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  1. We are in the final stages of internal testing for 5.3.1. If it looks good, we’ll kick off a snap test on the US East TEST server around 6 pm CST. We’re not setting an end-time; the test will run as long as it holds up and no show-stopper issues arise. Publication of patch notes are pending; they’ll go up when we have the final green light for the snap test. Access to TEST is still limited to the Pre-Alpha 1 through Alpha 1, and Kickstarter Alpha 2 test groups. The LIVE environment is available 24/7 to all Early Access backers in the Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 2 test groups.
  2. I revised what I could in the OP. I know the Travian crew is working as quickly as they can to address the issues. Revising the website was a massive undertaking, lots of folks working hard on it for months, and there are still wrinkles to iron out. Travian is addressing the most important things first, and less integral (i.e. cosmetic) changes will be considered/implemented over time. You guys rock! Appreciate you all so much.
  3. Just want to say how completely grateful we are to Scree for leading the charge on this thread, and how much we appreciate everyone who takes time to go through the site and point out things that aren't working correctly. As issues are fixed, Scree will move them to a "Resolved" list. You guys are awesome! Thanks!
  4. This is not a helpful, productive discussion so I'm shutting it down.
  5. The current Campaign on TEST will end Tuesday, November 14, at 12 pm (Noon) CST. There will be an item wipe, so move everything you wish to keep into your Spirit Bank for safe keeping.
  6. Those of you who enjoy streaming and sharing videos of your playtesting are now welcomed and encouraged to do so. We appreciate everyone who did as we asked by refraining from streaming and posting videos during the early days of this new testing milestone. Also, the first three-thousand Alpha 2 test group members have been activated for TEST access. P.S. An email has been sent to all of the backers who are now activated for TEST access. If you didn't receive the email, no worries. You can still download, install and log in.
  7. The first 999 Alpha 1 test group members now have access to 5.3 testing on TEST and the playtest calendar has been updated with a test running on TEST from 5 pm CDT today through 10 pm CST on Monday. (There will be a time change this weekend -- 2 am on Sunday -- moving us from Central Daylight Time to Central Standard Time here in Austin.) Although we don't have an NDA, we do ask that you not livestream or share videos of these early 5.3 tests. We anticipate some issues and would appreciate the chance to iron those out before shining a spotlight on the new hotness.
  8. Please post feedback, bug/issue reports in the feedback thread, not here. Thanks!
  9. We are in the final stages of preparation to get 5.3 going for a short snap test on USA East/TEST environment. This snap test is open to the Pre-Alpha 1 and 2 test groups.
  10. Here are some handy links for new testers to explore for important information that will help them get started in Crowfall: – Don’t hesitate to email us if you need help or have questions. That’s why we’re here! Download Troubleshooting Basic game guide [un]Official Crowfall Discord – Realtime chat with other Crowfall community members, many of whom are also active playtesters. Disciplines, Skills and Powers database – Crowfall resource wiki by Tinnis Crowfall Community database - CFC If you have suggestions for additional links that should be added to the list, please let me know!
  11. Incoming changes to Rules of Conduct

    That's a great point. Thanks for pointing that out. We'll edit the text. The crux of this is that the same rules about personal attacks and trolling are applicable in regard to members of the dev team the same as they are for members of the community. You can say you don't agree with design decisions. What is not okay is name calling, insulting and trolling. A post, whether it's in text or image form, supporting another user's post is constructive. That's why I wanted to change this rule that prohibited all image-only posts. Historically, we have always posted here before any changes to the rules have been made -- it's what this specific forum was created for in the first place -- and it's why I have posted about these changes in advance of formalizing them. I try to pop into the Discord channel for at least an hour or so every couple of weeks. It's nice to chat in real time with people from the community. I rarely go in with an agenda -- unless it's because I have space in the newsletter and want to offer folks a chance to promote their guild or projects. This was just something that popped into my head as I was chatting that day so I brought it up. The rule revisions are something Gordon and I had been discussing for months (or longer), and with Jack on board now I finally had enough time freed up to give those changes some attention. P.S. I did a quick look through the number of forum Reports we received in October versus the number of warnings that were issued. Here are the stats: Reports: 15 Warnings: 6, three of which were for ads/spam Bans: 0
  12. This has been a while in the making. If you are a regular in the [un]Official Crowfall Discord channel, you may have been there when I asked about which forum rules people dislike and why. The following is based on that feedback and our own observations in dealing with forum warnings and Support tickets. As always, we are presenting these changes here first so everyone has a chance to look them over, ask questions and discuss. NEW: Bumping: Responding to a thread with no substantive contribution to the discussion in order to keep it at the top of a forum or to ‘bump’ it back to the top of a forum is a form of unconstructive posting and is not permitted. Why it is being added: “Bump” and “bump spam” posts can pile up and make it more difficult for people to find actual content in threads. This can be particularly problematic in high vs. low traffic areas such as the Guild Recruiting forum. If you want your thread to get attention, post something of substance and value. (Emphasis on the last part of that sentence.) Non-descriptive topics: When starting a new discussion thread on the forum, use a subject line that is relevant to your post. Further, avoid using all caps in the topic title. Why it is being added: Using relevant, descriptive subject lines is important so that people can see at a glance what’s being discussed in the thread. This can bring more people to conversation as well as reducing the chances of multiple threads being started on the same topic. Attacks on Crowfall staff: Calling out, insulting or degrading members of the Crowfall team, Art+Craft employees or its partners or agents is not permitted. Why it is being added: It is not okay to troll or attack anyone on our forums, not even members of the Crowfall team. Acknowledging warnings: When a warning is given, the user will receive a notification. Acknowledgement of this warning does not constitute an admission of guilt; it merely confirms that you received the notification. You will be unable to post until the notification is acknowledged. Why it is being added: This isn’t a rule so much as information. We often hear from forum users who refuse to acknowledge the warning, effectively banishing themselves because they disagree with the reason for the warning. If you disagree with moderator actions, the best recourse is to email to discuss it. CHANGED: Off-topic/Nonconstructive Images: Posting single images or animated GIFs that are not on-topic with the discussion is not allowed. Quotes of previous posts without an actual response are not ‘substantive content’. Images may be removed and users may be disciplined for repeated offenses. Please note that using images to support your discussion is fine as long as the images follow the forum rules (no adult content, politics, religion, defamation, trolling, personal attacks, racism, etc.). What is changing and why: The rule was that you could not post an image without “substantive accompany text”. However, as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Often, a screenshot, meme or GIF can say at a glance what might take five paragraphs to say in writing. Additionally, we’re removing the image size restrictions. So long as these changes aren’t abused, it should be a good thing. If it is abused, we can adjust as needed. Naming/Accusing: Openly accusing another player or group of cheating or some other type of misbehavior is not permitted. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not appropriate. In cases of exploiting, harassment or other violations of conduct, please use the Report tool or send an email directly to instead of engaging with the user. What is changing and why: The word “cheating” was added to put a finer point on the rule. We also added a request for people to email Support if they suspect someone may be cheating or exploiting in-game. Confidential communications: Do not share, publicly or privately, any communication you receive from a member of the Crowfall team, the Art+Craft staff or representatives. What is changing and why: This rule has always been in place, but the wording was a little loose and could be misconstrued as only being applicable to communication about forum warnings.
  13. Dev Tracker Borked Again...

    It appears to be working for all of us. If it's still broken for you, please contact so we can help troubleshoot.
  14. Dev Tracker Borked Again...

    Thanks, Weebles. I'll let Ed know.
  15. It won't be this weekend.