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  1. That's fantastic. I'm only hoping initial Alpha testing is up for more than a few hours during my work schedule .
  2. It....feeds. On an actual note of learning new things, kind of cool and a tad creepy.
  3. Who knows, if a rule set has full loot drop and shorter duration you might even be able to see what you can get out of it that day? The rules could in theory be quite flexible with the all or nothing. The joy of this system is the ability to alter new worlds with new rules.
  4. The rules could be updated, things can change, and what worked before might not later. Fantastic. Good to see that no strict play style will be required. Hey.... after all if a rule set isn't liked or fails, they can just opt it out of future rotations right?
  5. Sadly for the very reason this sub forum has been so quiet.... no new information. Frustrating too. I promised myself to stop reading the forums for at least a week, I managed to last 3 hours.
  6. Long duration campaigns could be incredible, but that is also a long time until the "pay off" if people want to play with the EK. The long and short of the thought was each month a small portion of your "stashed goods" shipping home? A bit tired right now, but I'm sure others have thought of this. Everything will be fully adjustable from what we see, but a "common" or "generally accepted" rule set is what I am talking about. Something around say 5% a month? Just a thought, that's what the forums are for right now Agree? Disagree? Tell me how wrong and terrible a person I am for suggesting
  7. I'm sorry... I have no idea what anyone is talking about. I am still looking at the small furry creature in full battle armor. My problem is the lack of a weapon. Why is he unarmed?
  8. We are looking at two weeks or so until the Kickstarter funding and confirmations complete, and I would love information to flow towards us often I would also like progress towards the game. Weekly updates were mentioned, maybe something light and perhaps more progress on monthly. Simply put, we are looking at "something" perhaps weekly.
  9. #13976 (Sapphire) Although I honestly think all backers first to last are important. The true gloating I feel belongs to people who were able to recruit. I found out about Crowfall from a friend, but was unable to secure additional backers personally. I was a recruit for the cause though . Correction: Could not get friends to back the Kickstarter, but they await the release of the game itself. I think many of us are in that same boat.
  10. With death being more of an issue, with even resources and repairing or replacing gear being a factor I expect more hit and runs and small skirmish type encounters until someone wanted to siege a base that had been built up. You have to keep in mind "time" is a resource as much as iron or wood. Weakening the enemy with small raids and roaming parties, with of course opportunistic players taking advantage of their own side and banking their resources before the world ends. I don't expect much solo action unless from someone in stealth.
  11. All very interesting ideas, but....... The refreshing idea I am sure many of us are looking forward to is "No Uncle Bob". I start over on survival games constantly, now it's part of the game! I hate have bad news for you, but this was based around worlds that ended.
  12. I would have guessed that at first if they didn't describe linked groups of cells as a "parcel", and the S shaped mountain fortress as a large parcel. It is also possible that they aren't 100% sure yet and EVERYTHING is up to change. They up front let everyone know some people might get mad . It's all good. FOUND IT! Eternal Kingdoms What size are these parcels (in cells)? The most basic parcel is 1 cell x 1 cell, and will include very limited features. Some parcels are much more complex, like a chain of 7 parcels that makes up a Mountain Citadel, multiple player villages, and the
  13. What I am curious about is how you determine which ones are free? the first 15 placed, or can you place larger ones and pay for smaller ones for say 16 and up.
  14. Playing Forumfall.

  15. The Greatest Flaw of Crowfall will most likely fade or change with each campaign. Adjustments to rules and how world's work could almost seem like a patchless-patch that keeps correcting itself. Start angry? End Happy? Well, I'm sure everyone will figure it out in the end.
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