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  1. Awesome update! Trilled by the new artwork thats revealed. Hopefully soon we will see some in-game shots in an update. -Medivh
  2. Please make him 3d printable haha, I want it on my desktop -Medivh
  3. Awesome, as usual! Can't wait to see the final version! -Medivh
  4. Looks awesome! Where did you find it? I can't find it on the mainpage. -Medivh
  5. Thanks for the signature! Keep it up. -Medivh
  6. Male Confessor or 3, wanna see your inspiration when you are modeling something we haven't seen before! -Medivh
  7. Wow, keep it up! It looks great, love your eye for detail. Can't wait till the next update! -Medivh
  8. WoW brought the MMO to a standard we all know these days, they have invented features we all love. Crowfall is about to do the same, with a different aproach and new features and mechanics, Crowfall will bring more competition than WoW. Because when you make a new character on wow you have to do all the same stuff you did on your other char to reach maximum lvl to start the endgame. Crowfall is fully dynamic since all the worlds are different and every adventure is a new one.
  9. This is so freaking awesome! I can't stop watching all the youtube videos over and over again when I read a new post about the game, haha!
  10. Great work! Its like your female warrior very well detailes, keep it up -Medivh
  11. Well done! Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to see more of your work! -Medivh
  12. Damn I hate this kinda posts, now you made me even more excited.. Instead of checking the website 10 times a day to see if there are updates, you have multiplied this to 20 times a day! Can't wait to see more of this game
  13. I really hope where will be a cool statue included for on my desktop. I love game merchandise
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