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  1. Its been awhile but i am ready to try crowfall!
  2. Suddenly had alot of work to do IRL so didn't get the chance.
  3. Busy week didn't get time to play yet but i think i wil get a chance soon.
  4. Let me tell you guys that i am in the alpha now. Time for testing!
  5. Still waiting for that alpha 1 invite. In the meanwhile i wil be watching some videos coming from Krethys.
  6. We are still alive here at KDS! we are all just waiting for the alpha quietly.
  7. Druid wil also be a interesting choice as supports go.
  8. I would like to try Templar aswell but also Forgemaster.
  9. So i was wondering what archetypes you guys want to try first when you can start playing?
  10. I wil join the conversation aswell now my fellow keepers.
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