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  1. We begin and end with this: Be respectful and courteous to others in our forums The Crowfall® forum is a safe and constructive space to discuss Crowfall game content and related topics. In order to keep this a productive place for all community members, there are ground rules that must be followed for all methods of communication on the forums. It is okay for users to disagree with one another, but opinions must be expressed in a reasonable and civil manner. It is important to maintain an atmosphere of civility and respect so that all voices may be heard. Communicate constructively All communication, whether between players, moderators or Art+Craft, must be constructive. Posts without constructive commentary can distract from the topic at hand, reduce the visibility of valuable communication and discourage others from participating in the conversation. Things to avoid: · Off-Topic Commentary: Don't post topics or replies unrelated to a thread. Posts like these spawn non-productive discussions as well as detract from otherwise useful discussions. There is an off-topic section of the forums for subjects not related to the Game. Note that these off-topic discussions are bound by these Rules of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions. · Bumping: Responding to a thread with no substantive contribution to the discussion in order to keep it at the top of a forum or to ‘bump’ it back to the top of a forum is a form of unconstructive posting and is not permitted. · Non-descriptive topics: When starting a new discussion thread on the forum, use a subject line that is relevant to your post. Further, avoid using all caps in the topic title. · Spam: Do not post communication lacking in meaningful content or posts that do not contribute directly to the conversation. People who spam, post links to non-Crowfall products or post repetitive information also fall into this category. · Off-topic/Unconstructive Images: Posting single images or animated .gifs that are not on-topic with the discussion is not allowed. Further, quotes of previous posts without an actual response are not ‘substantive content’. Images may be removed and users may be disciplined for repeated offenses. Please note that using images to support your discussion is fine as long as the images follow the forum rules (no adult content, politics, religion, defamation, trolling, personal attacks, racism, etc.). · Cross-posting: Don't post the same topic or conversation repeatedly and/or across multiple threads in an attempt to gain attention for an issue. We also discourage posting a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed, as it spreads the conversation out and makes it harder to gather the appropriate feedback. Before starting a new thread, please use the forum search function to see if a discussion is already in progress or was recently discussed (within three months or less). If a topic is actively being discussed, join that discussion. · Naming/Accusing: Openly accusing another player or group of cheating or some other type of misbehavior is not permitted. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not appropriate. In cases of exploiting, harassment or other violations of conduct, please use the Report tool or send an email directly to instead of engaging with the user. · Disrupting Official Threads: Do not post about other topics in official threads (those that are started by Art+Craft employees) or use official threads as a platform to advance another agenda. These are created to gather feedback on specific issues or topics relevant to the Crowfall forum. · Threatening Legal Action: Any player who feels the need to threaten or take legal action with regard to their experiences with Art+Craft or its games should contact directly. We do not allow such discussions to take place on the forums. · Advertising: Posting or linking to advertisements or promotions—including posting referral links for other products—for non-Crowfall related subjects, products or services in threads and signatures is not permitted. Do not troll or make personal attacks Trolling, demeaning and making personal attacks on others, in any form, is not allowed. Per Wikipedia, "a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement." The posters’ intent is not discernible or material to ArtCraft, but the outcomes are. If, in our judgement, a player is interacting in a way that is provoking overly emotional responses and/or disrupting a constructive conversation, it will be regarded as trolling behavior. Examples include: · Non-constructive feedback or comments. · Personal attacks: Do not insult, degrade or criticize any person or group of people. Personal attacks derail useful discussion. · Attacks on groups: Attacking groups of people, guilds, companies, or user locations, including, but not limited to, home countries, is prohibited. · Attacks on Crowfall staff: Calling out, insulting or degrading members of the Crowfall team, Art+Craft employees or its partners or agents is not permitted. · Intolerance/Hate: Attacks specifically regarding race, politics, religion, or sexual orientation are grounds for immediate suspension and possibly a permanent suspension. · Excessive Reporting of Posts: Frequently or repeatedly using the Report tool to draw attention to a