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  1. Updated with the latest info now that we're about to enter Beta! We're going to start ramping up more and more as we get closer to launch.
  2. Ranged attacks (specifically Frostweaver, I didn't try any other classes) still hit way off from the target. It seems like it might be hitting the point where the target was when the attack was started, not where it's currently at. It's a very weird disconnect and makes hits feel like you're missing constantly.
  3. I originally posted this list as a response to a Reddit thread about the combat, but realized it should be posted here for visibility. To start, melee feels MUCH better than ranged right now (but still not perfect). Half the time when I'm playing Frostweaver I can't get a good sense of whether my stuff is hitting/triggering or what's going on but with Knight I don't have nearly as much of a problem. I think they need to look at some other combat systems (maybe Guild Wars 2, Black Desert, Skyforge... those all have good action combat systems) and find out what makes the ranged feel good an
  4. Q&A was moved to Tuesday, FYI. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/posts/2849623
  5. Updated with the most current info! We'll be ramping up as Crowfall gets closer to Beta/Launch.
  6. Why is this a concern? It won't be part of the game, just part of testing. Shouldn't we be focusing on the actual game at this point and not issues caused by the fact that the game isn't released yet? How much time is going to be spent coming up with a solution to something that won't be an issue shortly after the actual launch of the game? Is release still planned for this year at some point? We haven't heard anything in a while, and I thought we were supposed to be in Alpha long ago. If so, this is really a short term issue. If release isn't planned for this year then I think the bigger
  7. So, will any of this siege stuff apply to Dregs? Unless I'm somehow mistaken, we're supposed to be able to build our own stuff in the Dregs. Will scheduling apply there? How will it work? I'm a little concerned about how much effort is being put into making 3 faction campaigns work while ignoring any other campaign types.
  8. I get that they need people playing for testing... but so many people are going to burn out before we ever hit release (or shortly after).
  9. Please make all the changes you need to before release whenever you want. Don't worry about disrupting gameplay or anything mid campaign. None of it matters right now.
  10. Any word on wipes, imports/exports, or using current characters in the Sanctioned Campaigns yet? If there won't be a wipe it would be nice to know now so we can be ready. I don't want to start mobilizing my guild only for everything to get wiped or unable to be used in the Sanctioned Campaigns. Most of us are trying to avoid playing too much before then to avoid burnout before (or shortly after) launch so I don't want to get people in if they don't need to be playing yet.
  11. Well, the real question is what is the win condition for dregs? I mean, are we going to build our own keeps and then those start generating points? Are there going to be keeps/outposts/forts that guilds have to fight over (I hope not, the whole idea of dregs was building your own stuff and fighting over that)? It would be pretty disappointing if Dregs was basically the same thing as the faction campaigns.
  12. They absolutely need to make EKs able to be started on demand by anyone if they are public. It should be automatic, like joining an instance in any other game. When someone attempts to join, if it's not spun up it spins up automatically. This should be cheaper for them in server costs because right now what happens is instead of EKs spinning down and back up as people come and go they just stay up all the time as people idle in them to make sure they stay open. Automatic instance starting is a standard MMO thing, and if it doesn't happen it's going to really kill EKs.
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