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  1. On 5/16/2019 at 1:42 PM, Tiberius_Invictus said:

    I love that the crafting system is designed to require exchange of goods between players who have specialties at different things, and promote a vibrant economy.  What I don't understand is if a vibrant economy is the goal, why make it so %$&* difficult to actually exchange goods?

    So to sell something you have to build all the support infrastructure in your EK, pay for a dozen different vendors because each will only sell certain things, then watch the vendor salary get wasted because nobody's ever heard of you and they're not going to visit the EK of some scrub, and because your EK isn't even available when you're not around.  Even the most renowned trading EK's aren't getting much visitation

    Likewise, buying stuff is almost as difficult as selling; you have to leave the campaign, travel to different EKs, walk around to different vendors and pull up all 3 of the wares they're selling one at a time, then when you don't find what you're looking for go all the way back to the beach head in the campaign again.

    I don't understand this at all.  Do you want a vibrant economy or not?  Your crafting system seems to indicate yes, but your merchant system seems to indicate hell no.

    Maybe put a single trader in each faction's temple where any player can put up to 10 items for sale, and any player can buy from that vendor.  If you get more than 10 items that you want to sell, then use the EK system.  Just a thought.

    As others say, many of the concerns here are due to the game not being complete.  But some of them are not.  The following concerns have nothing to do with the incompleteness of the game (I'm adding my own concerns):

    • Requiring players to craft vendor stalls, and then craft vendors, and then pay an upkeep is a VERY heavy price on participating in an economy. You need to specialize in about 4 different crafting disciplines just to participate in this way... but the point of the marketplace is so you can specialize in just ONE thing, and buy and sell to get all the other things.  So the cart is before the horse here.
    • Custom items cannot be easily priced and marketed as commodities with bid/ask prices.  Buying and selling of custom items, each one being unique, is much less liquid and difficult for players, both mentally in terms of pricing and in terms of travelling to and from the vendors. This is a heavy drag on the economy.  I argued this point way back when they announced the crafting of custom items.
    • Commodity items (e.g. harvestables, basic tools/weapons/armor, foodstuffs, etc) have no more liquid method of being bought and sold, and in particular of being priced.  A centralized (or regional) marketplace with bid/ask pricing would completely solve that. As it stands, they are bought and sold using the same clunky mechanisms under which custom items are bought and sold. I've never heard even a peep out of the developers that they intend to do anything about this.

    Some things they could do to improve the situation include the following. IMHO, even if they do all of these, the economy will remain heavily choked:

    • Make EKs startable by anybody who wants to enter them
    • Allow selling by consignment on any vendor that has it enabled.
    • Provide temple vendors that sell by consignment
    • Use something other than a limited slot inventory for vendors, so they can sell much more than you can see on screen.
    • Create a commodity marketplace as described above
    • Provide basic vendor stalls and basic vendors, easily craftable by people with no particular skill, which cost zero upkeep but which take a large cut of the sales.

    ... just off of the top of my head.

    All my comments above are related to my personal goal of being able to play this game solo.   If they intentionally wish to exclude that possibility and require guilding and grouping then a choked economy is not a big deal... but I'll probably not play the game because I'm not a very social person.

  2. Welcome @LyteKrame and @Strahmhv.  Make sure you start your skill training right away... training happens even when you're not playing.  The game is rather grindy at the moment and it takes a month or so to get your skills up to a useful state.  But don't worry, every now and then they wipe everything and make us start over from scratch, at which point you'll be starting from even footing.  So use this time to figure the game out. And good luck!

  3. 15 hours ago, Franck83 said:

    So on crowfall, attributes don't really impact gameplay.

    This is my gripe too. Waiting on skils (and choosing which ones) matters A LOT.  Equipment (armor, runes, etc) matters A LOT.   Attributes barely make any difference at all.  That was in 5.8.6.

    It seems like its super easy to fix: adjust some multiplier somewhere and the build complexity would go way up.  So perhaps they have it dialed down in order to balance the other systems first.  I'm hoping that's what is going on.

