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  1. I understand what you're saying, but it seems like the more important advancements our characters can make should involve some effort. I can remember when I had to go through the quest line to get my paladin's epic mount in WoW. It was really hard at the time, but it's one of the best memories I have from any MMO because it took me some time to get. Blizzard later changed it because people were frustrated by having to go through the quest line and now you just gain the thing from a trainer. In my opinion something cool was lost when they made that update. I certainly agree that other players should not have the ability to completely prevent you from advancing to the next stage of character development, but I really don't see anything wrong with having to overcome other players to advance in a PvP game.
  2. I agree with many of the other commentators. This is a great idea. Advancing to a new class should definitely involve some sort of in-game activities that make the promotion more meaningful. I've seen something like this in several other games and those quests were some of the most memorable for me.
  3. I understand how you feel, but keep in mind that if you were a KS backer you had a lot of extra time to upgrade to another KS package. They kept that option open for much longer than they really needed to.
  4. Did you read the concerns on the first page? It is very easy to understand how it SHOULD work. I certainly understand that when upgrading to Emerald 2015 from KS Ruby I keep all of the KS Ruby perks that I already had, and I gain the perks from the Emerald 2015 package that I did not already have. It is not easy to understand why the upgrade page makes it seem like I will end up with more rewards if I upgrade from KS Ruby to 2015 Emerald than if I had just pledged for KS Emerald to begin with. snowmizer has a valid question and the fact that several users have presented the situation in several different ways indicates that this is, in fact, "hard to understand."
  5. Yeah F2P in an online shooter can be pretty good as it ensures a steady stream of fodder for the vets. As long as the business model doesn't allow for P2W and hackers are not able to constantly create new accounts once they are banned then F2P could work out pretty well.
  6. I've backed both as well. I have not gotten to the point where I want to support one more than the other yet. They both offer some pretty exciting features.
  7. *sigh* If only that were true... At least tomorrow really is Friday!
  8. Hmmm this is an interesting prescription! ROFL
  9. It's not a new term. I've seen it used in literature for decades.
  10. They indicated that the pet was due to the archetype equipping a discipline:
  11. I don't think this answers your entire question, but it does say what your guild members can do if you quit. This was in the EK KS update:
  12. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the process PS Sorry about your allergies. I would say that you should eat some local raw honey, but I don't think that actually helps.
  13. Yeah, I may decide on another class after I actually get to see an ability list and a better description of their intended role.
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