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  1. You are not wrong, Gummiel. As long as they refund any skillpoints that are involved.
  2. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    I agree that this can be a barrier to entry. I'm not entirely convinced the Crowfall skilltree is setup right. I should think that a good game would have a plethora of roles one could play, and that each role takes a fairly short amount of time to master. For some rough numbers I'm thinking along the lines of 1 month of casual play for most of them, 1 week for some easy roles, 6 months for some crazy specialized roles that aren't generally useful. Then you "pay your dues" to master one role and become just as useful as everyone else... in *that* role... even though other folks may have mastered 30 roles, at least you are no worse in the role you chose. You can compete with the best of them even after just 1 week of play. Taken to the extreme, you could compete with the best of them right away, with no "paying your dues," but then some of the major things that motivate people to play (a feeling of accomplishment) would be impinged, so there needs to be a balance here. Mortal Online had (has?) a skill points max, and you could max your skills in just a few days. Then it was all about re-specing your skills until you found some configuration you preferred.
  3. I think they will require all of the time available to deliver what they already promised. While I do expect new things to be announced, I expect them all to be broadly in line with the feature set we were promised at the KS. There is not going to be scope for blue-skying anything new. Everything that they build must be awesome (eventually, perhaps not quite at soft launch), but they don't have to build Everything. This seems too much to the other extreme to me. Yes, a lot needs to be done, but with "soft launch", the things that MUST be done prior to launch can be pruned back a bit. Balance passes can be post-launch (since we do not commit to a race/class we won't complain as much if the vessels themselves are not well balanced at launch). More disciplines? Personally I think they have too many disciplines already (try typing them all into a database ;-). We need one good campaign ruleset for launch, but other rulesets can come post launch. What we need before launch is: Item stability and a stable economy (no disappearing items (e.g. take bugs), no cloning stuff, no gold duping bugs), banks and characters will never be wiped again so if not finalized, there must be an upgrade path for all future changes to them.. Battle mechanics need to be "pretty good". Serious bugs will need to be squashed, but we could live with annoyances. Serious performance issues fixed. Skill trees must be finished, tweaked, balanced, and polished, because those we will commit to, so they should not change after soft launch except in the most extreme emergency. Kingdoms need that fealty system thing they've talked about, at some level. There needs to be advantages/disadvantages at some level. More work on the guilds and guild interfaces. Another pass at the chat system. And probably other things I'm not thinking about right now.
  4. I don't think it's a waste of time to compare, but I do think that you have to be very careful about what kinds of things translate well to a quite different environment. Some of the reasons Eve works include the following, and you'll notice many of these do not map to the Crowfall world: 1) While there is not much "terrain" to go explore, you can play for years and still not understand all of the mechanics of Eve. So "exploration" and "discovery" is provided. I find that to be critical for a game to be fun. With boring repeating terrain and no themepark attractions, the mechanics of Crowfall are going to need to be intricate and complex for this to remain interesting. Billions of combinations of character properties isn't enough to remain interesting. Eve has stupid CONCORD rules to learn (including ways to divert them!), stargate jumping issues and complexities, complex flagging rules that many people don't quite follow and so you can trick them. That stuff adds the right kind of complexity. What we don't need are mini-games that aren't tied into the main game very much (e.g. "action harvesting"). EDIT: I take back that last statement. Action harvesting does interact well enough with the game I think. 2) In Eve, space is so vastly big that you can hide in a system somewhere. And often you can "dock" somewhere and go to the toilet. You can't really hide in Crowfall (well, there are buildings you could go into, burrows to dig and stealth.... but you can't hide "safely" like you could in eve). So PvP becomes perhaps too intense with no real escape (except log out). 3) Eve has a very well developed market, with regional trading with bid/ask. This works well because almost everything in eve is a commodity - there is no custom equipment. Therefore, it can all be priced in the marketplace. With custom equipment, Crowfall is going to have a lot of stuff that people will find very difficult to market/sell, because nobody is going to know what price is right for that custom breastplate. 4) Eve does not try to do real-time aimed-by-the-player's-direction melee combat (which is impossible due to latency issues -- you have to approximate it and give up something important). They have a server tick, and they use targetting (not aiming), and due to the nature of ships, they can even delay the response on the client taking action (ships reacting slowly actually feels about right. With humanoids running around, delayed response would not be acceptable). So they hit the jackpot in terms of being "fair" to players all around the world. Really bright guys at CCP, at least early on. I didn't really like skill boosters, and I still dont. But I'm not an idiot -- I bought a bunch and jacked myself up, like everyone else did. I think modelling the skill system so close to what Eve did is unfortunate, as they could have done better. But it is a low-risk strategy, and I understand why they would chose a low-risk strategy. And they've got too much on their plate as it is, so I'm not too bothered about it.
  5. > Z-Fighting/Sorting issues on buildings have been reported during internal playtests. I hope you are reversing the z-buffer. -- But of course you must be.
  6. change Bind

    (from memory, and I have a bad memory), press K or hit the STAR looking thing in the toolbar (lower right area). Drag skills onto skillbar slot in whatever position you want.
  7. What We Want

    Hi Monx. Glad to see that you are passionate and that you have thought about these things. For the rest of us who haven't thought down the same thought paths as you, I think you've left us behind a little bit. I get the gist of most of what you are saying, but I think specifics spelled out a bit more would help us understand what exactly you are on about. My take on these issues is as follows 1. Game balance is much less critical in this game since characters do not fully commit at the start to a class that ends up underpowered. Instead, if we all learn that Confessors are top, then we all become confessors. The downside is that the game degenerates somewhat, but at least it remains fair. ACE will try to balance things to avoid degeneracy. 2. The skills/powers/disciplines are rather haphazard. From my study of them, I do not think they were designed with a hell of a lot of thought into the dynamics of the battles and interplay that will ensue (some thought, but not as much as I would have expected). I think the devs feel that if they are complex enough, complexity will arise from them. I suspect they will be "tweaking" for a long time to come and things will eventually be complex and dynamic enough to be perpetually interesting. This approach is quite different from attempting to design the dynamics into the game, such as starting with rock-paper-scissors and then carefully adding complexity, testing certain properties as you go. But the approach they appear to be taking is no less valid... it's more like natural selection -- throw in a bunch of stuff and see what pops out, then tweak it until it tastes right.
  8. Can you be an OpenID Provider?

