work, but there needs to be a reason for it. Also, each currency has to have actual uses or it essentially becomes worthless. I'm okay with there being a currency system, but I want to understand the reasoning behind any changes to systems like this. The economy in this game is something I'm very interested in, so I'd like to know why things change when they are changed.
  7. This talks about currency coins being crafted by players as inventory items, ie. specifically not an item dropped from mobs. I thought dust was supposed to be the "currency" at some point. I just can't find any good discussion about using an actual standard gold currency anywhere. It does say they'll be used for maintenance, though. Thanks for the link!
  8. I was hoping it was already mentioned somewhere and someone might have a link for me so I didn't have to bother them. I follow, but not super closely right now (especially since I'm busy with Monster Hunter right now). I guess they haven't talked about it. @thomasblair What happened to not having a gold currency? When/why did that change?
  9. I think people are missing the point. At one point we weren't getting normal currencies. I'm curious as to when/why that was changed.
  10. Name me a single one that didn't have serious inflation issues.
  11. Tell that to Path of Exile.
  12. Well that's... weird. Whatever happened to the no currency thing?
  13. So, where does "gold" come from? I thought we weren't going to have a real currency. Also, I hope this upkeep fee is low or it's going to lead to people less willing to use vendors and looking for alternate ways to sell instead (shouting, trade forums, etc).
  14. Well, I did forget about the beheading thing... but I'm not sure they are related. They mentioned that one of the goals for the system was to give someone a character they could play forever. Can't do that if someone can behead that character.
  15. No one said they should break on death. They were tied to vessels and part of that was vessels being destroyed and needing to be replaced, which also meant that disciplines being replaced. A big part of the itemization is items decaying and needing to be replaced to keep crafters in demand. It's unclear right now what the plan is for vessels and disciplines are in terms of being destroyed and replaced, though. It's heavily implied that vessels will no longer decay/be destroyed but there was no mention of what happens then to Necromancy and Runecrafting to keep them relevant and in demand since the primary sinks for those are gone. I trust ACE enough to think that they've considered all of that. I'm just curious as to what the solution they've come up with is (or if they've decided it's fine and the reasoning why).