  4. @shadowthorne my hopes are on improvements to marketability.  If you can ninja harvest, sell that stuff, and eventually earn enough to buy the other stuff you need, then soloing becomes a viable (albeit long and lonely) play style.

    Towards that end, I'm concerned that it takes quite a lot of playing before you can afford to build a vendor stall and put an NPC shopkeep in there, and then you've got to pay upkeep... it is just too much overhead for one person... and since you can't get money this way until you've completely setup a vendor, it's pretty much a borked strategy at present. Unless they change this, soloing looks not very viable until after 3-5 months of skill development.

    But the thing is they only need to make a few changes to make it a lot more viable.  All they need to do is add "sell by consignment", and then a lowly lumberjack could sell wood though somebody else's vendor, and use that money to eventually buy armor, weapons, and what not.  Then you wouldn't have to try to do everything yourself, you could always just do the one thing you want to specialize in and make that your livelihood.

  5. 52 minutes ago, Puffs said:

    Maybe you two should try playing on the NA server though? Likely your best bet for now, and you can at any time swap over! Your ms may be above 100 but with how unoptimized the game is for now, it’s hardly noticeable.

    I play from New Zealand where my ping time is 199ms.  It plays just fine.

    I believe that the game honors your perspective for whatever you are aiming at... so you can run behind something and attack (as an assassin, for example) before the message gets through the server to your opponent, and the game says "yes you were behind from your perspective, your attack counts as from behind" even though the defending party has no chance to defend themselves from this because they haven't even gotten the network packet that says you ran behind them yet.  On the flipside, everybody else can do this to you.

  6. I agree that it is difficult.  I'm focusing on necromancy too so I know first hand.

    There is no requirement that the crafting professions be "balanced".  All professions are needed, so there won't be any degeneracy unlike when classes are unbalanced and everyone chooses the same class.  Necromancy is hard for all of the guilds, so the playing field is fair.  And the marketplace prices things accordingly, so vessels will be appropriately expensive.

    I don't mind it being grindy.  In fact, I'm concerned that the game will become boring after we get everything that we want, so I'm actually hoping it gets even more grindy.

  7. Fully dynamic was the right choice. The sun moves across the sky.  The terrain is dynamic.  In the future, people might even carry torches (can't prebake that). Prebake is okay for Mario Bros, not for Crowfall.

    Are you guys using forward or deferred rendering?  WIth deferred rendering and a g-buffer, you can have lots of lights (thousands) at reasonable cost per-light.  With forward rendering w/ an early z-pass, you can have much lower data bandwidth, esp on 4K devices, and transparency is easy, and you can support multiple lighting models, but the number of light sources is limited (forward+ improves on that though with tiled light culling).  So... I'm just curious which rendering strategy you guys went with as Unity supports both.

  8. A bit more general feedback:

    • Apples are OP, cut back on apple drops.  Food acquisition is way too easy, cooking is wasted time, and those food resources waste bank space given the mass amount of apples dropping.
    • Basic Harvesting Tools are OP, building intermediate rune tools seems almost not worthwhile especially given that I can whip up basic tools in the field.  Nerf them a bit so there is a real incentive to build intermediate rune tools, on the way to real tools.
    • Base stats (STR, DEX, INT, SPR, CON) don't have enough influence on derived stats. What currently matters is (1) time-based skill training and (2) gear.  I think base stats should have a stronger effect.  I want better meaningful interplay between all three of these character aspects.
    • EKs need some sort of bulk bank-like storage. There is now so much stuff in the game that a lack of bank space is a real annoyance.

    And some bugs:

    • Animals despawning into/outof hunger versions is very buggy when you are trying to kill or skin them and they suddenly disappear and the replacement animal is full health but you already swung your weapon and now you're dead.
    • Ranged classes can kill Ranged NPCs (e.g. zombies) using line-of-sight tricks taking absolutely zero damage.

  9. 3 hours ago, PopeUrban said:

    Honestly that immunity should be removed the moment you move or take any action at all. I'm tired of waiting on a timer to start mounting, or watching people stealth IN MY FACE and remain stealthed even though I just dropped an aoe right on their location.

