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  1. Look, I don't disagree that the passive training system was god awful. It simply had too much power invested into a system which only relied on well time and the number of accounts you had. However, this game also needs a permanent crow specific skill system, one based solely on equipment is severely limiting because durability it a gripe in this game and your character once 30 loses all sense of progression. Also, this makes one race/class for every profession so much more prevalent since there is no way to play catchup anymore. I'm not a big fan of grinding but skills is something I feel should, as in life, be a slog to attain or it's not appreciated. Uncle Bob, is a term meant for the inability for any other players or group of players to bridge the gap once one team/guild has a firm grasp of the pole position. Since no one can challenge them the other groups lose interest over time and then the game/campaign dies. Certainly larger guilds like Winterblades will certainly have an advantage of hogging thrall spawn areas and getting their crafters up to speed sooner. Though you could argue that hogging resources is also along the same lines in terms of comparison. However, having your ability based on drops alone allows one guild the corner the market more easily, I prefer a combination of skill grind/resource gathering and RNG. The guards concept while certainly viable you are excluding a large population of players who due to their schedules/style or simple lack of interpersonal skills prefer to play and gather solo. Plus, there are often times you just want to log on and do 10mins of mining before heading out with the family for a meal (fat chance during COVID right now but I digress). Therefore guards are simply not an option. Just make these items like runes not affected by durability. In terms of tiers, I'm a big fan of spitting the system up based on the power level of your character. Whether this based on the color of your vessel, equipment, skills, pvp rating or a combination of there of. Separation of the wheat from the chaff will be a huge determining factor on the viability of this game. No one wasn't be insta-gibbed on a constant basis. while runes will certainly be a part of this system it's unsure how much it should be factored in since we all have access to the white ones orginally. Whille 300 hps here and 5% crit is nice there, there should be a contribution but not all stats should exist in the equipment. Alot of it should exist in the base toon itself.
  2. Ummmm am I using this right? I don't see anything for my templar wrt to a mana shield. And the little flame poot that comes out of my butt when I press the orby thing hits for 72 dmg. Working as intended? Fairlight
  3. thank you. I though sin was supposed to debuff anti crit before, guess i was wrong.
  4. Targets Debuff Anti-Critical Strike This is a confusing tooltip. Templars/Priests/Confessors all have ways to add sin. Does this mean you get a bonus to your debuff? OR does it add another way to apply sin if I'm not one of these classes? Is mortal sin > normal sin? Totally confused.
  5. holy shyte they listened. I think i just pee'd a little!
  6. haven't been on 6.3 test yet. Do tell....what's been changed?
  7. I think Todd hit the nail on the head today. This system never made any sense to me. You basically had 1 account with potentially several types of characters (combat/crafters/gatherers) but a large part of your progression could only go toward 1 or 2 aspects (combat/mining/jewelry making). I, personally, am not sad to see it go though it hurts to think all the time we sat waiting for skills now are kapoot. Fine, it's not like it happened after lunch. However, I'm not sure I like what Blair is proposing either. Making the skills item based seems kinda bad too. You really are just exasperating race/class differences since there isn't really individual toon progression anymore. This is why all MMO's end up in the same place w/r/t to skill gain. The more you do it the more you get better at it. It should be grindy. So what if you need to make 200 iron helmets to get to the next level. I personally like the fact we had so much diversity in mining different types of ore/body parts/trees/leather or specific armor/combat skills. Felt like your toon was very personalized or specialized. Plus it made me think twice about deleting a toon I invested a lot of time leveling skills on. This goes for combat as well. You want people Pvping. Make sure you combat skill gain bonus fighting other factions/guilds (just make diminishing returns on killing the same player over and over so it's not abused). if you used a 2handed sword, u gain 2H skill skill. IF you wear plate and get hit, you gain plate mitigation skill. Seems like really the best system to me. Just make sure the best gains are made when fighting other players. Just make skill progression like 99.9% other MMOs. Grindy and linear. Just my 2 cents,
  8. yeah dude was just a little prick... Just wanted to vent a bit. Seriously telling me 'gj' and running off. I guess Incels need to have their fun too.
