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  1. Its been awhile but i am ready to try crowfall!
  2. Suddenly had alot of work to do IRL so didn't get the chance.
  3. Busy week didn't get time to play yet but i think i wil get a chance soon.
  4. If it is anything gameforge related i wil stick to the NA version of the game to avoid them at all costs.
  5. To be honest it almost sounds like a botting but then without them collecting resources. Even if they are going to do this how would they make it so that the servers don't get unnecessary load on them from every character moving while training.
  6. Let me tell you guys that i am in the alpha now. Time for testing!
  7. Still waiting for that alpha 1 invite. In the meanwhile i wil be watching some videos coming from Krethys.
  8. Gonna get my self a jungle machete.
  9. We are still alive here at KDS! we are all just waiting for the alpha quietly.
  10. Druid wil also be a interesting choice as supports go.
  11. I would like to try Templar aswell but also Forgemaster.
  12. So i was wondering what archetypes you guys want to try first when you can start playing?
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