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  1. Yep. They're handy for what they are but they wouldn't be worth the time if they gated them like this post suggests... that said if they increased the power significantly it might be worth it.
  2. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/360-na-guilds-recruiting/ is a good place to browse some recruiting guilds
  3. So what I would consider the most important feature of Crowfall is the limited time campaigns and the fact that the developers have a chance to be really creative in that space without risking breaking the whole game. If one of the campaigns turns out terrible... don't do it again. One work surprisingly well, pencil it down and throw it up again sometime. What sort of campaigns would you folks like to see? As for myself, I'd love a campaign themed around some of the hunger dome mechanics. More specifically the mechanics where you can only respawn at keeps or castles you own and the hunger moving in every season. I wouldn't have the hunger move in as far as the dome does but make it go in enough to perhaps surround the final keep and the area around it. I really think it would be a blast to have a campaign where if your guild loses all their keeps you could be knocked out early. I think another fun one would be to play with zone population limits. Have a campaign be a larger number of small/medium sized maps but limit how many people a guild can field to 5-10 people per map. It would force large guilds to split their numbers and place more encouragement on allying with other guilds to be able to increase your numbers on an individual map. I think this would both encourage some great smaller scale battles as well as push top guilds into the more political side of things if they want to have bigger numbers to guard their stuff. What other sort of ideas do people have for campaigns?
  4. I think he means kill the person who took his loot and make him drop the inventory.
  5. Unless there is terrible server issues at launch (happens with MMO's all the time) I expect we'll see most people at 30 on day 1 with the lv 25 boost.
  6. Looking forward to seeing how creative you folks can be with campaigns.
  7. Had a great time in alpha/beta with these folks, time to have more in Live!
  8. So right now the exploration tree seems to be simply the gathering tree. There are a 2-4 minor nodes in the exploration basics tree that could be used to help one explore the map such as a reduction in movement CC effects and a small sprint speed boost but other than those it's all just gathering skills and buffs. Not that gathering isn't important, but the actual exploration of this tree is just really underwhelming. I'd love to see some stuff in the tree that actually helps with the exploration loop. Out of combat speed buffs, out of combat mount speed buffs, mob aggro aura reduction, fall damage reduction, increased radius to how much fog of war is cleared. Perhaps more advanced things like being able to share map data with other explorers/players. Perhaps the ability to place down a drone (for lack of a better term) that would keep a certain radius on your map updated even when you leave it (great for keeping tabs on that important POI). I think items like this would really play well for people that want to play scout like characters. Mapping enemy weaknesses and keeping an eye on allied interests and being able to report back quickly when a threat emerges or an opportunity opens up would be their bread and butter.
  9. Ah, so it's not in really in the campaign world yet. No wonder I was having such a hard time. Appreciate the info
  10. So I figured I'd boot up the game and see how things are coming along with the new patch and like how the skills are now setup so you cannot do everything yourself. My only issue is that I can't figure out how to go about buying gear from other players since I cannot make anything but the most basic gear myself. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. Really makes me wonder what the final version of vessels will look like. If they are specific (human knight for example) and crafted it could be really difficult if your short on resources to be able to get a vessel that perfectly matches your skill training. Could be interesting.
  12. I'm really liking the direction of the new system overall. I think that 30 day bank for the VIP is a big seller as far as I'm concerned. Having to make sure I'm logging into a game every day tends to burn me out on games.
  13. An mountain range that is impassible on the outside but has a large cave network to go through the mountains.
  14. Excited! Any chance we'll be hearing about what the test will entail before it happens? Will it be the same hunger dome, just with more classes or will it be different at all?
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