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  1. Hi, This is nothing more frustrating then killing a chief for 20 mins in infected then having a PoS guinecean player from the same faction come up and loot your entire mob and say' gj' and run off which is what a player name Uglorious just did to me. I really don't think letting people outside your group loot permissions is a great idea. Oh BTW, this Player is POS and all guild should avoid him like the plague. Doesn't anyone else know this waste of Oxygen named Uglorious? Vesperre
  2. I think this is the skill is pretty bad, eminently punchable is so much better!. I recently leveled a knight at the lower CD on Hot Pursuit is so fun and amazing. Give me a 5s CD on censure instead and fit the sword swing to come from high to low so I don't swing over rat heads. Also, let me self-heal only Diving Light! That is all, Fairlight
  3. yeah that's like a hack. Plus u'r wasting GBL CDs. By the time yet get the Melee tray back who knows where the hell the enemy PC is.
  4. I always though a jumping spinning attack would look very cool. I'd take anything though at this point.
  5. I have found this as well. After you prosecute someone even if Devotion is up you will not build up Sin. Better to just make basic weapon attacks build up sin on a foe. It would give us a reason to use them.
  6. I agree they are much better but still very easy to counter if the opponent has 1/2 brain. I like the discs for playstyle changes but the class should have access to a complete tool set before we 'have' to depend on Majors to even be viable.
  7. Hi, I've been only playing this build since 6.2 since we launched. I'm a fire domain vindi with judgement/DL/Devotion/Fiery Devotion/Retribution/Censure + the rest of vindi talents. It's a very fun build with decent burst damage however it's still missing one aspect. I'm not saying it either has to be one or the other but it either needs 1) More survivability 2) More Mobility/Slowing abilities. I've been trying to develop ideas without either 1) making them OP or 2) making them to similar to other melee damage classes mainly champs/myrms/knights. Let's examine each aspect individu
  8. Skill training interface isn't greyed out at 74% but isn't trainable either. I think something is rounding to an integer but still considered less than #VALUE. https://imgur.com/a/zq3kLQC
  9. Adjudicator says Templars but requires a blunt weapon so Templars cannot use the skill.
  10. Ive only tested out 2 of the archtypes with a few domains but all I can say this ain't yer daddy's ol 67 chevy. Tons of versatility, with a few builds bordering on the absurd but so are all the other classes atm. Haven't really pvp'ed with it and the range reflection doesnt work i don't think but wow. Very cool. Nice work ACE. It's truly play like u want to. We can even do bows and dagger spin? WTH?! Fun! Fairlight.
  11. Can I borrow your Switch? Good question, why are well running around for a fight then teleported by walls, block by invisible terrain, getting 10fps and roffled stomped. Good question indeed.
  12. Hi Crowfall Testers and Developers, First of all, the game is looking more and more polished with a real game loop. Although we are still plagued with a few game breaking bugs (OP classes, teleporting walls, performance) I think these will be all hammered out in time. What I don't see a fix for is the possible burn out that this game will cause in it's current iteration. First of all, I use to play games competitively and did that few several years. I was in several top server guilds in EQ and WoW so we I know what it's like to sit there 2 hours as we drag our corpses to a safe
  13. please remove....duplicate post
  14. Precisely my point. Either other classes are insanely broken or our sub class is severely underpowered or poorly thought thru. As I said, I don't subscribe to a class only played 5% of the time b/c of Fort/Keep Windows. IT's a waste of a char slot to be honest.
  15. And your feedback? Oh, I see you have none. Tell me how to mitigate these problems. Never thought your feedback was that useful Erad anyways.
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