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  1. Byzantium has been the guild of my friends and I's for going on 10 years now in every game we play. We prioritize success and community over all else. If you are someone that like's to win, this may not be for you, what we are looking for are those that hate to lose. The kind of person that when that tragic day comes where they do lose it is burned in their memory and they strive to make it never occur again. 4 of my friends IRL and I have invested into a good start in this game since Kickstarter and I have roughly a dozen other connects from the years that will make up our starting ranks. We are passively beginning our effort's towards recruitment so that we might swell in numbers before the approaching launch. As launch get's closer we will launch a guild webpage and a guild discord so that we can begin to iron out the details on the guild's functionality. We have spent hours discussing ranking systems and taxation brackets and ways in which to encourage the most success of our members. We do not believe anyone is equal to anyone, yet everyone does have a voice.
  2. They have diminishing gains of some sort like diminished or no passive training, which I understand to be a large part of your levels. What I intended regardless was some kind of level cap, They dont get the full game is the intention by whatever means to force them desire to buy the full box game, the idea is to make it a "demo" that allows for some interaction in the game.
  3. I think it would be incredibly beneficial to the game to offer it free of the box cost with the restriction of being limited to a single toon that can be tenants of other kingdoms, also no or diminished passive training. I say this because no one will really desire being a tenant. This allows people to try the game and guys this game is going to be AMAZING. This will increase the number of tenants in the game, offer a free less than desirable oppurtunity to try the game and be apart of what its like. Its good for me and you because more players will only increase the "gene pool" to offer the most realism. Honestly its the best for Artcraft because it will increase overall players and in turn more subscriptions. This $ amount vastly outweighs the possible loss to people that would have bought the game and do not after trying it if my conjecture here is not mistaken.
  4. In the same way soccer is like football they both run similar size teams aiming to score points using a ball. So soccer=football right? '
  5. Or the leader has to choose one of his nobles to lose a significant amount forcing him to upset a faction within his control
  6. At its core it sounds fantastic and with the right implementations as you say to cause everyone to constantly be unhappy with their position in some way that offers many avenues. Make world events where the world leaders are forced to take resources away from a choice of certain tiers of people Force the leader to upset or cause some people to suffer and weaken their ability to hold power
  7. If its integrated into the UI it would seem the devs would have to restrict your UI and I would hate to lose out on getting modded UIs to avoid cheating. Perhaps I'm mistaken in my logic?
  8. Do multiple artifacts and have these emperors compete. buff them to be equivocal to some sort of boss. and allow the emperors some access to set amounts of salvage % to those that swear fealty in some sort of tiered chain fashion emperor gets 80% 5 titles get 60% and then the rest get 40% this adds alot more depth to the power struggle especially if you add more tiers of fealty
  9. Folks I do not like E-sports. I'm only pointing out the potential to attain revenue for our devs. It does not need to be project A It can be priority last and still including it in some way with little ease stands to benefit them. Build a viewing audience is my 2 cents. Realist view: Engrave this game into as many facets of peoples lives, we have hands on and hands off entertainment we enjoy. I bet you people that watch this game and play this game are people that will begin to centralize their lives around this game. Those people likely use the in game shop more than any other average player. They love that cosmetic hogwash and just throw money at it. I want this game to have all the moneys and popularity, And I want all kinds of pretty little non worry some pretty zombies to do my bidding. Theirs going to be more chiefs than Indians.
  10. People will want to watch the top factions/guilds duke it out in the finals of this tournament. These will be large scale battles and likely implement many elements of the game play. I am not saying make it the core concept of the game. The games vision should be maintained at all costs. There are such an incredible multitude of solutions to making a long time frame match have specific contest points along the timeline of the match. Or even simple editing of the top matches.(illicit premise tournament=matches) In any facet I believe we will see it develop around this game regardless. I would just like to see Art craft in a position to stand to gain from that over anyone else because they are making my game. Good for them is good for me
  11. I have not the artistic or creative talent to put such a thing together in a way that would satisfy me. If you are interested I am certainly looking. Id like to leave artistic reign to you but the themes involved are The Byzantine Empire, the pheonix, and anything representing war and/or all out death. colors I am preferential towards are a red/white combo and or black. If this is something that you may enjoy doing I would enjoy having it for sure! '
  12. I still believe that designing the tournament system in some way that it both maintains the desired game play to everyone playing the game and offers a pleasurable viewing experience. There will be some significantly larger Kingdoms that people would love to watch have some sort of total war. Don't do what other games are doing. Pin 50 dudes vs 50 in a castle vs castle match. All I'm saying is it has serious potential. It is only a distraction if it does not work. The tournament will exist either way. If the two can coincide then it seems silly not to try to market that
  13. The fact that it is different and is not those games is why it can succeed in that market. Where else will you see entire kingdoms face off? The battles of larger factions in a voxel world presents mass potential for popularity. We are creating the following man. The games got almost 2 years til launch, Recruit the Legions
  14. They could be week long clan tournaments and run a highlight reel of the week long battle. It would allow cheating I think to stream that live. This full fills that time frame and offers an elongated combat struggle as the game intends. Players that desire that content receive it and it offers a time frame for higher tier elimination matches. You could even have specific times during the week when objectives on the map spawn that you can stream live. The Idea is to force conflict at the ideal time to broadcast live within the longer campaign. I'd love more feedback Blizzard had an esport following, even without considering balancing for PvP as much as PvE. This game is entirely PvP. They only need to balance the campaigns and then have the tournament. Does not need to altar the game whatsoever. I just think the larger of an event the tournament is only stands to return financially to the game, this in turn allows the game to hire more people, create more content, everything.
  15. I think it paramount this title have some sort of esport associated to it. I am not even particularly a fan of esports but you cannot deny the mass appeal that comes with it. Almost every major game, mmo or match based, has a definitive system for determining player versus player ranking. In turn this leads to the establishment of the top players/kingdoms/ guilds etc. These people in turn will become the Pros. The optimal time for a "match" to be completed is an hour or two similar to a T.V. Show or Sports game. What if the tournament was Kingdom versus Kingdom In equal starting structures on a pvp map or the structures are brought by your EK and you earn them. In your castle you have a point you're defending and the enemy has one as well. Just a broad thought. Would love to hear others thoughts.
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