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  1. I literally just made a ranger, so I could be wrong, but I believe the talent you are describing just extends the cap on your range bonus. I also have been able to hit NPC's at 35m with a similar bow to yours.
  2. While the EK itself lacks relevance, currently, the guild for which it is representative does not. I see it as a tabletop game that unfolds as time progresses in several iterations, and it is less the current campaign you are playing but who you are playing with and against. I imagine players that struggle to make connections or join a guild will not play very long.
  3. Thanks for doing this Pan! Not a real twitch user, but those links expire after 14 days or something correct? Any chance you will upload it to the YouTube page as well so I can link it to friends and new recruits in future times down the road?
  4. An example of what I'm curious to know is if you have 20% crushing damage bonus and 20% blanket damage bonus, is this 40% or 44% damage bonus? Are they additive or multiplicitve numbers? Generally easier to balance and not break the game if they are additive so I am assuming that is the case.
  5. Hope to stop by more in the future when time permits for more experience, maybe next time I won't die right off the bat😂
  6. I do like the forced choice aspect of the current system. It wasn't so much that the minors weren't balanced as they felt unimpactful. I know that a minor should be a small thing, but it should change a small facet of my character, and it did not feel as though it did that. I think that removing the slots is one way to fix it that is ok and fairly easy, but if you could rework the minors in a way that made the ones that took passive slots be more impactful and change/introduce more minors that are like elven eyes or reaper and don't require a passive slot but offer just stats or small buffs this seems ideal to me. I figure the non passive slot minors should be scaled to be somewhere in the range of 2 points in your talent tree, maybe more, and then the ones requiring a passive slot have more character altering role defining effects. maybe they give access to a weapon your class otherwise couldnt use, or armor, or a passive that added utility. Spirit whip is a good example as it makes you capable of doing different fun things potentially not available to your class. maybe you put a glider, or repelling rope, or some sort of purely utility active ability on one that is useful and changes your characters play but not in an explicitly combat way. It can help to facilitate more dynamic environment play. I think you can do lots of fun things to make characters unique with minors. The majors are almost like a promotion class in a sense and offer a set of things, the minors can then offer these small nuanced tweaks.
  7. In campaign currently and I have a completely empty hunger bar but am not suffering from the hungry debuff. While this is incredibly convenient I thought I best report it.
  8. It would be a sort of fitting team. Something to possibly look forward to in the future. Thanks @KDSProm, We are NA players but have talked about the possibility of making friends with some EU guilds given how easy it would be to pop over and help out from time to time.
  9. Great job on the Q&A! 2 pieces of feedback if they are useful. 1. When announcing the campaigns I get that it would be a nightmare to list all the uptimes but maybe list one time so that extrapolation on when it might start is possible.( Really minutia but I I'd love it if you did😁) . 2. Coleman is on the right path in trying to beat it into everyone's head that we are testing a game and I'm incredibly thankful for the feature freeze and focusing on the next build of the game. I just wonder if more patience might be pragmatic. I 100% get why it's annoying to answer the same question multiple Q&As in a row, specifically referencing the vendors question. I respected that it was just like an oh this bull**** again moment for those following. I looked for some feedback on it anectodally from my guild and most of the new eyes to the Q&A found it off-putting. I really appreciate the time you take to keep us in the loop and share your thoughts and address some of the concerns the community is having!!!!
  10. Having a little more experience with sieges I thought I might come back to this and say that I feel as though my paladin can be very useful in large team fights. both on the attack and defense of forts you are often spending major portions of combat within a relative field of battle that is somewhat static. Whether the throne room, walls on the way in, or a skirmish in between. In these situations I feel my healing is at least comparable if not superior to other healers. Meanwhile my damage output is far superior and I am able to contribute as a tank that can front line and chase low HP individuals. Where a druid might be a priority target for the enemy team, I am not, or at least not an easy one. I would love to hear if I am overlooking or oversimplifying things, the class is fairly straightforward and boring to play but it does seem effective.
  11. This doesn't take away from anything you said, but for anyone who finds this post and is looking for information the folks @ https://malekai.org/ have got some useful information. Left Ctrl clicking over nodes in talent trees is another useful trick I wish I would have learned sooner. I think Coleman addressed a need for more information and helping guide the new player experience along in the last Q&A so at some point we will see them address the in game information systems and add to them.
  12. I think this is a major issue right now as we cannot even begin to properly put things in to perspective with the low server pops. I flip flop on whether more people in this phase of testing is good or bad. The game is lackluster in many ways and I fear people may burn out on it before it gets off the ground so to speak. As long as it is an open testing environment they should make an effort to close some of these gaps. The most disheartening gap is the time gap. I agree people want to grind. They aim at a goal of attainment and will work to get there. The time gates are so disheartening because the player has zero control over them. At launch they work well and as intended to keep everyone on the same curve, but without any active way to work towards closing that gap you are at the mercy of things out of your control. I like a lot of your ideas Deioth and would be quite happy to see several of your suggestions implemented.
  13. The initial plan for new out of the box support classes really interested me in the kick starter. Seems most of them got turned into disciplines though. A Bard class would have been incredibly cool. Common to pen and paper group games but not MMOs. I do like the templar paladin healer idea. You just play it like its a bruiser and consequently it heals your friends. The level of healing and self sustain does detract from the gameplay all around. Makes everything seem less consequential.
  14. Frontloading gains has some potential if it's done right, I had thought tuning each tree to be more exponential fits the flat curve model that we are supposed to be aiming for. If you could arbitrarily say become 75% complete in 3 trees vs being 100% in one. Jack of all trades master of none vs the masterful route. This makes more sense in crafting than the other two. I could see some potential issues in the combat tree that would need to be worked out.
  15. Minors currently seem like hot garbage. All but 2 of them being tied to a passive slot is frustrating. If you like class/major disc passives, good news! You don't need minors.
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