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  1. 80 active members for a prelaunch guild is good.
  2. Dark Knight or Reaper (Scythe user) promotion classes would tickle my fancy!
  3. Cloaks would be fun element to the game. I like a little mystery. I'd like to be able to place a logo or something on them. I'd be interested in even having cloaks that could conceal your identity (hide name plate). Maybe only out of combat, but still...
  4. I love exploring, so the more and diverse the biomes are the better for me!
  5. Titles are fun. It would be a good addition, for sure!
  6. Something that should be available soon after or immediately at launch is name changes in the cash shop. People will pay. Why not use it as revenue for the game?
  7. I've always favored the Dark Knight or Shadowknight type of classes.
  8. Personal opinion here, so take it or leave it, but saying changing the image of an item or armor hurts PVP sounds like a crutch. I agree it does affect the perception of what a player can do in a fight but a PVP battle based on that wouldn't be a good PVP game. Deception can be a PVP tactic as well and would be open to everyone. Just because someone doesn't choose to partake in a tactic doesn't make it unfair. To counter the "but I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PRETTY! P2W P2W P2W!!" argument, offer some craftable versions as well. I'm also against P2W but do not consider image items or costume
  9. Something I would love to see in Crowfall are image items. Specifically, I'm thinking about weapons. I envision them as a Cash Shop item. I am strongly against Pay 2 Win and am always leery of cash shops but I also want to see this game become successful and financially sustainable so they don't have to sacrifice elements of the game. Images items are just that, an image. They offer no additional stats, just a look. I know people will pay for them (I have on occasion). If offered, have it a straight purchase. Don't do that fking RNG crap. I'm looking at you, AA. My though
  10. Oh, we're supposed to stalk you over there?
  11. Good ideas here! (: I'd also like a Win/Loss ruleset (that closes that world) not to be determined by a time limit. So players could potentially fight to save/destroy that world. I'd also like to see some worlds stay around after it's "completed" to play around in the aftermath. That said, I think it would be cool if a world was "shattered" and still playable.
  12. What if an Airship Design (still resource heavy) was a reward (or rare drop) you may get for winning that could only be build in your Eternal Kingdom?
  13. Open Recruitment is closed. They are on an Invite Only recruiting stance, meaning if they get to know you and like you they'll invite you to join.
  14. Wow, so much hate. haha And, guys, there is no RP server in AA. Tahyang is just the server that most of the RPers chose to go. Another one was Naima (not sure how that community is doing). Anyway, this is not AA. THIS! IS! CROWFALL! *Sparta Kick* Good luck OT. I, too, hope this is not a P2W game.
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