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  1. Assuming I am getting my minors and majors and promo class (haven't found a reason I wouldn't yet) By the time I do this I am left with roughly 11 of the 55 talent points that I actually choose with. The tree has to many gates and is as you said to linear. I do not like majors with specific damage types or restrictions. Physical, elemental, and organic would allow us more use of the tools you give us to play with. Or even attaching different style of base stat entirely. How many piercing majors do we have now? That is cutthroats and dirges only? I would love to have enough points when I unlock my promo to reach one and the option to delve into the other trees. I get this would be a lot of work to restructure things that way so just a wish-list thing. Do not get me wrong I love theory-crafting your game and love all the different pieces and stats and the ways they have dynamic relationships with each other. It just feels like a lot is left on the table and even if I sweat the choices I make, they overall feel un-impactful which given the scale on talent points is simply not true. The tri split between dmg/def/utility leaves me maxing the one I chose and then choosing from non ideal talents at the end. I really would like to feel that building my guy different mattered and it does not currently. Even including more talents that off shoot and are good, but have a negative impact as well to consider would be great. Idk the solution but I am really hoping your team does!!!
  2. They have the tech with the sentinels to apply modifiers to all players in an area. It would be more than feasible to use the sentinel base to apply X modifier to the EK. I doubt it would be meaningful data testing this way regardless. Might as well integrate the change in the new build and let everyone test it.
  3. I agree @KatzeWeiss , I would like to add that the scale of our map related to our population also was a factor in all of this as we did not so much compete over resources we needed to score, so much as gank each other periodically out of boredom to get ahead as @DonErbn pointed out. I know initially ACE wanted EU and NA on one server for this and were hoping to get some good server load tests. So they scaled a map expecting to fit both populations not just the NA population. I think things all around moved in a positive direction and liked the changes.
  4. Open world PvP is about always being ready to fight, and yes punishing those that are not, I get punished a lot for this because I am careless. If you are looking for arena style matches where you both are facing off I hear WoW has great PvP. I do not think event logs are the end all be all of Crowfall PVP engaging activities, but it is one of the best in game so far. To remove it because you want to run pigs afk for 2 days is just absurd.
  5. I will break this down barney style. You tame your pig, I check my map(learned to identify direction of locations) so I am already auto-running your way while I pull up my map. The issue more often than not is speed. If I am 500m behind you and you are 1000m from refinery an epic saddle with 150% move speed lets me catch you at the refinery(assuming your pigs never leashed and I wasn't actually any amount further behind trying to locate you) . I have 1 point of good info where you once were, and can usually guess where it is you are going. (I literally don't know your name so guessing your guild would be even harder) My biggest challenge is to try to intercept you before you can get there. I will get a notification I was wrong if you portal to another zone and I am at the refinery, I know WINKS did this to me and I realized with players that are actually good at the game it was not as easy and straight forward as you see it. Too bad most pig runners just want to idle farm, not play a PvP game.
  6. I agree 100% Dakoth, the caravansary has got to go, it is way too strong. Once a guild has that, bye bye contested pigs, even if I chase them and get them. I am outside their holding and have to run the pigs elsehwere. I just don't bother, and if I do I run the pigs off the edge which feels good to noone.
  7. I really liked seeing you all gathered up on that hill, was trying to count and figure out who all was there. Was a really cool thing to see and nice work getting it organized and set up! I am very sorry you guys Dced and things got messed up. Was really hoping for that breach fight. I just think it is great to see the guild's working with and against each other, exactly how the game is meant to be played!
  8. As someone who has been specifically hunting pig farmers I can tell which pig farmers are smart and which ones are dumb. I get a toast that tells me where you are, but you are on the move and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN TO THE CLOSEST REFINERY, Winks ran more pigs than any of you Solo because he was smart enough to use the refinery's in the siege zones and keep a low profile. I have missed far more than I have hit with pigs and really enjoyed the mini-game and strategy for pig hunting. Sounds to me like you need to develop some strategies to elude the pig hunters instead of playing the game like you roll your face on the keyboard and get a cookie at the end.
