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  1. So are crowns earnable in game ? Are they transferable other than to a guild wallet from the real money store? How easy is it to buy a mountain citadel with crowns ?
  2. Sounds like a week long battle arena game
  3. If they designed the controls properly, they can just make a dregs 2 that has 0 import of crow skills (skills can only be trained or crafted in the campaign) and 0 'coverage' of shrines/blessings from EK, now if there's still complaints about p2w ...
  4. Do we know if EK ritual/blessings will reach the dregs? Wouldn't that be counted as some sort of 'import' ? Because if it does reach the dregs, then EK is very very relevant
  5. Follow the description in your backer rewards small fort pack - modular pieces that let you make the walls fort lodge - something like the throne room of your fortification accessory pack - probably decorative stuff you put in your throne room or fort walls parcel shire rank - the land parcel that came with your small fort pack, and is of course compatible with your small fort pack, fort lodge, accessory pack (you place these things on the parcel
  6. Are these resource parcels 'tax free' ? Also: Is there anyway store pledges over $100 made while 'investment campaign' is ongoing to also entitle for the stretch goals offered in 'investment campaign' ?
  7. Hi Gordon, so I am not in EU and I have funds in my wallet, do I need to spend them now before 18th Dec ?
  8. would #twitterflocker be better than #tweetflock?
  9. Would like to clarify with developers, stronghold included in gold and amber bundles remain from 2016 to 2017, is this intentional?
  10. 2016 bundles will be removed from store soon, they are much more value for money due to more VIP tix and the stronghold bundles sold at deep discounts compared to the 2017 bundles If you are looking to pledge one of those value bundles as christmas gift for friend and family, or for yourself, but unable to save enough for now, just pledge for the $5 2016 contributor bundle, after the retirement of 2016 bundles, you still have 2 months to save the money and upgrade it to a higher bundle, just in time for christmas.
  11. Accessing from Malaysia here, no bundles, no mounts at the store only seeing my own layaway item
  12. the complete name is 'tax free farmland parcels'? what if there are other terrain parcels, monster parcel, resource parcel, etc that are not tax free? Also, it seems the parcel rewards for same tier bundles are same from 2015-2017, unlike VIP, cottages, strongholds that are reduced for later years
  13. #crowsfallheroesrise #scarecrows #crowkeepers #crowfeeders
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