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  1. This is not a "consume the artistic content" style of game. You don't move from a level5 zone up to a level10 zone eventually hitting level50. It's a totally different kind of game. Worlds will finish themselves... by winter, players will have reaped all the resources and will be fighting each other to see who gets to keep the lion's share of the spoils.
  2. VIP subscription Non-VIP alt account ---------------- ------------------- Cost $15 / month $50 flat fee Skill Training +50% per category 100% per category Bank no extra slots +100% bank slots Imports/Exports no bonus +100% imports, +100% exports Playability All-in-one Must manage 2nd toon separately. Get to use 2nd vessel immediately. Must travel twice. Get to be 2 places at once. Must acquire double the gear and supplies. Get to fight with 2 toons. Given these options, I will have a VIP main (since I have KS VIP) and multiple non-VIP alts. When my VIP runs out, I probably won't need to buy any more, as by that time I'll have it all covered (especially with a guild behind me). So to me, there is no problem. But there will always be a problem to a large percentage of potential players. The root of this problem is that Crowfall is "free to play." By being free-to-play, they make their job (earning money) tremendously more difficult: In order to appease the non-VIP players, VIP must not give any advantage "with teeth". In order to appease the VIP purchasers, VIP must give some sort of advantage "with teeth". This is a contradiction. Whatever they do, either one side will scream the the game is "pay to win" or the other side will scream that "VIP is worthless," no one will buy it, and ACE will bankrupt. I'd rather people scream the game is "pay to win" (when it's actually "pay to play") so that ACE succeeds financially. I'd much rather that the game was just simply advertised as "pay to play." They are in a quandry. They are the architects of their own demise. At $15/month, they need to make VIP "stupidly valuable" as Gordon has said.
  3. With heavy use of LOD, imposters, and instancing with view frustum culling, rendering shouldn't be an issue. With Unity and middle-of-the-road graphics hardware, they should be able to get >100 people onscreen, as long as they aren't all right up against your face. As for their messaging system it should be even easier to achieve (in theory) but I'm a bit more concerned because I've seen terrible message lag. It is totally doable though, and I know they will work it out. If they pack only the data they really need into as few bits as possible. As a simple example, representing a screen coordinate with a single precision float is wasting bits: 16 bits is enough to get within a 1/10th of a pixel on 4K devices (38400 < 65535). The fewer bits, the fewer the UDP packets, meaning less retransmits of dropped packets. Computers are extraordinarily fast at packing/unpacking bits, orders of magnitude faster than memory lookups.
  4. What he said. Exactly. Saved me the time writing out the same thing. PopeUrban talks a lot -- occasionally he says something smart.
  5. I don't want to run a guild. But I don't want to inadvertantly join a guild run by a Tyrant. So I setup a Westminster system where the guild members can vote in (and vote out) leaders, and I am just a token figurehead (the Governor General). Check out a draft consititution at https://splatter.guild.rocks/constitution.html If that sounds like a good idea to you... and especially if you aspire to leadership, please consider joining. I operate out of New Zealand so I'd probably be preferring US West and Oceania campaigns. Current guild membership: 1 We have website, I will make it much better where voting can take place (I code for a living). We have discord. About me: I am 48yo in New Zealand, I code for a living, and will have a website where voting can take place. I'm also building a hobby MMO.
  6. Looks like they copied the win-loss cycle idea. Well, ACE copied at least 5 ideas from CCP/EVE. Rend does not sound fun to me anyhow.
  7. Use plethora of dust potions, and harvest slag/knotwood/cobble and you''ll get there soon enough.
  8. The 6-digit Google Authenticator style of 2FA is not the only 2FA that can be implemented. Fido U2F is actually super convenient... you get a key from Yubico, when you need to authenticate you just touch it. Dead simple. I implemented the backend on a website, it wasn't very hard. For Crowfall I have to use Google Authenticator still, and it is annoying, but having my account stolen would be so much more annoying.
