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  1. Hey all been a bit since I have been here. I will be streaming on blade and soul as well as crowfall and other games. Come join me I just started. I'd love the company. My twitch name is MonkeeMadness. I will be on today around 6pm eastern for blade and soul. Hope to see you!
  2. I haven't played in for about 2 months now. I do miss my 65 zerker on MT.
  3. Cooking is not a bad profession. I have been doing it since 15 and am almost 33. You need to go for a culinary arts 2 years or culinary management 4 years. I chose the 2 year one. Wish I did 4 years but it hasn't hidered me. I have worked in some of the best restaurants in Boston as well as Food Service Director at some nice nursing homes. It is very possible with hard work and dedication to make 80k a year. If cooking is for you get what experience and knowledge you can from your current job and when you stop learning move on. Also take a servsafe course. I hope things look up for you. You are at a crossroads where a lot of people your age are. Do not sweat it you will find something. Stay positive and keep your head up.
  4. I am on MT. I have a 60 slayer and a 65 zerker.
  5. Thanks for the info Gordon! I like how open this company is. What are you going to do about marketing to reach more audiences besides word of mouth? Any plans to maybe do a commercial or something to reach more audiences to bring in more revenue? I know that production on that can eat a ton of money up. I only heard about this game on mmorpg.com That is how I found it but not everyone goes to websites like that. Just a thought.
  6. Fruitfly

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    Courant101 and Primal are like the equivalant of the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Let's get some 1v1 Crowfall PVP up in this B!
  7. Fruitfly

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    hah wow! Should I get popcorn? I haven't been on much lately. Guess I have been missing out!
  8. You wouldn't believe how many people did this in Warhammer. Spies all around. Hell even Aion had it. They would always spy on us when we were raiding forts and know what we were doing. I do agree they will be in the minority but it will still be a nuisance if they are spying to hear what battle plans are being done so they can make a quick counter.
  9. I don't mind micro transactions. I like them. Gaming to me is my hobby. When you have a hobby you tend to invest money into it. I like aesthetic items and mounts. Love weapon skins. Maybe I buy some skins and put them on the market to make some in game gold. I would not like to pay for an archetype. I think that is pure greed on a companies part to lock a class unless you pay for it. As well as paying for bank/bag slots. I get that some games sell you extra character slots but for me I would never buy one. I tend to have a main and that is about it. Maybe an alt later but I tend to stick to one character. I made it sound like I spend tons of money in the shops but really I don't. I am an old school gamer so I am use to paying $14.99 a month as it is. So if it is just F2P I will spend my 15 bucks a month. You have to invest in your hobby. Some people like model airplanes, I like my games. I just wish crowfall would come out lol. I have made quite a few game purchases to bide my time. Some I have paid 25 or more and played for an hour recently and hated it hah.
  10. The minataur and Tauren? Is that how they are similiar?
  11. What you have seen is a rough version of it. They will definitely be polishing things up and making them flow better.
  12. Fruitfly


    I bet after launch they will add more recipes of items to create for your kingdom to spruce it up. Or they will have things that you can buy in the store as well that is aesthetic only.
  13. Just a story on paper...or a forum rather!
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