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  1. Devtracker Broken Again

    We'll get these added to the Dev Tracker. It's simply a matter of remembering to make some changes on the backend and I forgot to mention it to Ed when the new forums were created.
  2. RIP Obs LoD

    The Crowfall team stands with LoD and Obs' friends and family in mourning the loss of such a great person.
  3. That's the plan! We'll have them integrated into the game ASAP.
  4. Due to the winter storm* in Austin, we will postpone today's regularly scheduled "Pre-Alpha 5 Live!" stream until next Tuesday (Jan 23) which will bump "Crowfall Q&A Live" to Tuesday, Jan. 30. Jackal will post a Plan B news item later this morning. *Many of you live in areas where "winter storm" means crazy amounts of snow and ice so this is probably laughable to you. It only takes a few snow flurries and freezing rain to bring Austin to a halt because it's so rare that the city isn't properly equipped to deal with it and the roads are dangerous, slidey places. We think you'll agree that keeping the team safe is an important priority.
  5. We're planning to fire up the TEST server from 6 pm CST til 10 pm CST tonight. This snap test is open to the Pre-Alpha 1 though Alpha 1 test groups.
  6. Our typical live stream schedule for the last six months or so has been Pre-Alpha 5 Live on every second Tuesday of the month and Crowfall Q&A Live on every third Tuesday. Due to the holidays, we're shifting the schedule a wee bit this month, but this month only. Tomorrow, we'll be posting the monthly ACE Q&A video, then we'll have Pre-Alpha 5 Live next week (Jan 16) and Crowfall Q&A Live on the Tuesday after that (Jan 23). Unless stated otherwise, our streams always begin at 11 am CST on
  8. website down

    Appears to have been a temporary problem that's now corrected. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. Known issue: Web errors

    The web issues have been addressed.
  10. We are aware of some issues with the website this morning where some pages are broken or not displaying properly. These are being addressed as swiftly as possible.
  11. Massively Overpowered recently named Crowfall "Most Anticipated for 2018 and Beyond" and is now giving their readers a chance to cast their votes, too. We'd appreciate you clicking for the Crowfall team!
  12. Crowfall has been nominated for "Most Wanted MMO" in the Player Choice Awards. We'd appreciate your vote!
  13. We will be resetting the LIVE server today (Jan 2) at 5 pm CST. As we're bringing up a new campaign, EKs will be wiped and Imports will be reset. Training progress and Spirit Banks will not be affected.
  14. We are running final tests on a hotfix that we hope to deploy to LIVE this afternoon. The purpose of the hotfix is to allow for larger sets of users; no other changes are included.
  15. Failed to Patch

    Gameplay issues need to be posted in the Testing forums, please.