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  1. It's come to our attention that the Dev Tracker isn't working properly. We're on it and hope to have it fixed soon.
  2. Weekly Newsletter

    Meanwhile, anyone who wants to receive the newsletter but is not in the ACE service regions can simply ask one of their mates who does get it to forward it to them.
  3. As interest rises in having servers available in those regions, we'll add them. It has more to do with having enough players on the server to make it fun than it does with cost.
  4. New to Crowfall? This video series from The Bloody Point (aka Crowfall community member @Anthrage) can help you get started:
  5. The Bloody Point CF Vlog - TIPS: Starting Out

    Thanks for doing this, @Anthrage ! I'm going to share the link in the Welcome to Crowfall forum, too.
  6. You've been with us a year and have to ask that question? lol
  7. Crowfall celebrates Monster Month with a nod to the classic horror films of yesteryear. FULL STORY
  8. Frostweaver - Where are you?

    Frostweaver is the Class; it's available to Fae, High-Elves and Wood-Elves.
  9. Skill Tree: Cost/Time Calculator

    Really great stuff, @InsanelyBlu ! Thanks for your continuing efforts!
  10. Bride Of Valkyn

    Happy to see that you're adding more chapters! Looking forward to reading more!
  11. Frostweaver - Where are you?

    We know that a lot of people are amped up to get their Frostweaver on. I just checked with Blair and he said the blocker is Tech, and that team is noses-to-the-grindstone pushing to get 5.8 shipped. I wish I had better news to report, but I wanted to at least acknowledge your question with what little info I can.
  12. I bought it today 6 october

    Welcome, @nelvek ! If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the instructions that you received when you purchased your starter pack, I would welcome your feedback. We want to make sure we're doing all we can to help new Crows get into the action as quickly and hassle-free as possible.
  13. Can't Play

    FYI, the "Need help" feature on the front page isn't working. It may appear that you've successfully sent in a report but, in truth, it gets shot out into the ether never to be seen again. I've contacted the Web team about it again to request that it be removed. I'm sorry for the confusion but glad to hear your issue has been resolved by our crackering Support crew. .
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll recommend a correction to the web team.