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  1. I just had to come by to say that my Inner Child is screaming with joy again! I'm waiting for the day when I can finally place a castle and keep and explore/build around it. I'm loving the potential for diversity these additional lego pieces will have on Campaign World generation. EDIT: Also will we have these pieces auto-injected into our spirit banks, or do we need to wait on a reset in order to re-consume the stronghold pieces packs?
  2. I was forced to miss the stream due to unforeseen circumstances today. Sorry I missed the party!
  3. It just wasn't the same without you there like it is when we banter on the Twitch streams. Also I forgot to warn you back then that I have the ability to make my face come out blurry in photos.
  4. Hey @Vydel. Saw this while I was at PAX South but was unable to actually sit down to type this out, since trying to type out essays on a phone is kind of a pain in the butt. I do website applications development for one of the departments at the university I work at, 8 years in so far. I'll just add on to Jared's thoughts though. Assuming you are looking at website development as a career, to start off knowing HTML5 and CSS, as well as being aware of standardized practices such as W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) DOM standards at this time is pretty much a must. I highly encourage you to learn about ARIA accessibility standards when you can because building your websites to be accessible from the beginning to individuals with visual impairments (or in some cases, especially concerning emergency services, your users are trying to find information while in a panic mode), is much easier to maintain in the long run compared to tearing apart your code in trying to support accessibility as an afterthought if your clients want it later. jQuery is a great entry-level Javascript framework for doing front-end transforms, like transitions or data requests through AJAX, on your site. After that learning a Javascript framework for more advanced applications, like ember.js, is a logical thing to do since it cuts down on rich web applications development time significantly. If you want to do some REALLY COOL stuff, since you're talking gaming, you can pick up some WebGL programming using a framework such as three.js, but we're getting into some advanced level fun here. MongoDB is a great NoSQL database to start with, but if you want to scale up your gaming application in the future, I highly encourage you to pick up a relational database management system (MySQL is the best one imo to learn on, which you can also use a nice free tool called MySQL Workbench to build your ER diagrams and synch with your MySQL database). Learning a bit about SCRUM and/or Agile project development methodologies might also be useful if you want to simulate an iterative team-based development environment. Visual Studio Online has a bunch of those tools available for free. Importantly, as Jared said, don't get discouraged. The process of reiterating again and again and again is quite the norm. You will keep looking back at your code and think "WTF who wrote this crap!?", when it was the crap you wrote a week ago LOL. Be thankful you have University of Google to be able to search out various blogs and other tutorials and examples instead of having to depend solely on books. Even more importantly: make sure you are doing a project you are passionate about and can enjoy building if you have that flexibility. Trying to force the completion of a big project that you don't give a crap about is not a good situation to put yourself in mentally. If you have any more specific questions about Web Development or any tools, you're welcome to hit me up via PM. Best wishes on your project! - Wabice EDIT: Poorly made socks...LOL XD
  5. Thanks for hosting the meetup! I had a blast meeting you all in person and being able to hear your stories! I'm looking forward to future opportunities to interact with you. Also Gordon ended up being a surprise panelist at one of the Game Design Career panels on Saturday. It was quite educational and I learned some good stuff from it. - Wabice
  6. I'm still set to attend PAX South and am interested. Also as I will be with a group of students from my university, planning a way to meet you up off-site could be a bit tricky and dependent on what their itinerary is (as I'm not the organizer of that group). EDIT: Some more information as to the format of the meet-up will also help. Some of the students are aspiring Game Developers as well so I've been entertaining the possibility of bringing them in if circumstances allow.
  7. Yes. Make FACEBOOK a thing in Crowfall, please. What I mean is that you craft a book, first. Then with the book and the face of your enemy you skin off, you craft those into a literal facebook! Brilliant!
  8. I can't find the Guinecian's Giant Hat specialization tree anywhere. Was it decided last minute that it was too OP and had to be scrapped or something?
  9. The most cultured badass hamster-man? Definitely Napoleon!
  10. "we are transferring both videos to youtube today" - An Optimistic Crow Stupid jokes aside, +1 on the "extended" directors cut. Even though I was late to Thomas' stream, what I saw was freaking cool to see from the viewpoint of a youngin' who never played SWG or Shadowbane. The only crafting systems I was exposed to in MMOs was the same ones that I think we've all mostly agreed is pretty wasteful (resources based on zones/levels, never used again after moving to next range). Duelist with a Giant Hat, and hiding in it as a stealth mechanic confirmed? :3
  11. I've already sent a support request in last week about this. The answer I got from Gordon, and I believe it was mentioned elsewhere, is that gifting will be reactivated after 9/1.
  12. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Been so long I completely forgot that was on the FAQ. With the shift from fixed stronghold parcels to modular pieces, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is still relevant.
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