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  1. As others say, many of the concerns here are due to the game not being complete. But some of them are not. The following concerns have nothing to do with the incompleteness of the game (I'm adding my own concerns): Requiring players to craft vendor stalls, and then craft vendors, and then pay an upkeep is a VERY heavy price on participating in an economy. You need to specialize in about 4 different crafting disciplines just to participate in this way... but the point of the marketplace is so you can specialize in just ONE thing, and buy and sell to get all the other things. So the car
  2. Welcome @LyteKrame and @Strahmhv. Make sure you start your skill training right away... training happens even when you're not playing. The game is rather grindy at the moment and it takes a month or so to get your skills up to a useful state. But don't worry, every now and then they wipe everything and make us start over from scratch, at which point you'll be starting from even footing. So use this time to figure the game out. And good luck!
  3. This is my gripe too. Waiting on skils (and choosing which ones) matters A LOT. Equipment (armor, runes, etc) matters A LOT. Attributes barely make any difference at all. That was in 5.8.6. It seems like its super easy to fix: adjust some multiplier somewhere and the build complexity would go way up. So perhaps they have it dialed down in order to balance the other systems first. I'm hoping that's what is going on.
  4. @shadowthorne my hopes are on improvements to marketability. If you can ninja harvest, sell that stuff, and eventually earn enough to buy the other stuff you need, then soloing becomes a viable (albeit long and lonely) play style. Towards that end, I'm concerned that it takes quite a lot of playing before you can afford to build a vendor stall and put an NPC shopkeep in there, and then you've got to pay upkeep... it is just too much overhead for one person... and since you can't get money this way until you've completely setup a vendor, it's pretty much a borked strategy at present. Unle
  5. I play from New Zealand where my ping time is 199ms. It plays just fine. I believe that the game honors your perspective for whatever you are aiming at... so you can run behind something and attack (as an assassin, for example) before the message gets through the server to your opponent, and the game says "yes you were behind from your perspective, your attack counts as from behind" even though the defending party has no chance to defend themselves from this because they haven't even gotten the network packet that says you ran behind them yet. On the flipside, everybody else can do this
  6. Fully dynamic was the right choice. The sun moves across the sky. The terrain is dynamic. In the future, people might even carry torches (can't prebake that). Prebake is okay for Mario Bros, not for Crowfall. Are you guys using forward or deferred rendering? WIth deferred rendering and a g-buffer, you can have lots of lights (thousands) at reasonable cost per-light. With forward rendering w/ an early z-pass, you can have much lower data bandwidth, esp on 4K devices, and transparency is easy, and you can support multiple lighting models, but the number of light sources is limited (forw
  7. I agree, remove the immunity the moment you take ANY action, not just attacking. But also, the immunity should go longer in case your client or network hiccups.
  8. Guilded. Me: Kickstarter participant Old (nearly 50) school gamer (was working on MUD code back in 1992) In New Zealand (but prefer US West Coast times as I'm early to bed) Do not want to organize people, I just want to be assigned a job to do. That doesn't mean I wont voice my opinion from time to time. Will work diligently on any job when assigned if I accept it, but I cannot promise to always be available for new assignments (sorry I have a real life) IRL web developer and hobby game developer Playing current trial as Balance You: Us
  9. As a general principle you want to give players plenty of ways to fail so that success has meaning. But this situation takes it too far It is just not practical for players to be logging in every night. Eve online (the game where time-based skill training came from) lets you build up a skill queue that goes for months. The situation could be ameliorated if we could update our skill trees via the website.
  10. This issue has been brought up before. Website uses your email. But the client software uses your username. I dont know why. As a former security researcher with a MS in CS, I can say fairly difinitively that since the dawn of (username:password) authentication, username has never been considered to be a secret. In the unix world, login names are used in log files, for home directories, output by the old 'finger' command, etc. Many websites use your login name as your public username. Relying on login name to be secret or obscure will give a false sense of security where no real
  11. I don't think having an external bug system is a bad idea. It could also help in holding ACE to account, if you are the type to cast aspersions. However it is a huge commitment, not just setting it up, but maintaining it long after you become bored with the idea.