  9. Hi, This is nothing more frustrating then killing a chief for 20 mins in infected then having a PoS guinecean player from the same faction come up and loot your entire mob and say' gj' and run off which is what a player name Uglorious just did to me. I really don't think letting people outside your group loot permissions is a great idea. Oh BTW, this Player is POS and all guild should avoid him like the plague. Doesn't anyone else know this waste of Oxygen named Uglorious? Vesperre
  10. I think this is the skill is pretty bad, eminently punchable is so much better!. I recently leveled a knight at the lower CD on Hot Pursuit is so fun and amazing. Give me a 5s CD on censure instead and fit the sword swing to come from high to low so I don't swing over rat heads. Also, let me self-heal only Diving Light! That is all, Fairlight
  11. yeah that's like a hack. Plus u'r wasting GBL CDs. By the time yet get the Melee tray back who knows where the hell the enemy PC is.
  12. I always though a jumping spinning attack would look very cool. I'd take anything though at this point.
  13. I agree they are much better but still very easy to counter if the opponent has 1/2 brain. I like the discs for playstyle changes but the class should have access to a complete tool set before we 'have' to depend on Majors to even be viable.
  14. Hi, I've been only playing this build since 6.2 since we launched. I'm a fire domain vindi with judgement/DL/Devotion/Fiery Devotion/Retribution/Censure + the rest of vindi talents. It's a very fun build with decent burst damage however it's still missing one aspect. I'm not saying it either has to be one or the other but it either needs 1) More survivability 2) More Mobility/Slowing abilities. I've been trying to develop ideas without either 1) making them OP or 2) making them to similar to other melee damage classes mainly champs/myrms/knights. Let's examine each aspect individually. Increasing Survivability Right now devotion is a vindicator's only 'real' option for healing. The problem with devotion is 1) relative short duration. 2) Damaged dependent and capped. IT's a bit of a nuisance to keep up really and often with the relative short window a vindicator has to decide a fight (Due to lack of suvivability) one global CD can be a make or break situation. Also doesn't help us when we're kited or out of range of our opponents. Here are a few solutions: 1) Give us back the heal in divine light except make it self-only. We lose the ability to help others but give us some other self-healing option and not be so devotion-dependent. 2) A sin consuming mechanism that allows us to consume all the stacks of sin we have on an opponent into a heal. ( I like this option better cause it's more strategic). 3) A pip activated dmg absorbing Fire-Barrier (we are kind of like confessors with swords right?) which can also dmg the opponent when they hit it. It could go nuclear like Force Mage barrier when expired (very scary). More Mobility or Slowing Abilities Ok, Let's examine Censure for the moment. It's probably one of the worse gap closers in the game. It's so elevation dependent and I often end up swinging over the heads of opponents and missing the stun. It's the only thing we got at the moment but it's not that dependable. Moving on let's examine a similar class from another game. Vanilla Wow Retribution paladins had similar gap closing and opponent finishing issues the vindicator has. Wow developers had some creative solutions which I will share. Retribution Paladin Solutions to mobility issues 1) Give all vindicators a 15% combat speed boost. Ret Paladins ran faster in combat then many other classes. This help them make up for their lack of range. (Pursuit of Justice was the ability's name) 2) Retribution Paladins had a spammable cleanse so any rooting effect or slowing effect could be instantly cleared. They could also cleanse other group members making them uber useful. 3) Retribution Paladins also had a range stun that was on a short timer. 4) HoW - was the bane for many fleeing players with 20% health or lower. It was a range damage dealer that really really hurt. Other Creative Solutions - Slow or Stamina Drain 1) I like the idea of divine light adding a slow to opponents. This gives vindicator's Divine Light another facet of utility. I'd much rather dismount into a melee - slow everyone - and use censure to get the hell out of there. Meanwhile I'm dmg'ing my opponents and keeping them slowed for my guildmates to catch up and fight. 2) A stamina draining ability - problem with stuns/knock downs is they are too easily retaliated out of and then we're still behind the eight ball trying to catch them let alone use DL on them. This is aspect not covered by any of the other classes atm. If I take away your stamina u cannot run away. This could be tied divine shout or even a again vindi divine light thing. Adds a stamina draining dot. I'm sure you guys could implement something very cool that's not game breaking. In conclusion, Vindicators are a scary class when u decide to stand right in front of us but right now the opponents have too much freedom on how/when to engage us and without the survivability to weather prolonged assault. Anyways, thanks for listening. I'm very please that ACE developers are taking our feedback to heart. Cheers, Fairlight
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