  9. Lets distinguish cheating into two categories: hacking and botting. In the hacking category we have teleports, wall hacks, speed hacks, duping, etc. In order for hacking to work, Crowfall needs to have an exploitable bug (or exploitable feature). By not trusting the client (as is typical in Unreal Engine games) they can avoid a large class of these kinds of hacks. But software is extremely complex, and even well reviewed security protocols turn out to be wrong and hackable. So hacks will arise; nobody writes perfect code. What ACE needs to do is monitor for anomolies and have a team that works 24/7 to investigate these anomolies and determine if they have been hacked, and then to fix the bug. This will always be an ongoing effort. One other hacking-based cheat, the "lag switch", doesn't exploit a bug, it just uses the granted window-of-opportunity to attempt to manipulate the server's notion of when a movement command was issued. It's less of an issue without trusting the client, but still there is a window of manipulation available. Again , they should monitor for these sorts of anomolies. In the botting category, we have aim bots, macro-mining, radar alarms, etc. These are theoretically impossible to completely detect. Even WoW's warden doesn't know everything; and if you run under a VM (in the proper manner) you can run cheats outside of the space that warden is even aware of. Most players are not skilled enough to cheat in a way that ACE could not possibly detect, or else they don't have the technology to do so. But organizations running out of China and Korea that are well funded could implement these kinds of cheats, and never be detected. Macroing can be made to look "human" and "random" by introducing random delays. Radar alarms could be a raspberry pi camera with AI software pointed at a UI element on the screen that screams if an enemy is detected. And even an encrypted protocol needs a key somewhere in the client... with enough resources, that key will be found out, so the protocol can be decrypted outside of the game client. Due to the technical impossibility of actually solving the botting problem, I've always advocated server-side macros in a "if you can't beat them, join them" kind of capitulation. Those macros could be used to run shop keepers.
  10. ERROR Failed to contact the origin. Generated Sun, 07 Jan 2018 18:36:23 GMT Request ID: omJLuhk7n9RQErxObwBQH2xYb9lrPH_wYeehrLQ-SFiD_EnZ1O26UA==
  11. I am glad to see ACE working on something that will help us to scratch the itch to explore!
  12. EKs should have upkeep. But... Trade and Craft is meant to be a fulltime profession, according to the advertisments and game descriptions that ACE has put out previously, and the skilltree backs that up. I think MOST people will prefer campaign world battles, but SOME will spend all their time in EKs making a living on trade and craft, and funding their EK assets accordingly.
  13. Aiming sucks if you have a lot of Internet latency, or you are old and don't have fast reflexes like myself. But I think most people (85%+) prefer aiming to targeting (based on other posts I read for this and other MMORPG games). So IMHO, they have listened to the community, for good or ill.
  14. PVP flag in EKs must be area-specific, not EK global (cell-by-cell?) Access control lists for locking out players (I'm pretty sure this is a firm deliverable already) EK market places (I'm pretty sure this is a firm deliverable already) Supply carts (I've heard of these) EK player housing (vassels, this is supposed to happen) Hmm.. When I initially read the post, I thought it was going to require a hell of a lot more that wasn't already planned. I guess I need another coffee.
  15. New thread to discuss the features that we need from ACE for players to build realistic and fun EK campaigns for other players to enjoy Inspired by this post: This stuff is awesome... beyond awesome! Having players create content is actually a dream come true for everybody involved: the creators enjoy it, the players love to play it, and the game developers who don't have time to build massive amounts of content can still get the content they need (albeit a little out of their control). The game needs to to have certain "features" and allow certain things in order for this stuff to work. The full set of features required to build EK campaigns and scenarios as you describe will probably not be ready at launch. But I think ACE would be making a big mistake if they didn't push to have them available shortly thereafter.
