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  1. Many of the advantages/disadvantages have specific names, blind eagle eye, ogre strength, stuff like that. So an advantage called lefty or southpaw would fit right in.
  2. I don't like the idea of purely NPC vendors, but an NPC vendor that is driven by the player economy (Resupplied by a player) and controlled by a player seems ok, means that you can still remain economically active even when you're not online, a nice compliment to the passive training.
  3. I don't really care if they implement gamepad or not, I'm going to stick to my keyboard and mouse, even if I do happen to get a HMD sometime in the next two years, my only requests are: if you do add gamepad support, don't screw up the game for the majority of players using mouse and keyboard and make sure you you don't spend all your time on it, allocate dev time efficiently. If you enjoy playing with a gamepad, good for you, don't screw up the game for me.
  4. Local with a toggle/specific mute setting is good, and perhaps private VOIP chat rooms, so you can talk with a friend you met in the game for a day or two even if you aren't in the same area, friend/party voice chat room type thing. Anything more structured and permanent (guilds factions etc.) Just use a third party. Soooo, yes depending is my vote, looks like its winning
  5. I think VR will be more just for kicks in this game, they're using unity so it's kind of a why not add VR. It will be nice for cinematic and walking around your EK, but in pvp situations it's going to suck, especially because of the gamepad limitations. I don't think they seriously expect any of us to use it when pvping seriously.
  6. It'd be fun to have all of your various trophies from the campaign to be able to be on display, they could put all of the non-unique (player heads, taxidermies, etc.) in the cash shop. And have several small craftable items to spruce up the place without paying money, so you can put those heads on spikes instead of one the floor.
  7. It does limit face to face interaction, but that's probably only going to be the case if the player is offline, the thralls would be very handy to have for players who can only get online for a short time. You get online, collect resources from your thrall, shove more gold into it, craft your stuff and put them in your other thralls to sell.
  8. I've only played around with unity so I don't know for sure but it almost definitely has a reflect on y axis thing, it's very user friendly.
  9. ooh, ya, never mind, no wood underwater XD
  10. Having lefty opponents would certainly add a lot of finer details to combat, for the pros at least, probably wouldn't change much for average players. I think mirroring would work? maybe? It feels like it shouldn't for some reason but I'm to tired to figure it out right now, I'll edit the post if I have a revelation.
  11. Once they get things underway and create a good basis for everything water it'd be fun to have an underwater campaign
  12. Then you can't talk to anybody without the hassle of third party communication.
  13. Combinations of spells would be better imo, not tandem specific spells or buffed single caster spell. But combining two spell effects to create a third, this would automatically balance it out somewhat, instead of a giant fireball that does over 9000 damage you have interesting more specific spell effects. The more wizards you have on your side the more diverse your spell combinations can be. Not to rule out tandem specific spells entirely, but it would be good to make the bulk of tandem casting out of this
  14. random mob spawning is definitely a good thing, the game would lose a lot in my eyes if it didn't have it. But I have to agree with Vuris, I'm not really that excited about the tier thing, it would be fun, but the point of the game is PvP, not PvE taking down an NPC fort is PvE. maybe just a couple of tiers, to spice things up when grinding but not make it to PvE
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