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  1. Assuming I am getting my minors and majors and promo class (haven't found a reason I wouldn't yet) By the time I do this I am left with roughly 11 of the 55 talent points that I actually choose with. The tree has to many gates and is as you said to linear. I do not like majors with specific damage types or restrictions. Physical, elemental, and organic would allow us more use of the tools you give us to play with. Or even attaching different style of base stat entirely. How many piercing majors do we have now? That is cutthroats and dirges only? I would love to have enough po
  2. They have the tech with the sentinels to apply modifiers to all players in an area. It would be more than feasible to use the sentinel base to apply X modifier to the EK. I doubt it would be meaningful data testing this way regardless. Might as well integrate the change in the new build and let everyone test it.
  3. Guinea stealth and mole-hunter are not working properly, did several tests and mole-hunter only reveals guineas if they are standing still/ jumping/ or for a single flash they are visible at the moment it is cast if they are moving. Luckily seeing slayers isn't much use in catching them anyways:p
  4. I would like us to thematically divert from power wealth and glory and instead use the god pantheons to categorize divine favor, It is the gods we are trying to appease is it not? I think an additional tri tier hierarchy is just diluting the importance of the other. So order, chaos, balance. Each has 4 gods, we have four seasons. This would allow you to develop the personalities of these gods farther by showing us what it is they want. I am already starting to like Yaga because she seems to be the only one with any sense about her. I can now get a wide array of cards to represent the wid
  5. I lthink it would be great if it rewarded different playstyles or strategies but it just felt like run as many pigs as you could and get an endless fetch quest each season, rinse repeat. The guild that can most efficiently do those things wins. I really liked cards like "consecrated ground" and "curse of knowing". When those cards were up they drove fun gameplay I thought. The per member additions are nice and I love that smaller guilds can compete, but I have already identified how to break that system. Just alt account 1 man guilds. If I have 30 people and 100 sac items. I would ha
  6. Overall I personally did not find the game-play that led to scoring to be rewarding, however we did have a lot of players who did enjoy it so I would love everyone to share their feelings, thoughts and concerns with the current divine favor system(what some people enjoy others hate). I attached the cards from this campaign so people can say which ones they liked, and which ones they did not. Still a-lot of confusion around the cards and scoring and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what it is I need to do to score, and without feedback for my efforts until the end of the season
  7. I agree @KatzeWeiss , I would like to add that the scale of our map related to our population also was a factor in all of this as we did not so much compete over resources we needed to score, so much as gank each other periodically out of boredom to get ahead as @DonErbn pointed out. I know initially ACE wanted EU and NA on one server for this and were hoping to get some good server load tests. So they scaled a map expecting to fit both populations not just the NA population. I think things all around moved in a positive direction and liked the changes.
  8. Open world PvP is about always being ready to fight, and yes punishing those that are not, I get punished a lot for this because I am careless. If you are looking for arena style matches where you both are facing off I hear WoW has great PvP. I do not think event logs are the end all be all of Crowfall PVP engaging activities, but it is one of the best in game so far. To remove it because you want to run pigs afk for 2 days is just absurd.
  9. I will break this down barney style. You tame your pig, I check my map(learned to identify direction of locations) so I am already auto-running your way while I pull up my map. The issue more often than not is speed. If I am 500m behind you and you are 1000m from refinery an epic saddle with 150% move speed lets me catch you at the refinery(assuming your pigs never leashed and I wasn't actually any amount further behind trying to locate you) . I have 1 point of good info where you once were, and can usually guess where it is you are going. (I literally don't know your name so guessing you
  10. I agree 100% Dakoth, the caravansary has got to go, it is way too strong. Once a guild has that, bye bye contested pigs, even if I chase them and get them. I am outside their holding and have to run the pigs elsehwere. I just don't bother, and if I do I run the pigs off the edge which feels good to noone.
  11. I really liked seeing you all gathered up on that hill, was trying to count and figure out who all was there. Was a really cool thing to see and nice work getting it organized and set up! I am very sorry you guys Dced and things got messed up. Was really hoping for that breach fight. I just think it is great to see the guild's working with and against each other, exactly how the game is meant to be played!
  12. As someone who has been specifically hunting pig farmers I can tell which pig farmers are smart and which ones are dumb. I get a toast that tells me where you are, but you are on the move and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN TO THE CLOSEST REFINERY, Winks ran more pigs than any of you Solo because he was smart enough to use the refinery's in the siege zones and keep a low profile. I have missed far more than I have hit with pigs and really enjoyed the mini-game and strategy for pig hunting. Sounds to me like you need to develop some strategies to elude the pig hunters instead of playing the game like
  13. I played a game called SCUM and it was hyper realistic and you had to balance your metabolic intake, stay dry, watch your temperature, could get sick. My point being I love survival games where the point of playing is survival, and I can cope with a lot of it. I have played 10k+ hours in such games. Crowfall needs to either push farther into this mentality, your stuff doesn't matter, you will lose it, it will break, and give me non-farming ways to get more because it is simply the fuel I burn for my war machine and does not matter(dangerous because this will make you lose in infuriating way
  14. I never played shadow bane, but being a nerd who loves high fantasy who was playing games like arma2 DayZ, ark, rust and every flavor or copy of open world PVP survival game I got sold on full loot, base building, territory control, politics, and no firehose healing. They have missed most of these marks for me personally but I can understand the reasons for many of the ways they have diverted. You old crows loved shadow-bane but history remembers it as a failure and I believe the team wants their game to be successful ultimately. I have noticed that you SB players are the git gud kind of pla
  15. I think of the siege zones as low risk places on the map, they have mostly the same things just less dense resources and no NPC mobs. They are a great place to gather and gank and focus your attention when solo or small group. The adventure zones are hotbeds of activity where you can more likely expect enemies competing over resources. I agree that I think we have to many siege zones and that they still feel somewhat lacking. I like the idea of zones being different levels of threat. Even within the dregs campaign, being able to choose between higher and lower pop zones is good. It just
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