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    HazedCube got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Calling All Murder Deers   
    Possibly going to be Elken as my main, just need some more information first but will have to see if their skills are good or not.
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    HazedCube got a reaction from ZtyX in Custom Created & Named Clan Ranks   
    This suggestion has my vote. I helps to show off each unique guild, expressing each guild's diversity in the game and it gives a player more options to pick from when choosing a guild. Maybe some would prefer to join a guild where you have various leaders, co-leaders, people with different jobs, people who have earned certain titles and placements in honor of the guild, rather than a guild with just a "leader", a "co-leaders" group, a members group and a "new recruits" group. So yes, this is a fantastic idea.
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    HazedCube reacted to inflames21 in We All About The Mounts, About The Mount! ;0   
    *calls a large flock of crows to pick me up and carry me off to a set destination"
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    HazedCube reacted to CheckedHammer in Hi From England   
    Hello neighbour!!
    Thank you for the information. It was very helpful
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    HazedCube got a reaction from CheckedHammer in Hi From England   
    Welcome, also from England here.
    For notifications about replies, visit your profile, go to Edit My Profile, and go down to Notification Settings. You should be able to customize these settings to fit your needs. 
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    HazedCube got a reaction from seventhbeacon in Hello From Ye Olde England!   
    Hi all,
    I am Callum, 15 years old and currently in education in southern England. I have been a "gamer" since I got a into my Dad's PS1 back when I was around 6 or 7, although at the time I didn't really know much at all about playing games properly. I then had a PS2, PS3, jumped over to a 360 and back in 2013 I built myself a budget gaming PC for me to catch up to my friends on the spec side.
    Recently, I've been into MMOs such as EVE: Online and Guild Wars 2 but I love to play pretty much any genre of game.
    I have played alot of games over the past few years, and I think that from what I have seen, Crowfall really is shaping up to be such a good looking crowd-funded game. I love the involvement of the community and hope to contribute further into the game's development during the Beta stages (I only got the $30 tier!) and hopefully Crowfall will be the game we all want it to be. I look forward to seeing you all on the forums and later on, in the game itself.
    See you around.
    - Callum
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    HazedCube reacted to mazh in Hello From Ye Olde England!   
    hey kid, I wait to see your caravan around
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    HazedCube got a reaction from Krethys in 48 Hours Remain: New Goals!   
    These stretch goals are definatley ones that I would want in the game, but they seem so far off for just under 48 hours of money-raising. I hope we can at least get the Tournament system, and maybe even the combat pets, which would be fantastic too. I think combat pets would be a nice edition but not one that I wouldn't miss out on if it did not get added. Tournaments, however, are almost a 100% need!
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    HazedCube got a reaction from baerin in We Need More Stretch Goals   
    I really do hope that the character customization is done quite deep in this game, even without the use of it as a stretch goal, as in my opinion it should be done in alot of MMOs by defuault. I'd love to see customization like in EVE: Online (even though that game is more realistic looking in terms of characters) but I don't want to run around with the good chance of seeing someone with the exact same face, clothes, hair etc. I hate that in MMOs.
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