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  1. This issue has been brought up before. Website uses your email. But the client software uses your username. I dont know why. As a former security researcher with a MS in CS, I can say fairly difinitively that since the dawn of (username:password) authentication, username has never been considered to be a secret. In the unix world, login names are used in log files, for home directories, output by the old 'finger' command, etc. Many websites use your login name as your public username. Relying on login name to be secret or obscure will give a false sense of security where no real security actually exists. No software that I know of handles usernames with the same reverence and care as it handles passwords... and there are plenty of points of attack that would work to reveal a username that have been locked down when it comes to passwords. There are ways to suss out your email address too, so dont think that using your email address to login is somehow more secure. What is orders of magnitude more secure is adding more characters to your password. Each character multiplies the search space significantly. Do not use the same password that you use somewhere else - either get a reliable password manager (e.g. Bitwarden) or use a mental scheme for constructing a password based on the domain name. And if you actually care about your account, use 2FA -- yes it is less convenient, but not so inconvienent as losing your account.
  2. May 8th Wipe?

    quit your job for live
  3. Yeah, the half-elf was desynced. Sometimes packets drop. If this lasted for more than a few seconds, it could indicate poorly designed networking code, or an overloaded router (a router along your Internet connection somewhere, either yours or the ISPs). BTW: the two viewpoints will never be perfectly matched unless they both stand still for half a second or more, due to latency.
  4. Please put in place a bug/suggestion tracker

    I don't think having an external bug system is a bad idea. It could also help in holding ACE to account, if you are the type to cast aspersions. However it is a huge commitment, not just setting it up, but maintaining it long after you become bored with the idea.
  5. Tooltips partially offscreen with no apparent workaround (e.g. hover over Animal Specialization skill tree in the Exploration tree browser)
  6. Got stuck at 'connected to zone...' Eventually booted back to lobby screen, where All Campaigns 'no scenarios found' just spins. I suppose server went down. 2nd try: Got in, almost. UI works, but cannot be closed (esc does not close inventory window, for instance), and the world is entirely black. I can slot powers, but I can't see anything nor aparently move either.
  7. I could explain my strategy for how to get awesome gear as quickly as possible. But, well, the game is competitive and I'd rather have the advantage by keeping my mouth shut. Maybe you should consider doing some 'science' and seeing what works and what doesn't work. Study the skill trees. Study the disciplines. Read the forums. Theorycraft a bit. Many people here have been playing since pre-alpha began, and have been slowly amassing knowledge so that they can have an 'edge' when the game launches. So you might get some details here, you might not. You might even be led astray. Generally, if you join guilds with experienced people they will guide you. As for Ethereal Dusts you should be able to get them much much faster. I could get 3 per minute without trying very hard. You say you slotted the minor discipline, but did you slot the passive power that it grants? If you really trained "all the skills that increase drop rates" Im impressed because there are like 30 of them spread out all over the place. Your race will matter too, each race gets skills granting bonuses to certain activities. Match oroper race up with proper activity. You can put crafting tables in your EK if you have enough buildings/slots for them, and the dusts to make them.
  8. Great stuff Pope man. I remember that in Mortal Online, and the dynamics it provided were awesome. But I"m a bit confused. I don't remember the bridges looking like this:
  9. 4K TV's v monitors

    TVs are usually physically bigger. Some people find this a problem to put a TV on their desktop, or conversely to use a keyboard and mouse from their sofa. Most TVs tend to ship with HDR, whereas only a few high-end monitors offer HDR. HDR is a significant improvement, for source material that supports it. It's a bigger jump forward than 4K was, IMHO. TVs tend to be ahead-of-the-curve with improved display technologies. I don't know if Crowfall will support HDR or not, but rendering engines have been supporting it internally for the last 10 years or so, and tonemapping at the output to fit your non-HDR monitor. Monitors tend to have lower input lag and response times, in response to gamers asking for that. But TVs can be fast too. Check the specs. I'm skeptical that it makes much difference. Your human response time is around 160-190ms if you are young and spritely, and gamers that think that 4ms difference is going to help them win are just fooling themselves, buying into the marketing hype and wasting money. In my opinion, higher refresh rates are also more about marketing and less about need. Everyone wants to have the highest numbers. Greater than about 72 Hz and you cannot tell the difference. I'm totally happy with 60Hz and 60FPS. High refresh rates are really only useful to avoid 3:2 pulldown and other framerate issues (which cause some frames to be displayed twice as long as others). In summary, get the TV!
  10. Alliances and Guild Collaborations

