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  1. Not sure if these few things have come up already, I only have a moment and can't get all the way through the thread right now. 1. One of the consistent things that happened while testing the other weekend was the dizzy effect from falling a significant distance seemed to have a long delay before it took effect. Around 5 to 10 seconds after falling and taking fall damage, then the effect triggered. Side note, the dizzy effect is super flickery... may want to tone down the flashing of color a bit to avoid any issues with triggering vertigo, migraines or seizures to gamers who may be more prone to these sorts of things. It definitely played on my vertigo, but not too badly. 2. Another item I noticed is while harvesting, if you accidentally let go of the activating key and then re-initiate harvesting immediately after, the sound effects and the animation of the swing of the axe to hitting the tree are now de-synced. 3. If you harvest away a stone and then happen to move into the place where it was and stay there until it respawns, the rock will appear around you and trap you in it. Only if you can get your character rotated a certain distance and happen to have a runestone hammer already active or the parts to make one, you can dig yourself back out. Otherwise, you could end up trapped there if nobody else can harvest you out. This could potentially be hilarious to come across... but still. Thought I'd mention. 4. Still experiencing serious frame rate issues whenever more than 3 people are on screen at once, heightened in battles. Granted, it's an older radeon r9 series card 4 GB VRAM. Sorry if these have already been mentioned. Will post again as soon as I have another chance to play.
  2. Bringing Darkness from above.

    Aracoix were mentioned so I had to swoop in. lol An Aracoix-transformation discipline rune versus an archetype? That might be a cool idea, actually. Would it grant flight or the ability to glide in an Assassin-esque way to anyone that can find and use? Granted... we would never hear the end of Red Bull jokes if a Myrmidon got a hold of it...
  3. Awesome news, ACE! I like Tully's honest reaction to 'gotta get back to work on combat.'
  4. Cosmetic item suggestion/wish list

    I like the idea of lore and world-friendly cosmetic stuff. Goofy stuff is fine and all... but CF doesn't seem to have that tone. Pandaren Monk mini-pet.... ugh
  5. Where is Meridian ?

    I second and third the motion to acquire Meridian. Let it be so!!!!
  6. What role are you most interested in playing?

    As always my role tends to fall to being the ridiculous melee that runs in as a distraction so my team can get the upper hand, or staying back to support my team as support or long-range damage, regardless if hitting a caravan, running zones or participating in a big fight. Either way, I'm aiming for my usual noobish-to-average-mediocrity that I enjoy so much while helping Fess with raiding those supply lines lol
  7. Creature Feature: The Wyvern

    As the true Mother of Wyverns, I approve of these beautiful works of art! Truly, you have done my Wyverns a great service to their representation!
  8. Why No Orcs?

    Orcs are fine for most fantasy staples I suppose, just probably not in this game. Besides, even if they took a unique spin on them, I fear adding them to the game just make people complain, "You're only doing that because WoW has Orcs!" I say go with archetypes and races that work to compliment the ones we have now lore-wise. If Orcs work, fine. If they don't, leave them out. I don't think they should be a requirement for a fantasy MMO.
  9. Cannot Login Onto The Forums With Chrome

    Thank you for this fix! Was about to post about the issue but saw this lol
  10. Click-To-Walk

    Even with the possibility of being able to play as a non-combat player, this raises a good point for disabled accessibility. My hope is they will take into consideration creating an accessibility mode for players when developing controls to allow for you to be able to participate easier. I agree with the rest, definitely keep watching development and hopefully they will see what they can do to accomodate!
  11. Limited Vs. Unlimited Ability Slots

    I feel like someone will cry foul of something being unbalanced once we see all the possibilities of character-building that are in the game and demand more limitation. But one of the things I enjoy about the MMOs I've played is having a decent-sized toolbox for my character to utilize; those are the games I tended to keep playing. I can see both sides of the coin, limited abililties makes it more challenging, but then there's the argument of "why have these abilities if I can't make use of them?"
  12. Doomy Support.

    I completely support this! And I know "minnows" is meant to be minos, but it genuinely made me giggle. Minnows can can promote to perch or bass! The basis comes from the Minotaur Doomsayer allowances in Shadowbane. It worked there, would be interesting if it worked here too!
  13. Victory!

    We must continue to do the dance of joy at this momentous occasion!
  14. Dont Skimp On The Soundtrack

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-mPnmfrm6I Man, I had no idea being hardcore meant I wasn't allowed to enjoy music in my games anymore. I'mma go tell all those composers and musicians that work in the game music industry to just pack up and go back to Mozart because casual.
  15. Add In Airships

    As long as my trebuchet can launch a large rock through your airship's canvas support balloons, it sounds cool to me! Granted, I would prefer the skies be manned by flying characters a la archetypes instead of mounts/ships. Also, character flight should utilize limited resources to stay in the air that have to be replenished after a short time as well...hopefully not tied to the same resource that you use to function your character in any other way... I love the idea of ocean-faring ships, though. Depending on the landscape of a world map at the time, it might help in the strategy of taking over more of the landscape in remote areas.