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  1. The Frost Armor spawned by a Frostguard's Shatter Storm does not gain the passive buff from Ice Sunder. Nor does the Frost Armor spawned by Ice Armory from the disc Ice Armorer.
  2. @ZYBAK I didn't see any mention of using Cool Ice to get the Recycled Ice buff from picking up Cool Ice around you. Admittedly, that is much harder to do in smaller group pvp, since that tends to have more mobile fights. But that buff is amazing during keep attack/defense.
  3. Separating the Guild and Alliance chat so you cant see both tabs at the same time was an awful decision. Please move the Alliance chat tab next to the Guild chat tab.
  4. Just FYI: this suggestion has been given over and over again during beta. Their map creation system does not have the ability to link parcels together and create the "web of territory control" (think the maps from Planetside 2). The Devs seemed to agree with this idea and have the revamp of Outposts, Forts, and Maps on their long term roadmap.
  5. How are you proc'ing Cooling Ice from Shatterstorm?
  6. Can ACE please make it so the patcher doesn't delete the most recent version of the game? This would help prevent wasting my precious bandwidth cap when I need to download 10 GB for 7.1 and then download 10 GB again for the revert to 7.0. It would be much nicer to just keep the most recent version stashed away in a hidden folder for oopsies like this.
  7. I dislike this implementation: This prevents two groups from fighting over a corpse's loot, unless there is a way to clear the lock on that corpse.
  8. I think this review does a much better job of actually reviewing the game. I also think it could have been more harsh on the lack of some features. https://www.pcgamer.com/crowfall-review/
  9. Yeah, is experience seems pretty accurate for players on the AUS server. They don't even have a Dregs to play. That said, he put forward zero good faith effort to his viewers to bring up this fact. His pvp experience (the 1-2 other players online with him) does not apply to US or EU players, but LP definitely sells the lack of pvp to be true for all. He got super emotional and misrepresented the game. His other criticisms are warranted, but what sent him over the edge was the lack of PvP in a PvP focused game.
  10. Welcome to every video game that doesn't release with metacritic scores of +80. I agree with you, I wish they had the time to polish it more.
  11. It's hard to keep up at the pace all ya'll are typing, but I have your answer for this. This current version of the NPE was implemented less than a month before launch. Before it was MUCH more bare bones, and did not explain anywhere near enough of the game. So, they did change it before release. And this one is MUCH better than what was before. The biggest issue the current NPE has now is it is 1) Boring which causes players to start skipping the text and just trying to rush through, missing out on important info like "you can bind to statues to change your resurrection location" (See LP video) 2) Spends too much time on showing the PVE content without explaining how it ties in to the PVP content
  12. Around the beginning of this year, Icecallers got a change which made it so Cool Ice cannot be flipped. And ever since then, I haven't really found a good way to use Refreshing Breeze anymore. Has anyone else figured out an effective way to use the ability?
  13. There is a decimal point missing for the support power percentage.
  14. That's because he didn't link the entire roadmap. Here it is: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-flies-high-in-march The Shadow Ruleset is FvFvF and its on the Short Term slide.
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