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  1. I like the concept overall. Very unique and it should be very fun to be a skin walker Is anyone concerned that you can only belong to one guild at the account level? In most other MMOs guilds often have a tiered guild set up with alts running a feeder guild etc. Anyone else concerned about this not being possible with the one guild membership being at the account level? In addition it keeps the infiltration and intrigue piece of the game locked down in a way that may be negative. Thoughts?
  2. Great to have you with us WoodTick. With a work schedule like yours how will you ever have time to play the game? I am wrestling with this problem myself. At least we have years to figure it out. Warm Regards, Mandragon
  3. By using this approach It is evident that they know what they are doing.
  4. Nice to see someone new to the MOO genre joining us. Welcome to the community.
  5. Nice to see someone so talented get to do what they love doing for a living. Very impressive work. Thank you for pushing the creative envelope. Cheers!
  6. Good to have you with us, Insidious. Are you playing anything currently? I have been playing Smite. I also focus primarily on the PvP aspects of things.
  7. Tell us about yourself good sir!
  8. Tell us about yourself Don't be shy.
  9. Upgraded just fine here. The wait for alpha begins
  10. Can't wait to see the apps you create. Good to have you in the community!
  11. Good to have another veteran among the ranks. I am counting on this community having some longevity due to our experience in the MMO realm. Good to have you with us!
  12. Mandragon03

    Hello :^)

    Welcome to the family
  13. You sound like my kind of gamer RBS. I just followed you on twitch. Would love to pick your brain some time about gaming, streaming, and what you want to get out of Crowfall. Cheers!
  14. Good to see our friends up North (who actually understand what cold means) joining us. Any chance any of you Canadians played Everquest -> Rallos Zek Server -> Hammer of Brell Guild? Shot in the dark but figured id ask
  15. Very good list there. I played all but UO. I wonder if we crossed paths... In any case I feel you pain about the "Hype Trains." There have been so many game failures due to their lack of true industry innovation that they predictably fall on their faces. If nothing else CF has the right vision. Best Regards, Mandragon
  16. I didn't even play SWG (I was too busy with EQ) but I heard all about this from the folks that were playing it and hated the change. My friends were passionate about how good the game was before the "New Game Enhancements" that it made me wish I had played it. Quarterly profits influence corps to make so many bad long term decisions. I am glad you maintained your integrity throughout the ordeal. That is no small thing.
  17. That was a kind response to my rant. What a peach
  18. Welcome Roguesix! What other MMOs have you played?
  19. Yep - tried it. loved it. left it after I fell asleep putting the spreadsheets together...
  20. Hi NeverSated, Welcome to the community! It is truly great to have you with us. I wanted to comment on one line in your introduction: From where I sit the only way to make an MMO is to build it around PvP. Why you ask? PvP content is the only non static game play out there. If you play through the "WoW Clone" generation of MMOs the progression is very linear and focused on getting the next piece of gear for your avatar. Once you have completed the content there is nothing new until the devs make more content (expansions). Rift, SWTOR* , Wildstar, Aion and a slew of other games added PvP as an afterthought (always prioritizing PVE content). When players got to the end game the static content of the PVE world was not enough to hold people's interest (to players like me PvE end game content is like doing chores). With no compelling PvP at the end game ( to create infinite unique situations made by players) these games dwindled into nothingness*. When you build a game around PvP content the end game is not static. Infinate content exists as long as the world is compelling enough to go put your neck on the line. This is a fact that veteran MMOers have been shouting from rooftops for years, hoping that a developer like ArtCraft would hear us and come rescue us from poorly designed MMOs. There is of course more to it than this but to defend brevity I will stop here. I hope this helps you see why so many people are flocking to this community two years before any shot of seeing it in the wild. Welcome! Mandragon *SWTOR is doing fine now but they went through a huge restructure and anyone who played it in the beginning will tell you what a joke Ilum was.
  21. Mandragon03


    Love Smite. It is what I am playing currently - only time for one game at a time. Great to have you on board.
  22. I look forward to being a game tester for you. I was a game programmer many eons ago. I remember getting mad at the testers for bringing me bugs after I thought I had a solid build and wanted to go home. It did not take me long to realize the testers were doing good work so I apologized (we all make mistakes). Paying you to test this (Saphire patron here - Alpha 1 hear I come) must be my penance for getting mad at them all those years ago After a few years of dev work I decided I wanted to make money and work less than 16 hours a day... I do miss drinking at work, bringing the dog, and playing Dota on the LAN while waiting for builds to pass. Those were the good old days. Thank the gods for the team you guys are putting together who are passionate about making this
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