    I completely understand why the game developers shouldn't spend any time building an API right now. But doesn't ACE have website developers who are not game developers? Maybe they aren't so swamped. An API framework that has fingers into the game itself is not reasonable until after launch, but a simple ID check can be done entirely by the website team. I'd even be willing to write the pseudocode for them, if they wanted, or the actual code if it was a language/framework I'm familiar with. Turns out that the way the forums authenticate is actually kind of broken. I had to just now clear my cookies and relogin to get the forums to recognize me. OpenID could fix their forum login too. As for the discord thing, that verifies their discord name, but doesn't guarantee a match up with the game itself. BTW: pretty impressive. My database is only half full.. unfortunately my weak points are about the same as yours (skills and crafting).
  9. And race/class split was announced in May, over 5 months ago, and has not made it to testing yet. It is hard to remain excited about something for a very long time. We are all feeling the blisters of this long march. But realistically, ACE has a continuous series of very hard decisions to make. Even answering your question is committing to something, and they are currently committed to so damn many things they simply cannot make any more commitments. Saying "Oops, we won't make 2017, and we are unwilling to commit to another date right now" could easily be misinterpreted by people (investors) as failure, which their situation most certainly is not. So what are they to do? Human instinct drives people to procrastinate any weighty decisions for as long as they can.
  10. Many of us are building websites for our guilds. What would be incredibly helpful is if the Crowfall website acted as an OpenID Identity Provider. This way we could have "Login with Crowfall" on our guild pages, and after the OpenID connect protocol completed, we would know for sure which crowfall account the user controls. Nobody could call themselves "Scree" on my website unless they really were the crowfall "Scree". See what I mean? Otherwise there will be impostors, and we would have to resort to tactics like "login to the game and say this magic password to me, that way I know you really do control that crowfall account." You might already have OpenID setup .. I notice the forums and the main website seem to be served separately, and the forums login seems to do something very much like OpenID to get the login from the main website. If that is true... all you would need is to allow us to register our applications (websites) returnURLs and to be issued a ClientID, ClientSecret for the website. Cheers! PS: The name "Scree" was used in this example without permission from any person with such a name. Any resemblances to any real crowfall account are not at all coincidental. Opinions expressed herein are wholy my own and not necessarily the opinions of my employers.
  11. Ok. I also realized that non-VIP accounts only get up to 24 hours, but you need 3 days time to make a tome, so you can only farm them on VIP accounts. I very much support the training cap.
  12. I have not read this thread, TL;DR. But I watched the Q&A video partway and my immediate thought is: What stops me from creating 20 non-VIP accounts, collecting time on them all, and then passing those tomes to my main to jack him far far ahead of everybody else who plays more "normally"? Again, sorry if this point was already covered.
  13. Patch sizes

    Did Artcraft really just change 3 gigabytes of content? Because that is how big the patch is today. From a farm in New Zealand, this is excruciating to download... after the download is done, I won't have any time left to play. Artcraft: look into RFC 3284 (vcdiff), bsdiff (Colin Percival), and for ways to patch binary files without shipping their entire contents. I know you are all very busy. But this is my suggestion nonetheless. Maybe you already do this, and you really did just change 3GB of content. If so, my apologies.
  14. CrowfallBot Research Request

    I'll take myrmidon
  15. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    I am looking for a guild. You may know me as antmanelope or as a Myrmidon named Tarpaulin, or as Saraen (EVE online, discord), or Truss, but you probably don't know me. I am in pre-alpha testing as alpha group 2. I live in New Zealand, and would play early evenings, (5pm - 9pm) which matches up with West coast (9pm - 1am +/- 1 hour depending on DST)... and earlier on weekends. I want to be in a guild that prefers West Coast or AUS servers, so my latency doesn't get too high. I'm 46. I've played many other MMOs starting with MUDs and MUSHes and MOOs, Achaea, Ultima Online, Everquest, EQ II, Vanguard SoH, GuildWars, GuildWars 2, LOTRO, Rift, Eve Online, and dabbled in others (black desert, atlantica, mortal online, darkfall, neverwinter, elder scrolls, and others). I've done MMORPG development as well, but nothing that has been released. The guild must use voice chat, but I don't care which one. The guild must have more than 5 members. I'm looking for a bigger guild, preferably #2 or #3 (so we can have the goal of taking down #1). I get hardcore sometimes, but usually I'm not. So maybe for a week I'll be playing >8 hours per day, and writing calculators or code to help solve something, or documenting crafting discoveries, etc, or making a detailed map. Most of the time, however, I'll be more casual. I have a full-time job that keeps me busy. I'm not tied down to a particular play style yet, but I probably will not be using druid vessels much. I would like to focus my skill tree on something useful for the guild, and if the rest of the guild is not planning our skill trees to be complimentary, then you are not hardcore enough for me.