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  1. I am absolutely crushed. To my brothers in winterblades, please accept my sincerest of condolences. Cool and I have traded emails back and forth for 10+ years talking mostly about Shadowbane, Darkfall, and Crowfall. While he was the Sentinal advocate I was the Prelate advocate so the natural alignment of our classes led to many deep discussions about the holy powers of the All-Father. The battles between CS/X and WB were some of the most fun I had in SB. Cool was a genuine guy and great friend. We will not forget you Wes.
  2. lol @ facerip being a sekret internet haxor
  3. FWIW - I think the skills page was only available for a short period, I would guess it is not complete.
  4. RIP SB, the best 76 years of my life.
  5. Best overall player (at the time): Teleport Person I would take leading a mine fight or something small scale: Kiger
  6. Great to see that we have managed to extend MB v SBEMU to the forth or fifth forum now!
  7. Gold/resources were always plentiful if you had Shadey in your nation. I think we subbed them 50% for him and 50% so Bojangles could be in our vent.
  8. Restyled is around, I will ask him for you. He has always been good at figuring those things out. It's a borderline superpower.
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