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  1. Daily Quests... a great way to make a game feel like a job. Dailies are pretty much the worst thing to ever come to MMOs.
  2. Guilds are already tied to accounts, not characters? What is even changing there?
  3. Top 20% in all categories and #5 overall in Divine Favor for the second Dregs in a row!
  4. If we could get updated scoreboards to match this too, that would be great. The points make zero sense right now. Like, I don't even know how to explain the points here: Also, a suggestion for one thing to use for Gameplay metrics would be divine favor participation (as one possible metric, not the ONLY metric). People participating in this are actively contributing.
  5. So does this mean dregs will have individual rewards or will it still be on the officers to hand everything out? Overall this sounds pretty great. I like the token idea. I like new rewards. It's nice to see new EK stuff. The campaign trophy placement statue reminds me of the Path of Exile challenge totems which are fun to display.
  6. <QUESTION> Can we get a dregs campaign with a guild member cap (of something around 50 members per guild)?
  7. Love all of this! However: Since guilds are such an important part of the game can we get a "Guild" default tab just to emphasize to new players how important it is that they should be communicating with their guild? In my experience, player retention and participation is much higher when players are actually communicating with the guild so this should be heavily emphasized.
  8. We're currently sitting at #6 overall in the current Dregs campaign for Divine Favor. We've got some open slots to fill. Especially looking for some more combat focused players now, but we're open to all applications!
  9. I'm still waiting for some data on how often this actually happens. I keep hearing "It's a huge problem! It happens all the time!" but somehow I never see queues even when I'm hanging out in zones with active sieges. Can someone give me numbers of how many times this has happened in this current dregs campaign? I'm genuinely curious as to how bad of a problem it is, but no one seems to be able to give me any info about when this has happened other than maybe a couple times. I'm not saying it doesn't happen (I absolutely believe it does) or that it's not a problem (it absolutely is), but is it a big enough problem that we need a ton of time dumped into some quick fix system that's going to cause even more problems to fix it?
  10. 6. More barriers to entry to the siege system meaning harder for new players/guilds to even get their foot in the door.
  11. I believe they had to cap it because it caused serious performance issues. Still, it sucks, really bad, and it only benefits the zergs.
  12. Why are you complaining? If you can't hold a keep AND the outposts, why are you even bothering to play this game? Seems like you need more members.
  13. Yeah, small guilds! Listen to this guy! He knows exactly what's best for you, despite being in a mega-zerg himself! (/s, just in case that wasn't clear)
  14. 1) How often does it currently happen? How many times this dregs? Give me some numbers here. I'm curious, because I never see queues in any zone and I'm frequently in zones with sieges happening. 2) I'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed. I'm saying this is a terrible way to fix it.
  15. "Play our way or don't play at all." We had fun in the first dregs without ever taking a keep or fort. We still managed to be top 20% in every category (and #5 overall in Divine Favor). Our play style was guerrilla tactics, and it worked. We started an alliance that might actually be close to 100 actives across 4 guilds, but that guerrilla style is still a large part of how we play. We don't enjoy the zerg style. We have a keep now that we've held through 2 sieges (a no show and LoD showing up with forces much larger than ours and then getting distracted by Hax while we finished off the trees). With these changes, there's little chance we'll ever even have a keep given that they will have to drastically reduce the number of keeps. With fewer keeps, the mega-zerg alliances will just control them all. With zone lockouts we won't be able to do these guerrilla tactics. Our whole play style is dead. Removing play styles is not a good thing for the game.
  16. I'm not saying they shouldn't try and find a solution to prevent people from locking out a zone... but this isn't the one. It also only means they can't lock out a siege, but not any other time. I've been advocating for a 24/7 alliance member cap per zone instead.
  17. Small guild leader and leader of an alliance of small guilds here. This system is terrible for us. How about not trying to speak for us? Thanks.
  18. Our alliance (I put together one with a few smaller guilds as an anti-zerg alliance) has a keep, actually. Thanks. I gave a list of some things we do. Some interfere with sieges (taking and holding respawn outposts forcing longer times to get back) and some don't (farming freely in a zone while the big guys are busy). All of it would be gone if the whole zone got locked out. It's a bad thing for small guilds when you suddenly remove some of the only ways they can compete. But what you are saying is "screw anyone not in a mega-alliance, leave the game". If you really want the game to last then telling anyone that doesn't want to zerg to leave the game is not the way to do it. And if that's your thought process, then I'm done responding to you.
  19. Yes. My main play times are 7pm EST to 1am EST, every single day. Exactly in the siege windows. It's the only time I play and the time most of my guild is on. We go around to siege zones and farm, mess with outposts, etc while the bigger guys are busy. It's a huge part of how you can be successful as a smaller guild/alliance. And you know what? In all my play time this campaign I have seen exactly 1 queue to get into any zone. So, how often are these whole zone lockouts actually happening?
  20. As a small guild, we go around messing with sieges plenty, and it doesn't even have to be directly interfering. We've definitely intentionally gone and capped respawn outposts from guilds we knew were sieging. Yeah, this isn't simple. It's overly convoluted with more downsides than upsides. It's also not a real handshake system (the whole point of wanting that was so player could pick their siege times). What would be more simple was simple 24/7 zone caps per guild or alliance. No alliance can ever have more than half of a zone filled with their members. Much easier. And it helps outside of siege windows too.
  21. Timers aren't changing. The time isn't changing at all. It's still the exact same 1 hour windows. Players don't get any control over that... which is what was supposed to be the whole point of a handshake in the first place.
  22. If you do that, you're completely locking out smaller guilds and you're upping the barrier to entry. We need to be reducing the barrier to entry for guilds wanting to get into sieges. Any guild with keeps already is likely to be able to make the conquest point requirements. Any guild without a keep is going to have a much harder time holding enough points given back capping in both outposts and forts. The whole conquest point idea is terrible.
  23. This is a bad thing for small guilds. It pretty much screws us completely. We can't cap outposts in their zones while the big guilds are sieging. There are less keeps overall which means it's far less likely that we'll have a chance at ever actually getting a keep in the first place. It means we can't show up just to mess with a guild we don't like during a siege. But that's not the plan. Read it again. The plan is to reduce the total number of keeps and increase the points.
  24. You can't make the cost too prohibitively high or you're putting yet another barrier to newer/smaller guilds trying to get in on it. A solution would be to disable the rest of the zone during a siege so they can't farm gold. A better solution would be to scrap this idea of locking off a zone completely.
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