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  1. One thing that I think many people are missing is the personal aspect of player vendors versus an AH. This is one of the things that made SWG crafting/economy stand out. Players will start to earn a reputation and you'll know certain crafters. "Hey, I need a new sword, let me go to the AH" versus "Hey, I need a new sword... Bob had some great stuff last time so let me go check his shop and see what he's got." It really allows crafters to make a name for themselves. That is far more interesting to me than an AH.
  2. Came back after some time away to find the NPE greatly changed, and not all for the better. I think the NPE is going to turn a lot of players off the game. First of all, it's not indicative of what the game is at all. The player's first impression is going to be that they'll be grinding quests. Given that there's no questing after the NPE this is very misleading. Second, it's way too long. I get that it takes you all the way to 30, but again this really sets the player up with some poor expectations. Given that this is supposed to be a sandbox game you really need to set up the expe
  3. Soft launch is just launch. "Soft launch" just means at launch they aren't immediately pumping money into marketing. Passive training was removed from the game.
  4. Do you have any links to some ACE quotes on this? Because this pretty much ruins public EKs.
  5. For reference, this is the UI for an EK that's spun up: And this is a spun down/inactive EK: The only difference is the "Enter Kingdom" button. Just leave it there for offline/spun down EKs and when someone (anyone, not just the EK owner/nobles) hits join it automatically spins up. The player doesn't need to know if it's up or down. It's always available, but not always spun up.
  6. I think you are misunderstanding too. I'm not saying keep them all spun up. I'm saying spin them up on demand whenever a player clicks join and spin them down when everyone leaves. Exactly as it is now except hide the whole process from the player and spin it up on ANY player attempting to join, not just the owner/noble. Right now I have to log in, tell the game to spin up my EK, THEN it's publicly available. If I don't, no one can join. In the EK list, just have a "join" button on every (public) EK. When the player hits join, if it's already spun up then they just load in. If it's N
  7. I tried to ask JTodd for this on twitter and I don't think he understood what I was saying. It's very annoying because the current setup is both less intuitive for users and worse for ACE as people hold EKs open for extended periods since they aren't available on demand otherwise.
  8. First of all, I'm not asking for EKs to be spun up 24/7. What I want to know is why is spinning up EKs even a public facing thing? In every other game you decide to enter an area/join an activity and it automatically spins up an instance and never is this something the player has to care about or worry about. It automatically spins up when you join and automatically spins down when you leave. For some reason, Crowfall requires a player to choose to spin up their EK and only the owner (and I guess nobles) can do it... but why? If I have a public EK, I want it to be available 24/7. That doe
  9. Starting recruitment back up now that launch is imminent!
  10. Updated with the latest info now that we're about to enter Beta! We're going to start ramping up more and more as we get closer to launch.
  11. Q&A was moved to Tuesday, FYI. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/posts/2849623
  12. Updated with the most current info! We'll be ramping up as Crowfall gets closer to Beta/Launch.
  13. Why is this a concern? It won't be part of the game, just part of testing. Shouldn't we be focusing on the actual game at this point and not issues caused by the fact that the game isn't released yet? How much time is going to be spent coming up with a solution to something that won't be an issue shortly after the actual launch of the game? Is release still planned for this year at some point? We haven't heard anything in a while, and I thought we were supposed to be in Alpha long ago. If so, this is really a short term issue. If release isn't planned for this year then I think the bigger
  14. So, will any of this siege stuff apply to Dregs? Unless I'm somehow mistaken, we're supposed to be able to build our own stuff in the Dregs. Will scheduling apply there? How will it work? I'm a little concerned about how much effort is being put into making 3 faction campaigns work while ignoring any other campaign types.
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