    Alliances are a thing if you make them a thing. I don't know if the game will make them a thing, but I'm quite sure people will. I'm also quite sure people will break their alliances at opportune moments, and turn on each other. Even (especially) the top dog alliances and guilds will have in-fighting and attrition, spies, deception, theft. I'm not too concern about the larger zerg alliances, I think they rot from the inside over time. It is extremely difficult (and time consuming) to manage a successful empire.
  11. Passive training is not entirely vertical. You have horizontal choices: which race, which class, which weapon, which harvest node, etc. Nonetheless, I think I understand your concern. It would be cool to specialize highly in something that is so niche that you could be pretty damn sure you were the best.... say, axe handles. It's not everyday that you need the best axe handle, usually a piece of common Ash turned by a mediocre woodcrafter will serve. However, if you want the best of the best, head through handle, metal core, soft outer wood for better grip, fine silver wire turnings... you turn to that wierd old hermit out behind Pentos. He's the best of the best. And while iI'd never take him into battle with me, and I'd never let him watch my kids, I always go there to get axe handles to make weapons for my elite warriors. I would get an absolute kick out of being in such a role. I wouldn't care if I ever set foot in a campaign world, if I could be fairly certain that I could be the best at something.. some little thing though it may be. Axe handles may not be such a niche thing. Maybe squeezing juice from fae wings, that's gotta be rare. Or the guy who puts those plastic things on the ends of shoelaces. I don't think it will be fun if we are all blacksmiths, and we are all [insert every other role here] and whoever brings the largest party to the battlefield wins.
  12. Murder of Crows AMA

    47+ as well (July). DikuMUD or CircleMUD waasn't sure. Had Midgaard, beastly fido, cursed stones that I never realized I shouldn't be picking up. Got into pick-up groups and was killing knights in some castle far above my level. Really cool stuff for the time.
  13. Aussie wondering about ping and playability

    I play from New Zealand. The high ping makes some things more challenging, but generally it is still playable. Here is some playability advice: Choose a server with the lowest ping. If there are Asia/Oceania campaigns, join those. They have had servers up in Sydney already. They can start up servers wherever the demand is, so if there are enough of us, it is just like flipping a switch for them to start a server in Sydney. When harvesting, you may or may not be able to hit the "weak spots" in time. I find on some types of resources it's pretty much impossible. So choose different harvesting skills/strategies, ones you have a better chance at. Battle is a mixed bag. Sometimes I find the lag doesn't matter that much. If I am aimed properly, it seems to register a hit, even though the message is lagged (the server knows the duration of the lag and calculates whether or not what we are seeing would have been a hit, without trusting the client, if you get what I mean). OTOH, sometimes you can go from full health to dead without any opportunity to respond because the messages were all delayed and you didn't even know you were in a fight yet. SO... the best strategy in battle is to be the attacker.
  14. Soft Launch

    This issue is mostly irrelevant for PvE MMOs, where the race to have the best stuff is more or less only in your head. Among PvP MMOs, you have to tread lightly. If the incumbants have a huge advantage (and I'm not saying they have one in Crowfall), new players might be facing an impossible obsticle. The early players didn't have established enemies squashing them at every turn, but new players will, and that is unfair enough to dissuade some new players. I joined Ultima Online late. I could not get out of the city. As soon as I stepped outside of the gates, any of the gates, I was insta-smashed. I didn't rage quit, I kept trying, I tried nighttime, I tried training to higher levels. I put a battery on the F11 key and let it "hit the training dummy" all night long while I slept. But alas, I could not survive as soon as I stepped outside of the gates I was insta-dead. So eventually I quit, having experienced very little of that game. It's unfortunate because that game left a positive memory on a lot of people, a memory I unfortunately cannot share in. That being said, with Crowfall there are LOTS of mitigating factors: You can JOIN the powerful established players by finding a good guild, rather than starting as an underdog. Established guilds fall apart due to in-fighting and attrition. Skills, while long to train, only count for 20% of your overall lethality. I'm not sure I agree that this is true for Crowfall, but the point has been made. But that becomes a problem for ACE if new players are hard to come by. Then that becomes a problem for us if ACE can't maintain funding. I want Crowfall to succeed over the long term. That means I want ACE to have funding for the long term. That means I want new players coming into the game. That means new players must have a compelling story. That's all I'm saying. I'm just saying "I care about newbies," I'm a carebear. So there, I said it.
  15. Fix ping issue

    Population has gone down a lot because the 'patchnotes from the future' indicated 5.6 will probably need both a skill wipe and a bank wipe. But yes, they need to fix the message ping. They got to put on their zero-copy run-in-a-debugger less-context-switches low latency async profile-and-optimize lock-free core-pinning multithreaded hats and go to town baby!