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    Shadowmant got a reaction from Kutch in We need some exploration in the exploration tree   
    So right now the exploration tree seems to be simply the gathering tree.  There are a 2-4 minor nodes in the exploration basics tree that could be used to help one explore the map such as a reduction in movement CC effects and a small sprint speed boost but other than those it's all just gathering skills and buffs.   Not that gathering isn't important, but the actual exploration of this tree is just really underwhelming.
    I'd love to see some stuff in the tree that actually helps with the exploration loop.  Out of combat speed buffs, out of combat mount speed buffs, mob aggro aura reduction, fall damage reduction, increased radius to how much fog of war is cleared.  Perhaps more advanced things like being able to share map data with other explorers/players.  Perhaps the ability to place down a drone (for lack of a better term) that would keep a certain radius on your map updated even when you leave it (great for keeping tabs on that important POI).  
    I think items like this would really play well for people that want to play scout like characters.  Mapping enemy weaknesses and keeping an eye on allied interests and being able to report back quickly when a threat emerges or an opportunity opens up would be their bread and butter.
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    Shadowmant reacted to Pann in "Blair Math" reaction to forum posts   
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    Shadowmant reacted to Xarrayne in "Blair Math" reaction to forum posts   
    The titles says it; we need a "Blair Math" option added to the "Like" functionality on these forums!
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    Shadowmant reacted to Anthrage in We need some exploration in the exploration tree   
    This tree is incomplete, many of the things are definitely needed, but are also already planned.
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from Kraahk in How do you trade?   
    Ah, so it's not in really in the campaign world yet.  No wonder I was having such a hard time.  Appreciate the info 
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Visual guide to new race and class tree layout   
    Really makes me wonder what the final version of vessels will look like.  If they are specific (human knight for example) and crafted it could be really difficult if your short on resources to be able to get a vessel that perfectly matches your skill training.  Could be interesting.
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in UPDATED: ACE Q&A for September - Official discussion thread   
    I'm really liking the direction of the new system overall.  I think that 30 day bank for the VIP is a big seller as far as I'm concerned.  Having to make sure I'm logging into a game every day tends to burn me out on games.
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    Shadowmant reacted to BDr in Choices No Longer Have Consequences   
    Edit: There is a simple solution for the Tome problem, I said it a few times during the stream. Just don't allow people to be trained more than how long the game has been live. If that's added there can't be any abuse and the system still works as a catch up mechanic.
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    Shadowmant reacted to Tinnis in Visual guide to new race and class tree layout   
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from TragicNumberOne in What sort of Parcels do you want to see in game?   
    An mountain range that is impassible on the outside but has a large cave network to go through the mountains.
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from Dondagora in What sort of Parcels do you want to see in game?   
    An mountain range that is impassible on the outside but has a large cave network to go through the mountains.
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Confessor and combat details.   
    I recall them also describing the confessor as a mid-range character at one point.  We may very well see other archetypes with a longer range yet.
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    Shadowmant reacted to miraluna in Alpha 2 Invites for tonight   
    Updated schedule includes Tues, Weds, Fri and Sat:
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    Shadowmant reacted to thomasblair in Friendly Fire isn't something you tack on at the end...   
    To be honest we just aren't ready for super finesse play in combat. Yes we have the rough outlines of tactical gameplay that comes with animation locks, slower movement speeds, and combos. Which is great! I already see people getting out of the way of NPC tell attacks, and reading the other players animations to block incoming CC. I saw a knight block a champion flying neckbreaker to prevent the knockdown. (He then shield spun the Champ and stunned him, was great)
    Crowfall as a technology stack is still young. 
    The FPS for most people is too low with the recent addition of NPCs, our netcode is still maturing, we have no client based prediction, and the character movement controller is still server based. If we wanted to make things more FF friendly at the current stage, I suspect it would be an un fun experience for the vast majority of players. The responsiveness just isn't there yet. I suspect that introducing FF with the current state of things would cause even more of a freakout than the lack of FF because I don't think it would be playable and thus fun. While you guys are testing for us, I would like to provide for you at a minimum, a fun experience overall even though there may be some small annoyances.(Like perma F to interact)
    Every test we do moves us forward. I saw one of the bigger connection server crashes get identified on Friday, fixed and added to the build on Saturday, and deployed with no more crashes for the Sunday playtest. It is great that we are able to keep building at this breakneck pace, which I hope enables us to get to all the features we promised.  
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Founders' Update: "Hey, where's my test?" - Official discussion thread   
    Any chance we'll be hearing about what the test will entail before it happens?  Will it be the same hunger dome, just with more classes or will it be different at all?
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    Shadowmant reacted to RKNM in Will temporary worlds inspire US?   
    Think it's about time someone posted this here...
    Old forum thread on the EK info dump. Probably answer you questions better than I can.
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    Shadowmant reacted to Pann in Founders' Update: "Hey, where's my test?" - Official discussion thread   
    ACE Founders J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton give an update on the status of pre-alpha 1.1 and pledge packages, but first... 
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    Shadowmant reacted to Tahru in Caravan Movement Between Campaigns (Confirmed?)   
    Interesting idea.  It would make a lot of interesting game play.  
    There are a couple challenges to overcome though:
    1. CW's as short lived worlds and not even on the same life line as each other.
    2. It could create a scenario where goods move from CW to CW indefinitely giving an advantage to uncle bob.
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    Shadowmant reacted to Cocopaps in Caravan Movement Between Campaigns (Confirmed?)   
    I am no programming expert but I think doing caravan between different world(server), as it were would bring unnecessary complexity and delay the game. I think what they meant by worlds is more along the line cart your stuff to and from Point of Interest to your castle. Or between different castle within a campaign, that make alot more senses than between server.  Trading between server would bring more trouble than its worth. 
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Servers Are Just Instances Areas - Anti Open World   
    I'll use WoW as an example.  The servers "Whisperwind" and "Blackhand" are completely separate servers and even have different rule sets (PvE vs PvP).  These are the equivalent to a crowfall server.  They are a huge open area that you can travel around freely.    
    Crowfall is slightly different in that each servers terrain will be different instead of just a copy/paste of eachother as well as that each server will have a win condition and be shut down after a pre-determined amount of time.
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    Shadowmant got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Why Ttk And The Zerg Are Inextricably Linked   
    That's XCOM Baby!
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    Shadowmant reacted to Muhrder in MMORPG.com's Hype votes are in.   
    Crowfall sits on top of the heap of games over at MMORPG.com 
    This is my favorite MMO news site. Reviews for their games. Good articles. Plus RipperX and TheHiveLeader are both big contributors with their youtube videos which I enjoy quite a bit. 
    https://youtu.be/CbxMi74MNJI  Here is the video that brought me here.
    So even with the anti-hype machine at work. I guess enough of us nerds dig this game to still list it as our top hyped game. 
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    Shadowmant reacted to zero2none in To : Crowfall Devs   
    It's not hate, it's because people are jealous that they didn't think of it before he did... 
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    Shadowmant reacted to Makii in To : Crowfall Devs   
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