    I agree, remove the immunity the moment you take ANY action, not just attacking.  But also, the immunity should go longer in case your client or network hiccups.

  10. Guilded.


    • Kickstarter participant
    • Old (nearly 50) school gamer (was working on MUD code back in 1992)
    • In New Zealand (but prefer US West Coast times as I'm early to bed)
    • Do not want to organize people, I just want to be assigned a job to do.  That doesn't mean I wont voice my opinion from time to time.
    • Will work diligently on any job when assigned if I accept it, but I cannot promise to always be available for new assignments (sorry I have a real life)
    • IRL web developer and hobby game developer
    • Playing current trial as Balance


    • Use a chat/voice service like discord (or teamspeak, ventrillo, mumble)
    • Are organized about who-does-what
    • Have at least 8 members already
    • Mature atmosphere.
    • Semi- hardcore (pushing hard to win, but within reason... we all need to sleep from time to time)

  11. As a general principle you want to give players plenty of ways to fail so that success has meaning.  But this situation takes it too far

    It is just not practical for players to be logging in every night.  Eve online (the game where time-based skill training came from) lets you build up a skill queue that goes for months.

    The situation could be ameliorated if we could update our skill trees via the website.

  12. This issue has been brought up before.

    Website uses your email.  But the client software uses your username.  I dont know why.

    As a former security researcher with a MS in CS, I can say fairly difinitively that since the dawn of (username:password) authentication, username has never been considered to be a secret. In the unix world, login names are used in log files, for home directories, output by the old 'finger' command, etc.  Many websites use your login name as your public username.  Relying on login name to be secret or obscure will give a false sense of security where no real security actually exists. No  software that I know of handles usernames with the same reverence and care as it handles passwords... and there are plenty of points of attack that would work to reveal a username that have been locked down when it comes to passwords. There are ways to suss out your email address too, so dont think that using your email address to login is somehow more secure.

    What is orders of magnitude more secure is adding more characters to your password. Each character multiplies the search space significantly.  Do not use the same password that you use somewhere else - either get a reliable password manager (e.g. Bitwarden) or use a mental scheme for constructing a password based on the domain name.

    And if you actually care about your account, use 2FA -- yes it is less convenient, but not so inconvienent as losing your account.


  13. Yeah, the half-elf was desynced. Sometimes packets drop.  If this lasted for more than a few seconds, it could indicate poorly designed networking code, or an overloaded router (a router along your Internet connection somewhere, either yours or the ISPs).

    BTW: the two viewpoints will never be perfectly matched unless they both stand still for half a second or more, due to latency.


  14. Got stuck at 'connected to zone...'  Eventually booted back to lobby screen, where All Campaigns 'no scenarios found' just spins.  I suppose server went down.

    2nd try:  Got in, almost.  UI works, but cannot be closed (esc does not close inventory window, for instance), and the world is entirely black.  I can slot powers,  but I can't see anything nor aparently move either.

  15. 5 hours ago, Kellindell said:


    All im asking is how you did it. ....

    I could explain my strategy for how to get awesome gear as quickly as possible.  But, well, the game is competitive and I'd rather have the advantage by keeping my mouth shut.  Maybe you should consider doing some 'science' and seeing what works and what doesn't work.  Study the skill trees.  Study the disciplines.  Read the forums.  Theorycraft a bit.  Many people here have been playing since pre-alpha began, and have been slowly amassing knowledge so that they can have an 'edge' when the game launches.

    So you might get some details here, you might not.  You might even be led astray.  Generally, if you join guilds with experienced people they will guide you.

    As for Ethereal Dusts you should be able to get them much much faster.  I could get 3 per minute without trying very hard.  You say you slotted the minor discipline, but did you slot the passive power that it grants?  If you really trained "all the skills that increase drop rates" Im impressed because there are like 30 of them spread out all over the place.  Your race will matter too, each race gets skills granting bonuses to certain activities.  Match oroper race up with proper activity.

    You can put crafting tables in your EK if you have enough buildings/slots for them, and the dusts to make them.

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