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  1. So right now the exploration tree seems to be simply the gathering tree. There are a 2-4 minor nodes in the exploration basics tree that could be used to help one explore the map such as a reduction in movement CC effects and a small sprint speed boost but other than those it's all just gathering skills and buffs. Not that gathering isn't important, but the actual exploration of this tree is just really underwhelming. I'd love to see some stuff in the tree that actually helps with the exploration loop. Out of combat speed buffs, out of combat mount speed buffs, mob aggro aura reductio
  2. Ah, so it's not in really in the campaign world yet. No wonder I was having such a hard time. Appreciate the info
  3. So I figured I'd boot up the game and see how things are coming along with the new patch and like how the skills are now setup so you cannot do everything yourself. My only issue is that I can't figure out how to go about buying gear from other players since I cannot make anything but the most basic gear myself. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Really makes me wonder what the final version of vessels will look like. If they are specific (human knight for example) and crafted it could be really difficult if your short on resources to be able to get a vessel that perfectly matches your skill training. Could be interesting.
  5. I'm really liking the direction of the new system overall. I think that 30 day bank for the VIP is a big seller as far as I'm concerned. Having to make sure I'm logging into a game every day tends to burn me out on games.
  6. An mountain range that is impassible on the outside but has a large cave network to go through the mountains.
  7. Got my invite But no tests until Wednesday
  8. Excited! Any chance we'll be hearing about what the test will entail before it happens? Will it be the same hunger dome, just with more classes or will it be different at all?
  9. I think it really depends on how long they are. If they are too short they will feel temporary and will be hard to invest in. If they are too long they will stagnate and become boring. I think the real trick will be to find that good middle ground where you feel invested and then you win or lose and it refreshes to a new campaign before it stagnates.
  10. I'll use WoW as an example. The servers "Whisperwind" and "Blackhand" are completely separate servers and even have different rule sets (PvE vs PvP). These are the equivalent to a crowfall server. They are a huge open area that you can travel around freely. Crowfall is slightly different in that each servers terrain will be different instead of just a copy/paste of eachother as well as that each server will have a win condition and be shut down after a pre-determined amount of time.
  11. For those of us that didn't want the physical goods will the store support trading in items for store credit be up soon?
  12. No, I'm pretty sure it's a stoned flying white dragon.
  13. Sending you guys an application, glad to see you got your thread back.
  14. Once campaign worlds go live it would be nice to be able to see how many open slots are available in each world. Solo players likely won't care since as long as there is a single slot open they can get in. Guilds however (especially larger ones) will need to know what worlds have the capacity to take in their guild so they don't get split up between campaigns.
  15. For the hunger dome itself this would be fine but Im not sure that would transfer to the real game well as you wouldnt want to remove containers from the game the moment they are empty.
  16. I recall them also describing the confessor as a mid-range character at one point. We may very well see other archetypes with a longer range yet.
  17. Was watching your stream yesterday. It was good. Too bad that confessor stole your weapons =P
  18. I really think this can be solved with the campaigns being winnable. It will depend on them hitting the sweet spot of course. You want them long enough to feel like an investment and not something you "grind out" but short enough you don't get bored with them.
  19. Should we expect just cosmetic changes like leaves off the tree's and snow on the ground or is there any goals for more functional changes like frozen lakes, snowed in mountain passes and flooded plains?
  20. Aw, those disgusting Blair threads! I mean, there's so many of them, though! Which one? Which one did he post it on?
  21. I agree. MMO's like Dungeon and Dragons online have some pretty harmful paywalls and even as a paying subscriber you can tell when you've went by them as it suddenly feels empty and you have no one to play with. I really struggle seeing what something with crowfalls could add as a paid expansion without segregating the player base. As for free expansions I totally agree. Maybe they introduce some new swamp biome and call it the "Mists of the Murky Swamp" expansion. But I see that more as a marketing gimmick to mark a large update and maybe attract back ex-players than a real "ex
  22. I don't think it will grow that big. It seems like it's a niche game and that is what ACE is aiming for (though they speculate that niche is bigger than others anticipate). Don't get me wrong, I think it will do well in terms of return on investment, but it's damn unlikely to hit WOW/LOL/TF2 levels of popularity. If by some miracle they do manage to do so, I would really hope they don't change and keep their vision strong. I mean, it's what drew the crowd to the game to begin with. In terms of what they will do soon after launch? Well, we know there will be a pay shop for
  23. I really think it depends if any archtypes have natural bonuses to crafting. If so, whatever one has the best bonuses. Assuming all arch-types are equal, I'll aim for a support archtype that preferably focuses on buffing/debuffing so hopefully I am still useful in group combat. I think it's really too early to be more specific with such sparse information.
  24. Damn Blender, you missed your chance to name this thread "Trees gone wild"
  25. Not so sure about the slipping but having the lakes freeze over in the winter would be a heluva feature. I imagine it would drastically change the metagame inside that gameworld by opening new paths of attack. Perhaps they could also block off mountain passes as well to close other paths.
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