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  1. So, I've been thinking about how the website says that duelist is specialist. i was curious if you would think he would be more of a support or a damage dealer after the fact that his main thing is to tunnel. i would assume damage dealer, but a few people have been saying otherwise to me. I'm very curious of this. does anyone have any in thoughts on whether a duelist should be considered a support or damage dealer? this may be a stupid or repeated question. sorry if it is.
  2. who says assassins cant be respectful? i mean, there are plenty of assassins that can be noble when they kill. at least i believe they can.
  3. if it doesn't fit the archetype, then lets make it a new class. what reason's make you think that it doesn't fit the archetype?
  4. why take it as just an april fools... if we want it enough... and we push hard enough for it... they'll give it to us. no sense in not trying at all bairloch.
  5. the slayer will always live on. i would donate 150$+ for it. please artcraft, take my money D; give the us a stealth please.
  6. It's a really nice piece of art work! i hope to see it in the game! even if its just a critter!
  7. Hello, I'm Nertle. i was wondering if we could get a weekly newsletter. i think it would be nice for some of us who can't keep up on social media and it'll keep us hyped. just post a few things that are happening around the office, and the youtube videos invited, and how funding is going.
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