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  1. I just installed the game (it's been a long time) and I'm messing around on the professions screen. I notice it says "VIP Active" in the top right of the screen. I have 72 VIP tokens... are they getting used automatically, or does everyone get VIP for Alpha? I'd prefer to save my VIP tokens for launch. Thanks.
  2. Oh, just realized I can gift my KS Amber package... something else to consider.
  3. So, I have my KS pack attached to my account, and there's the option to consume it. It says not to consume it if I plan on upgrading. I don't plan on upgrading. Can I leave it as-is, or is there some advantage to consuming it?
  4. The coins being loot-able is the important point. Nothing is preventing people from bartering who prefer that route.
  5. All guilds with "Crow" in the name. RP'ers, Nazis and furries.
  6. People give away digital items on things like Twitch Streams, in-forum give-aways, etc to promote the game. Giving away a skin or a month of VIP membership pre-launch is an excellent means of free advertisement. Makes sense, has worked elsewhere.
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