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  1. In the history of memorable, rallying speeches, one may call to mind such classics as William Wallace's in "Braveheart" or the St. Crispin's Day bit from "Henry V", and who can forget Patton's speech to the troops? This speech by Bzra can't come close to either of those. 😃 I'm not even sure it lives up to the title "The Greatest Speech in Crowfall History." But it is amusing and it's our War Story of the Week.
  2. At 11 am CDT, the forum will be unavailable for a short time as we update the software.
  3. The Crowfall® community is getting larger by the day (thanks to you!) and new players are looking for some Crows of a feather to flock around with. We want to help spread the word about guilds who are open to bringing in new members. You can help us accomplish this by creating a guild recruiting video. We'll share the videos on our social media channels. Your video should be at least 30 seconds but not more than 60 seconds in length. In accordance with our Fair Use Policy, your Crowfall-related creations may include images and video from Crowfall; however, please any materials -- such as images, video or music -- that are under copyright protection from a source other than ArtCraft Entertainment. Content must also be in line with our Rules of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. For inspiration, here are three “vintage” recruiting videos that were submitted previously: Caldera Obsidian Undead Lords Upload your guild recruitment video to YouTube and send the link to community@crowfall.com. If you’re choosing not to make the video public, you’ll have to use the Private setting so that we can view it and share the link. The video description should include a link to your guild’s thread in the Guild Recruiting section of the Crowfall forum. You may also wish to include a link to your guild’s website and/or Discord information. Hit me up if you have questions.
  4. P.S. I just got word from Jack that the awards for the Trial of Cybele have been handed out.
  5. To earn one, all you need to do is spend a total of four hours or more on the TEST server between August 9 - September 17. FULL STORY
  6. Congratulations to Kunter84 whose "Fun Friday - Cleric POV" video has been selected as the #CrowfallGame #WarStory of the Week! In the battle for Impius Keep during the Trial of Arkon, the underdogs of the Chaos faction bravely attempt to turn the tide in their favor. There are some helpful bits of strategy advice to found in the video, including these nuggets of wisdom: Don't let the enemy get behind you Fill the breech with fire Go for the squishy targets first What tactical advice do you find most helpful during a siege?
  7. The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many , securing a prestigious place in history is equally important. The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, GIFs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #CrowfallGame and #WarStories) or the Crowfall forums. Each Wednesday, we will select the "War Story of the Week", awarding 500 crowns to the creator. We look forward to reading your story soon!
  8. The ACE Q&A for August live stream that was supposed to happen today has been cancelled. One of the 'stream team' members is ill.
  9. When I began my work day this morning, one of the first things I saw was a message that Marth had sent last night. It read, "There was a massive fight tonight. Hopefully someone sends you footage, was easily 70v70." I asked around and it was Galvia to the rescue. He was still in the process of getting the video prepped for YouTube, but hurried that along and shared the link. My favorite part of the video is when he admits that he was getting so salty that he switched off the audio. That's not to say that I enjoy Galvia being unhappy, but rather that it's a great sign that the game, even in pre-alpha, can evoke that much emotion. Not all War Stories are success stories, but boy howdy, can those feels be real. What’s been your favorite Crowfall moment so far?
  10. It's in the pipeline, but I'm not able to give an ETA for when it will happen.
  11. Head over to MMORPG.com to read Crowfall: Embargoed! wherein Red shares his impressions about the Magic Loot and Embargo Systems and important changes to experimentation in crafting.
  12. Congratulations to Yumx, whose won 500 crowns for submitting our War Story of the Week with his video, Trial of Arkon - 8 v 20 Fight! When the Trial of Arkon began on Tuesday, Yumx and his Vanguard guildmates chose to fight under the banner of Chaos. When the first siege kicked off, they weren't yet prepared for the fight and found themselves under attack by more than 2:1. However, numbers don't always ensure simple success. Steady communication and strong tactics can be an underdog's best friends.
  13. Win Conditions have been revised: (Total Kills + (Assists/5)) divided by Deaths
  14. Testers said they would like to see some variety in the rulesets for campaigns. So, we decided to mix things up and value the killing blow more than an assist. Yes, kills + assists / deaths is the normal way to go about it, but we felt it fit the theme of Arkon's back story better for him to focus on taking the kills from other people (since he was given the sun after it was taken from this brother). When the trial ends (read: after you have actually played out the entire campaign), tell us what you liked or didn't like about this winning condition.
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