  9. I never played shadow bane, but being a nerd who loves high fantasy who was playing games like arma2 DayZ, ark, rust and every flavor or copy of open world PVP survival game I got sold on full loot, base building, territory control, politics, and no firehose healing. They have missed most of these marks for me personally but I can understand the reasons for many of the ways they have diverted. You old crows loved shadow-bane but history remembers it as a failure and I believe the team wants their game to be successful ultimately. I have noticed that you SB players are the git gud kind of players, try to play that way myself. You play to win and most of the time do win. So i think the things that let you break the system and let you be a force greater than multiple of your enemies sounds incredibly appealing, but those same things are very unappealing to the 70% or more that are not winning and cannot win that minimum 30% required to not become discouraged and quit(The psychology of game theory and loss is pretty developed and verbose, but take my word for it or research it a bit yourself). More than anything I am not convinced that the murder hobos can be happy in a game that the casuals are also happy in. That said 2 is a very good example of something not broken that I would love them to introduce. You make a ton of point's that really hit home for me and I agree with 100% I only wish to offer countenance as to why I think we must identify as the murder hobo's what parts of the game we wanted we can concede and which part's cannot. Meaningful choice is one thing we cannot concede and must be in the game. Too many forced choices in my talent trees, if you want majors and minors, and a promo class, yet to see why you would ever not do this so auto choices, this locks 37 of your 55 points automatically that you do not choose they are just the path you have to take to move forward. Then you have 8 points available in your promo class that are almost always auto takes save 1-2 points so you maybe actually have 10 points you even choose where they go? That is not alot of choice at all, that coupled with 10+ DOA promo classes that offer nothing fun/unique/viable, looking at you especially CC classes. Another issue I see is giving promo classes Type damage bonus. Even on an assassin who can choose it's damage type( I agree that all physical should have this option) you actually do not, your promo chooses your damage type for you. So why even put damage type choice in the game if it is never actually a choice? Poison major being tied to slashing and now piercing damage just limits it to cutthroat, dirge, and archer because no other promo class could ever possibly afford switching to piercing damage, if it even has the ability to do so. So at the end of the day I choose 10 talent points, 3 of which I probably do not like choosing for w/e reason, then I choose between 1-2 class/damage type majors 2 or so generic attack discs, and the generic defensive ones. Then you choose the minors from a pool of 6 maybe 10 if you are a hybrid class that are worth using, most of the time you might actually struggle to choose one over the other, but the difference is not felt. The game has so many things going on, and so many stats to manipulate, and all these fantastic pieces we could play with and manipulate. However all of these different things in the game that force choices have removed the availability of even seeing if we could do something interesting. Short solutions, Remove the forced choice in talent trees, you give me 55 points, let me actually spend them, do not make long trees make wide trees. Let me alt spec into a secondary promo class. So much wasted choice potential by locking them out, reorganize them such that I cannot break the game doing it, more valuable points deeper in the tree, not enough points to get far into the tree. Example: I have to spend 40 of my 55 talents to unlock promos, then with 15 talent points I need a minimum of 8 to spec far enough to hit my capstone so two capstones are impossible, I only have the 13 points in my promo so I can choose up to seven points in other trees, minimum of 2. verse my choices still available to me in my tree. We need to remove CC stats from the game, or remove/change retaliate. They should not exist in unison so please choose your poison and move on ACE. We should have only one Disc for each damage type that is unique to it. The rest should be more free-fitting. I like that not everyone has access to everything. However currently even things you gave me access to with my traits, I did not get to have access to in the end because of damage type requirements. I really really would like it if we were given choices that helped in one way, but hurt in another. TL;DR We have plenty of things programmed into the game, we just never actually are left any agency as the players to choose. Lot's of horsepower in the system, but the wheel's are just spinning.
  10. How did he work it in? I would be down for this. Can we do it right now since you only get skulls in a "buggy" scenario?
  11. I agree with what you both said,however they are looking very seriously at the New player experience right now and I think that newbie Island>infected>dregs model of player progression is important. So with them working to get the NPE flow of things down before beta comes out it is important for us to share thoughts/concerns with infected because it has always been a poorly made dregs placeholder game mode. If it is going to be most players real "first taste" of the game it should be considered. We all look past a-lot of garbage because we can see the light at the end and love this game, I want new players to feel the same way and get enough of that in infected to want more.
