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  1. I think this review does a much better job of actually reviewing the game. I also think it could have been more harsh on the lack of some features. https://www.pcgamer.com/crowfall-review/
  2. Yeah, is experience seems pretty accurate for players on the AUS server. They don't even have a Dregs to play. That said, he put forward zero good faith effort to his viewers to bring up this fact. His pvp experience (the 1-2 other players online with him) does not apply to US or EU players, but LP definitely sells the lack of pvp to be true for all. He got super emotional and misrepresented the game. His other criticisms are warranted, but what sent him over the edge was the lack of PvP in a PvP focused game.
  3. Welcome to every video game that doesn't release with metacritic scores of +80. I agree with you, I wish they had the time to polish it more.
  4. It's hard to keep up at the pace all ya'll are typing, but I have your answer for this. This current version of the NPE was implemented less than a month before launch. Before it was MUCH more bare bones, and did not explain anywhere near enough of the game. So, they did change it before release. And this one is MUCH better than what was before. The biggest issue the current NPE has now is it is 1) Boring which causes players to start skipping the text and just trying to rush through, missing out on important info like "you can bind to statues to change your resurrection location" (See LP video) 2) Spends too much time on showing the PVE content without explaining how it ties in to the PVP content
  5. Around the beginning of this year, Icecallers got a change which made it so Cool Ice cannot be flipped. And ever since then, I haven't really found a good way to use Refreshing Breeze anymore. Has anyone else figured out an effective way to use the ability?
  6. There is a decimal point missing for the support power percentage.
  7. That's because he didn't link the entire roadmap. Here it is: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-flies-high-in-march The Shadow Ruleset is FvFvF and its on the Short Term slide.
  8. Adding more Biomes is on the list of things to do, but it will be a while. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-flies-high-in-march
  9. You are going to have to convince me of some of your statements. How does limiting alliance to 40-50 players per zone fix server issues? I assume you mean server performance when +100 are fighting in one spot. If one alliance can bring 40-50, then you still have the server issues when 2 or more alliances show up to fight. I question your understanding of the Crowfall game design since this is such a vague statement. I think you are referring to the gold farming grind necessary to level up crafting, because getting the necessary discs can be done in a week through solo play. You also don't explain what would be an acceptable amount of materials. From a game design point of view, how many man-hours should it take for crafting to be taken to a Legendary Disc? 100 man-hours? So a guild of 20 ppl can do it if each member does 5 hours of grinding? In other words, how long do you think it should be before we see the top tier crafting in the game? This is a slippery slope to the "Uncle Bob" situation. If you set a timer on Disc upgrading that is too short, then it doesn't really matter. It's a useless gesture. If you set it too long, then anyone who starts playing at a later time will be time-capped on catching up to the people who started playing at launch. Honestly, the only idea that I like of yours is the more numerous Dregs zones, but I do not like the idea of smaller zones. People are currently disliking how close Places of Interest (POIs) are in the current zones. I don't understand why you would want the POI to be closer together.
  10. To prevent durability loss, you need to put a Stornborn statue in your EK. That should be easy enough, but the more limiting factor is getting your EK large enough to hold all your players.
  11. I won't be able to play until next Thursday, but I promise to record some vids of my experience with dodging and disengaging. It may turn out to be exactly like your experience, but at least we will be able to get more info to determine if it is possible to dodge the ult without guessing it is coming.
  12. I hear ya man. I am scratching my head also that the Dregs (Guild vs Guild) mode was put out before the Faction vs Faction mode. I am hoping that next week the new info they are giving us will help out the problems people are having in the game.
  13. To be fair, I can't recall ever dodging the ult with Dodge. I only remember one single fight with my Blackguard against an Alpha. There I repetitively used Disengage/Engage to avoid his Ult. Have you tested this with scrims in an EK? If you had a video showing repeatedly how the interaction fails to work with various players, it would be more convincing to me that this was an issue that wasn't specific to your rig/connection.
  14. Here is a well put together answer that hopefully explains why so many people are so dismissive of your suggestion. The numbers are different, but it is the same answer. For your specific numbers, the mode you want the Devs to give to you is called HungerDome.
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