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  1. A fresh build is brewing. We can't give an ETA at this time, but please be aware that when it happens there will be a full wipe of TEST.
  2. As others have stated, we have separate rules for behavior on the forum and in-game. Going by the screenshot of what was allegedly said in-game, the comments aren't actionable. That being said, there is a different issue here that does break the forum rules and that is publicly accusing someone else of misbehavior. If you feel that you've been wronged or that someone has committed an infraction against the rules in-game, report it to The forum is not the place for it. And with that being said, I'm now going to lock this thread to avoid getting more reports about it.
  3. Error report

    This forum is for web-related issues only. Game-related issues should either be posted in the Testing forum or reported directly to Thanks!
  4. Here's the tentative schedule for tomorrow's "ACE Q&A for December LIVE!" stream: Start Time End Time CF Dev Topic 11:00 AM 11:05 AM Pann Opening 11:05 AM 11:15 AM Todd A "Crowverview" of the state of the game 11:15 AM 11:25 AM Eidson How maps have changed in Pre-Alpha 5.8 11:25 AM 11:35 AM Doggett & Greco Art things 11:35 AM 11:50 AM Blair Design Q&A 11:50 PM 12:00 PM Founders Wrapping up As you can see, we're hoping to cover a lot of ground! Looking forward to chatting with everyone tomorrow.
  5. The TEST servers will go offline tomorrow, December 11, 2018, at 8 am CST, and will remain offline until further notice.
  6. The LIVE servers will go offline tomorrow, December 11, 2018, at 8 am CST. LIVE will undergo maintenance and will return to service later in the day (approximately 3 pm CST). During this maintenance, characters, Eternal Kingdoms and Spirit Banks will be wiped.
  7. We've just brought up two servers on TEST for a snap test weekend. The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups are invited to log in and kick the tires on the latest build. Two servers, two campaigns: Weekend Snap Test 3 and Weekend Snap Test 3 EU.
  8. We are bringing up an EU server for a snap test on TEST. Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups are activated.
  9. We're on the lookout for Crows who wish to contribute scenes and stories of their First Campaign "crowments". FULL STORY
  10. TEST access is now available to the Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups. (Welcome, Beta 3! ) Snap test schedule: US East will be open from 7 pm CST to 9 am CST Wednesday, Dec. 5 EU will be open from 9 am CST until 7 pm CST Wednesday, Dec. 5 time zone converter
  11. THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER! (why are we yelling?)
  12. The month of December centers around giving Crows the information they need for Campaign World success FULL STORY
  13. We're pleased to welcome the Beta 1 test group to testing for Pre-Alpha 5.8: First Campaign! The Pre-Alpha 1 though Alpha 3 test groups have already been participating. This weekend -- Dec. 1 & 2 -- we are planning TWO snap test sessions per day. We would like to get a few hundred people to participate in each test window this weekend so that we can gather important data about server scaling. If you haven't played Crowfall in a while, this is a great time to check it out again. Our latest milestone, Pre-Alpha 5.8: First Campaign, is on TEST now, and it is feeling more and more like the game we set out to create. Sessions for Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2, 2018 12 PM (noon) CST until 3 PM CST: EU server 7 PM CST -10 PM CST: US EAST server Time Zone Converter Important information at a glance: Download the latest TEST build HERE . Both EU and US EAST will have fresh Campaigns. The Crowfall servers are not region-locked, so all Crows from the active test groups may play on any server that is open on TEST. Weapons racks are located by every runegate in the Campaign so that you can equip and level up more quickly.
  14. Yes, it was just a short snap test to get some quick info. Thanks to all who participated on such short notice!
  15. We're running a quick snap test now to check out a few things, including the "screen shake" issue. If you are in the Pre-Alpha 1 through Alpha 3 test group, please jump in if you can. Thanks!