  12. While I really don't like being relegated to playing in infected, I would like to applaud the community that has worked together to make good fights happen in infected day in and day out. Seriously amazing to see us working together. Even though I am finding some amazing fights, It still is growing somewhat stale, and this situation is dependent on the community working to make it happen. I basically run the same triangle, between the same three objectives, every day. One problem is the gear I am fighting over is not worth the constant durability loss. This is not necessarily a problem because a lot of us see it as the ante to play. However newer players and smaller guilds struggle to compete for these resources. If certain guilds wanted to assert dominance on the area and "play to crush" I do believe it would bring an end to the fun that is being had by players in infected right now. If I log on by myself or with a small group and run into a much larger group I cannot begin to compete with for the areas resources I am left in a bad place as to what to do. I could go to on of the other 4 zones in infected, but there really isn't anything else for PVP players to compete for (Satyr camps are kind of a joke). Infected is where we want new players playing to learn the game. For this game mode, I recommend structuring the zones more linearly, or rather as a triangle. Each step down the rung has higher density mobs/valuable mobs(elites,captains,chiefs). The end tier is say Brieltas that is plentiful in higher rank mobs, the two zones that lead to Brieltas for example might have 2 camps instead of 3 like Brieltas, but no chiefs. then the next tier down can have 1 camp and no captain . This plays into the higher risk, higher reward model and I can find a place to farm for gear regardless of my group size. I like that it is relatively easy to find players in Brieltas, but it feels less like open world PvP and more like an arena brawl. I have been sitting with the question lately of what a player is to do in this game in downtime. I think back to my time playing WoW and all the frivolous $%&^ in that game I wasted my time doing because I was really just hanging out with friends in Comms and it was something to do, anything really. Content is king as they say. So what does more content look like in Crowfall? It is not simply endlessly fighting. This burns people out, especially the people who are not winning. However our game is all about fighting, so can we do other things to promote this part of our game in a "fun" "silly" way? Taking ourselves too seriously in a game is an issue in it's own right. One fun Idea I have is a bulletin board in the temple where you can post bounties for the skulls of your enemies( honestly I would probably place more bounties on my friends than enemies😀). Maybe track how many bounties a player has on them, or the gold players have put forth for that players head (a title of honor in it's own right) another gold sink never hurts either and you can "tax" these bounties. If a player goes on a kill streak, make them glow or obvious in some way to distinguish them, then track the number of times you end kill streaks. I can farm some players 2v1 for days, but this stat can signal how many big bads you brought down. Offering incentive to punch up, not down that does not really matter other than to your pride could lead to interesting dynamics, oh you have 100 kills but 0 kill streak kills? You might just be a bully. Half your kills are kill streak kills? will you please be on my team H.O.G.!! (hunter of gunmen, counter sniper military term) I would love to hear more ideas in this vein, We can manipulate resources to funnel activity, and I have touched on that. However I am really interested in things that are not as impactful to the winning of the game, and more so to having a good time. The issues with infected itself to me are not important as it is not the game-mode I want to play, but I do want other players to play with and so I treat this area of the game very seriously. Get players out of god's reach, and make infected more engaging so that I might see them in Dergs one day!
  13. I like @ZYBAK recommendation. I spent a fair amount of time on an arch-druid in early 5.11 and with mobile fights the 3-5 bombs favoring the death tray was so close to being useful. The GCDS and animations like you were stating @nihilsupernum make that much tray swapping ineffective. Right now Arch-druid is just a one trick pony that fits into certain situations well, and all others poorly. I really liked it as a beefier control mage with support elements. The way forward to make it fill this slot that currently is just better with a FG is twofold. Blight needs to be reworked to reward smaller bomb clusters and not punish you so harshly with the GCDS. The other is utility, the bomb druid has bark skin and avatar that are both very good group spells, but you need to run alone to protect your orbs. We need more "support" classes and I want more to supporting classes than just fire-hose healing like the clerics offer. I would like to see the bomb druids top end damage dropped in favor of smaller blights and increased utility.
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