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  1. Thanks for the Guild spotlight, we appreciate it!
  2. CU does NOT have confirmed stealth. CU is the first MMO with server side physics
  3. This thread doesn't have enough Donk.
  4. I think you`re confused, no legit Canadian would let winter stop them from going outside.
  5. Many games have had almost no PvE, supported a trinity system and had successful and fun PvP. I respect their opinion, but that's all it is.
  6. One can tell a lot of people either skipped or missed some older PvP games where support classes were both CC and healers. In fact, pushing them to perform in both roles only added to a) group synergy and team dynamics and b)individual skill sets. This is not a new concept peeps, there were successful games where healers did more then click, heal, click, heal or spam aoes until oom. While I'm glad to see a company pushing the envelope, writing healing off as a 'PvE mechanic' is odd.
  7. Hybrid classes are notoriously difficult to balance, that's why you don't see many of them.\ Balancing normal classes is hard enough.
  8. You say that like it's fact, when it is only opinion.
  9. Do you? Because LoD and LotD are 2 different Guilds.
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