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  1. Welcome to TEST, Beta 3 test group! You're all set to join us for the snap test happening now!
  2. You should have access. Please contact so they can check your account.
  3. Please join us for a snap test of Pre-Alpha 5.6 on TEST today at 5 pm CDT! We plan to load test until it breaks (per Gordon), but we will add extra capacity and plan to run the TEST environment campaigns all weekend beyond the spot test. The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 2 test groups have been activated for this test. We’ve implemented some new infrastructure to address performance issues, but the true test will come when we load it up with Crows and see how it holds up.
  4. @BarriaKarl, it's fine that you posted in this older thread, but making a new thread to report issues is just as good. It's up to the reporter. Thanks for pointing out the bit about the "combinations" page. I am not sure what the original intention for that was; I'm guessing the race/class chart (which was incomplete at the time the website was redone). I'll run that by Melissa and TG to see if they want to add that chart or simply do away with that section. I'm afraid I'm not quite following you about the top menu issue. Can you rephrase or show me some screenshots?
  5. @Tinnis I added your site to the list. Thanks!
  6. "This page isn’t working didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"
  7. Here are some handy links for new testers to explore for important information that will help them get started in Crowfall: – Don’t hesitate to email us if you need help or have questions. That’s why we’re here! Crowfall tutorial videos - You can also access these videos from the game lobby Crowfall How to Play guide - Revisions for 5.6 are coming soon, but this will still give you the basics you need to get started [un]Official Crowfall Discord – Real-time chat with other Crowfall community members, many of whom are also active playtesters. - Open-source and crowd-maintained database of all things Crowfall Semi-Mong YouTube - A steady stream of helpful videos SirDesh YouTube - Another great resource for Crowfall tips Tinnis' Resource Site - A treasure trove of links and information for Crowfall testers If you have suggestions for additional links that should be added to the list, please let me know!
  8. Class guide video template help

    I love this idea. @SemiMong and @Desh have been making some incredibly helpful videos, too. Granted, some things will change in 5.6 -- and as things change during the course of development -- so I hope content creators like you guys don't get discouraged. And if there are things that I/we can do to help, holler!
  9. Thanks for letting us know about this. Gordon is fixing it now. And, yes, you can keep it as a thanks from us for pointing it out.
  10. I've heard people comment about not wanting to use their phones for 2FA, so I wanted to point out that there are also web-based apps for that. I really like the Google Chrome extension. Makes it super convenient for me. If you have a particular app you like for 2FA, please share!
  11. Looks like we're going to leave it up for as long as the hamster can keep the wheel spinning. Thanks so much to everyone who can jump in and hammer on it a bit.
  12. Crowfall and our Cookies.

    I'll bring this to Travian's attention to see if we can get it addressed. Thanks for the heads up, Weebles!
  13. We've got a new build available for testing now. If you have TEST access (Pre-Alpha 1 - Alpha 3 test groups) please jump in and join us!
  14. AOE an Rapid fire abilities

    Please post in the Testing > Bugs forum to report game-related issues. This forum is for web-related issues only.
  15. Please post in the Testing > Bugs forum to report game-related issues. This forum is for web-related issues only.