  12. I could explain my strategy for how to get awesome gear as quickly as possible. But, well, the game is competitive and I'd rather have the advantage by keeping my mouth shut. Maybe you should consider doing some 'science' and seeing what works and what doesn't work. Study the skill trees. Study the disciplines. Read the forums. Theorycraft a bit. Many people here have been playing since pre-alpha began, and have been slowly amassing knowledge so that they can have an 'edge' when the game launches. So you might get some details here, you might not. You might even be led astray. Ge
  13. Great stuff Pope man. I remember that in Mortal Online, and the dynamics it provided were awesome. But I"m a bit confused. I don't remember the bridges looking like this:
  14. TVs are usually physically bigger. Some people find this a problem to put a TV on their desktop, or conversely to use a keyboard and mouse from their sofa. Most TVs tend to ship with HDR, whereas only a few high-end monitors offer HDR. HDR is a significant improvement, for source material that supports it. It's a bigger jump forward than 4K was, IMHO. TVs tend to be ahead-of-the-curve with improved display technologies. I don't know if Crowfall will support HDR or not, but rendering engines have been supporting it internally for the last 10 years or so, and tonemapping at the output to
  15. Alliances are a thing if you make them a thing. I don't know if the game will make them a thing, but I'm quite sure people will. I'm also quite sure people will break their alliances at opportune moments, and turn on each other. Even (especially) the top dog alliances and guilds will have in-fighting and attrition, spies, deception, theft. I'm not too concern about the larger zerg alliances, I think they rot from the inside over time. It is extremely difficult (and time consuming) to manage a successful empire.
  16. Passive training is not entirely vertical. You have horizontal choices: which race, which class, which weapon, which harvest node, etc. Nonetheless, I think I understand your concern. It would be cool to specialize highly in something that is so niche that you could be pretty damn sure you were the best.... say, axe handles. It's not everyday that you need the best axe handle, usually a piece of common Ash turned by a mediocre woodcrafter will serve. However, if you want the best of the best, head through handle, metal core, soft outer wood for better grip, fine silver wire turnin
  17. 47+ as well (July). DikuMUD or CircleMUD waasn't sure. Had Midgaard, beastly fido, cursed stones that I never realized I shouldn't be picking up. Got into pick-up groups and was killing knights in some castle far above my level. Really cool stuff for the time.
  18. I play from New Zealand. The high ping makes some things more challenging, but generally it is still playable. Here is some playability advice: Choose a server with the lowest ping. If there are Asia/Oceania campaigns, join those. They have had servers up in Sydney already. They can start up servers wherever the demand is, so if there are enough of us, it is just like flipping a switch for them to start a server in Sydney. When harvesting, you may or may not be able to hit the "weak spots" in time. I find on some types of resources it's pretty much impossible. So choose differen
  19. This issue is mostly irrelevant for PvE MMOs, where the race to have the best stuff is more or less only in your head. Among PvP MMOs, you have to tread lightly. If the incumbants have a huge advantage (and I'm not saying they have one in Crowfall), new players might be facing an impossible obsticle. The early players didn't have established enemies squashing them at every turn, but new players will, and that is unfair enough to dissuade some new players. I joined Ultima Online late. I could not get out of the city. As soon as I stepped outside of the gates, any of the gates, I was
  20. Population has gone down a lot because the 'patchnotes from the future' indicated 5.6 will probably need both a skill wipe and a bank wipe. But yes, they need to fix the message ping. They got to put on their zero-copy run-in-a-debugger less-context-switches low latency async profile-and-optimize lock-free core-pinning multithreaded hats and go to town baby!
  21. Fast and Shallow I'd like to throw in one more factor (if it was already mentioned above, I apologize). JTC has stated that Crowfall is intended to have a "fast and shallow" power curve. That is to say, it should not take very long to go from n00b to master. Now, current testing does not seem to indicate that they followed through with this plan very well, especially where the skill tree is concerned. At the sped-up training, I got to master in a few areas, but at normal speed training I would not call it a "fast and shallow" power curve. However, if they *do* tweak it to indeed
  22. Thanks for that explanation. Any operation requiring multiple network trips is clearly going to be delayed, but this delay is about waiting for the packets to arrive, not about any processing node being overloaded. It affects latency, not throughput. So it should not affect how many players a server could handle. Also, I don't see where the extra communication is necessary. Whether tab targeting or action combat, the sequence is generally (1) attacker attacks (2) message goes to server (3) server computes what actually happened, considering the frame of reference of the attacker as wel
  23. I don't really get why MMORPGs have such low limits on player population still, considering what has been achieved in the last 8 years. MigratoryData scaled a single 1U rack commodity server to handle 12 million concurrent connections back in 2013 (https://mrotaru.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/scaling-to-12-million-concurrent-connections-how-migratorydata-did-it/). That says nothing about processing each connection, which of course could get very expensive. But most MMO messages are subsystem isolated -- you can have multiple IP addresses (each handling 65535 ports) on up front message routing
  24. This is not a "consume the artistic content" style of game. You don't move from a level5 zone up to a level10 zone eventually hitting level50. It's a totally different kind of game. Worlds will finish themselves... by winter, players will have reaped all the resources and will be fighting each other to see who gets to keep the lion's share of the spoils.
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