specific cause or individual is considered trolling. · Accusing Others of Trolling: Calling or labeling someone as troll or accusing them of trolling is also a form of trolling. · Sharing Private Messages: Do not publicly share private messages from other users. If someone is harassing you via private message, do not reply but instead contact If you feel someone is behaving in a manner that violates the rules, please use the forum's Report tool. Do not engage the person exhibiting these behaviors as this is often the very response and attention they are seeking. You may also employ the "Ignore Preferences" forum feature ( to block posts, signatures and private messages from another user. Forum signatures Signature graphics are permitted, but may only contain your character name, personal or guild sigil, personal slogan or other text that is directly related to your in-game persona, or content directly related to Crowfall. All content must be in good taste. Size is limited to 32k bytes. Signatures are limited to the following by the forum software: · Maximum number of images users in this group can add to their signature: 1 · Maximum dimensions of images users in this group can use in their signature: Max Width (px): 500 x Max Height (px): 100 · Maximum number of URLs users in this group can add to their signature: 2 · Maximum number of lines users in this group can use in their signature: 2 Profanity is not allowed The use of profanity on the forums is not allowed. This includes intentionally working around the word filter or partially masking profanity by substituting characters or words. The intent will still be clear and it will be treated as prohibited profanity. Some actions can result in disciplinary action, including the immediate suspension of forum privileges There are some actions that are severe enough to result in immediate temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges without prior notification. Serious or sustained offenses may result in suspension of not only the user's forum account but game account as well. Please refer to the General Rules of Conduct for the complete list, but examples include: · Threats against anyone or any group. · Viruses, malware, worms, or Trojans. · Sexually explicit content, including sexual harassment. · Sharing personal information about Art+Craft volunteers, employees, customers or any other individuals. · Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups. · Evading suspension through account hopping. · Impersonation of an Art+Craft employee or agent. · Promoting or linking to exploits, cheating programs, piracy or any sort of illegal activity · Posting or linking to content that violates the Terms and Conditions or Rules of Conduct Serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your Internet service provider (ISP), law enforcement, or required authorities or agencies. Abide by moderator and Art+Craft employee instructions If you disagree with a moderator’s or Art+Craft employee's or agent’s actions, do not discuss or challenge the matter publicly in forum posts. Do not attempt to recreate a closed thread by starting a new one on the same topic. Send an e-mail to, and be sure to include your forum handle, and clearly state your concerns. NEVER send your password to anyone, including Art+Craft representatives. Moderation actions by their nature are private between Art+Craft and the individual Moderation and disciplinary actions related to specific individuals will only be discussed with the individual(s) directly involved via email at Do not share the contents of private correspondence from Art+Craft representatives (including Support personnel, moderators or other staff members). Discussion of general moderation actions and policies of any kind will be limited to the forum section entitled "The Great Hall", a 'town hall' type platform expressly for the discussion of Crowfall community concerns. All other discussions of moderation or customer support actions are not permitted elsewhere on our forums and may be moved to the proper area or removed entirely. Repeated posting about moderation actions outside of the "The Great Hall" may lead to disciplinary action. Discussions in "The Great Hall" section of the forum must be kept constructive, civil and should not reveal anyone's personal or account information (i.e. no specific individuals or situations can be mentioned). Communication from Crowfall staff, Art+Craft or its representatives is confidential Do not share, publicly or privately, any private communication you receive from a member of the Crowfall team, the Art+Craft staff or representatives without Art+Craft’s express consent. This includes direct messages, Support tickets and emails. Do not reveal account information when discussing Customer Service interactions Due to privacy concerns, Customer Service (CS) interactions should not contain sensitive account information. No Art+Craft employee or representative will ever ask for your password, and you should never include your password in any communication with Art+Craft or through any other means (such as chat rooms on the forums or in-game). Moderation activities involving the discipline of an individual If a moderator or Art+Craft representative removes or edits your post, you will be notified. In the midst of any moderation activity, the individual