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  1. EDIT: Guild found, thanks everyone! Region: North America (CST) Atmosphere: Casual Casual/Hardcore: Err on the side of casual due to life responsibilities, but I'm nothing if consistent on playtime Size: Medium to Large Play Style: I prefer tanky characters and really enjoy farming/crafting. Commitment: As stated above, I'm more casual at this point in my life but I'm consistent about playing and will be on plenty every week. Miscellaneous: I'm an Amber Kickstarter and Amber investor in ACE when it all first started, early on made some connections but have only lurked since those early days on forums and in the different alpha and beta builds. I'm really easy going and love the teamwork and social aspects Crowfall provides.
  2. Just got mine today, account now amber-fied, actually had a power outage right as I was clicking to confirm code and was hoping it wouldn't mess anything up, but luckily everything went through just fine.
  3. Sounds like my kind of guild, love everything about crafting, trade and commerce in game, just submitted my application!
  4. Joined the kickstarter campaign last week when I saw the diversity of the devs from many of the games I've played and enjoyed over the years. Decided to hop in as an Amber backer and can't wait to get in game and join up with a guild to fight for and build a successful kingdom! 29 years old, avid MMO gamer looking forward to getting this moving forward! -Tee
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