  16. This stuff is awesome... beyond awesome! Having players create content is actually a dream come true for everybody involved: the creators enjoy it, the players love to play it, and the game developers who don't have time to build massive amounts of content can still get the content they need (albeit a little out of their control). The game needs to to have certain "features" and allow certain things in order for this stuff to work. The full set of features required to build EK campaigns and scenarios as you describe will probably not be ready at launch. But I think ACE would be making a big mistake if they didn't push to have them available shortly thereafter. Lets brainstorm the features ACE needs to provide in order to enable player-created EK campaign scenarios... I'll start a separate thread for this:
  17. Yeah, Warden appears to be effective. It's also the reason I never played WoW (way too invasive for my taste). CCP (Eve Online) drops the ban hammer a lot as well, and they don't have client-side anti-cheat software (at least, not the invasive kind). They wrote a good protocol that lets them detect cheats on the server, and came up with mechanics whereby botting is pretty much the fastest way to get yourself killed. Still, tools like 'near' were widespread (not sure if or how they have stopped that one).
  18. I think the industry standard practice in this area is: Claim that you are against RMT and botting Implement some sort of totally ineffective system that appears to back up your claim Don't waste any resources on it because it's impossible to stop it In reply to the OP, Crowfall's funding strategy is long since written in stone. They are skirting the edge of what is and what isnt P2W. They made promises in their kickstarter, and they can't take them back. They also need to give people some sort of incentive to pay for VIP. Personally I would have preferred a subscription based game, but it is way too late for that.
  19. You make a good point. But it really does depend a lot on what ACE actually does with this capability. There is quite a difference between "heres 50 things you have seen before, we are going to scramble them up" and real unique content. I don't think Crowfall game design precludes real unique content, I just haven't gotten the impression that they are going to do that, and given the small team/funding, certainly doesn't sound likely at launch.
  20. I'm hoping to finish a prototype and documentation for an RPG I've been designing since about 1986. Inspiration started in 1979 (colossal cave adventure). My first semi-serious attempt was in 1994 at uni with my OS professor and a small 4-man team. We had a graphical multiplayer online game working (but with almost no content or mechanics); David and I wrote the server in our professor's parallel language "SR", and George coded long nights of 8086 assembly for the graphical engine. 23 years and about 5 "start overs" later and the ideas still refuse to loosen their grip on my brain. I compare every MMORPG to it, and refine it as I go. Of course I have to boil the ocean too, building not just the game but the engine as well (this time with rust/vulkan). So yeah.... pipedream.
  21. I think it's not exactly PvE that is missing, but rather exploration and discovery... the mystery... the themepark attractions. PvE in this game is quickly repeative, so there is quickly no potential for exploration and nothing new to discover. PvE heavy games have lots of "content". Content provides opportunity for people to explore and discover, whether that means the landscape, ruins and temples, dungeons, enchanted forests, etc... or whether it means finding new recipes, discovering skills you didn't know existed, etc. PvE games have a rich sense of "mystery" and the game has stories, puzzles, and quests. Content, however, is *expensive* to produce. You need bucketloads, then truckloads, then stadium loads of content for a game to compete in this space.. and even then players will eventually consume it all. A PvP game can derive all of its "exploration" potential via the mechanics and interactions themselves. Eve Online takes years to master... it has essentially no 'landscape" to explore (all the systems look pretty much the same), but the mechanics are deep and complex, the ship fits are very complex and interesting. That is the kind of model Crowfall seems to be aiming for. A game that does both things well (PvP and PvE) would be the Holy Grail of the MMORPG world, but nobody has done that yet. IMHO because (1) it is very expensive, perhaps at least 200 million to develop, and (2) it is very hard to be very good at both aspects, and (3) there is a risk that, due to PvP reasons, players destroy or block access to PvE attractions, causing all those $$$ spent on content development to be mostly wasted. I've heard that Dark Age of Camelot combined both pretty successfully, but I haven't played it.
  22. You are not wrong, Gummiel. As long as they refund any skillpoints that are involved.
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