accountability to post may be temporarily suspended. Once a determination has been made about the specific incident, and if any action is being taken relative to the incident, the individual will be notified via private forum message and/or email of the incident, what element of the rules were violated and the disciplinary action, if any, that is being taken for the violation. When a warning is given, the user will receive a notification. Acknowledgment of this warning does not constitute an admission of guilt; it merely confirms that you received the notification. You will be unable to post until the notification is acknowledged. Due to privacy concerns, persons who report posts will not be notified about what actions, if any, were taken against the reported user. When a situation warrants disciplinary action, we prefer to only issue warnings (that may or may not include warning points), but we may escalate to temporary suspensions to allow a cool-down period. Some incidents can (and repeated incidents will) lead to permanent suspension including loss of communication privileges, access to the game and/or any pledges or Crowfall store credits associated with the account. After a 90-day cool-down period, permanent suspensions may be appealed once by contacting IMPORTANT: Forum content is moderated at Art+Craft's sole discretion, and content may be modified, moved, removed, or otherwise restricted by Art+Craft employees and/or moderators. Remember: Be respectful and courteous to others in our forums
  2. This forum area is a place for new community members to seek and share information. Please note that our decision to keep the posting community limited to those who have purchased a Crowfall® starter pack means that your forum access will be Read-Only with the exception of this “Welcome to Crowfall” section. Your posting access to this section will end after 30 days unless you become an official backer, and we hope that by then you will be as excited about the game as we are! Also note that we have some measures in place to help thwart spam posts. For the first 24-hours after registering your account, you will only be able to post once. After that initial waiting period, you will be able to post without restriction within the “Welcome to Crowfall” forum for 30 days. For your convenience, we’ve listed some important links below, but we encourage you to click around and explore our community forums and the Crowfall website for yourself. We’re happy to have you here. Thanks for checking Crowfall out! The Crowfall Team Resources What is Crowfall? Races Classes How to Play FAQ Dev Tracker Social Media Facebook G+ Instagram Twitter YouTube Policies Fair Use Policy Rules of Conduct Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Note: Forum veterans are welcome to participate here, as well, but with the understanding that this section will be strictly moderated in order to make newcomers feel more welcome.
  3. Please give me a walkthru of what you're doing, including what browser you're using. Screenshots would be really helpful and you can send those vial
  4. Please post game-related issues in the Testing forum.
  5. Be a guru = new life goal! Thanks again for the reports and patience. I've changed some forum settings that should put the quietus on their shenanigans. *fingers crossed*
  6. That's okay. I'm just having coffee and catching up on Live PD. Thanks again for the reports.
  7. Got it cleaned up. Thanks to all who reported it!
  8. We need to end the Snap test earlier than originally planned; TEST will be going offline around 7 pm CDT tonight. LIVE, of course, is still available 24/7 for everyone in the Pre-Alpha 1 though Beta 3 test groups. The current campaign will run until Tuesday, March 20, and there are three servers: two in the US and one for EU.
  9. Todays Patch

    This is the sort of thing that should be reported in the Bugs thread. Please continue the discussion there if this becomes an ongoing issue.
  10. soft launch

    "Namashhh" = The secret keeper within me bows to the secret keeper in you.
  11. I'll mention it to Ed to see if it's possible to expand the Dev Tracker previews. Even if it is, it won't be a high priority. Ed wears a lot of hats around here, including programming work in the game itself, so we try our best to only pull him away from that if something is critical.
  12. Public open-beta?

    To confirm, we do not have plans for an open beta, open beta being where the game is up for grabs for anyone who wants to play. Instead, we'll have a closed beta that is free, but requires registration on our website. The number of people signed up for and eligible for that phase is near capacity, so anyone who thinks they may want in needs to sign up soon. It's likely we'll cut registration off at some point even before that phase begins. ETA for closed beta is later this year; I'm not able to give a narrowed down timeframe since all dates can fluctuate depending on how each testing phase progresses.
  13. soft launch

    "Later". I'm not able to put a finer point on it than that. As you know, we are hesitant to try to give dates. Everything hinges on the progress made from one phase of testing to another.
  14. It's by design. You'll need to click to go to the post to read the whole thing.
  15. soft launch

    Soft launch is planned for late this year.