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  1. This thread has veered very far from its original intent. We have the feedback we asked for and a bunch of misbehavior that we didn't. I'm going to close this thread now because if I started handing out warnings, several of you would be perma-banned. Please do me these two kindnesses: - Revisit the Rules of Conduct, particularly taking note of the differences between the forum rules and the in-game rules. - When someone from our team asks for feedback, it's sincere. When you take advantage of that sincerity and use it as an excuse to troll or insult others, it robs you of the opportunity to interact on a meaningful level with our team. If that's a message you're sending frequently, it gives the impression that you don't really want to help make the game better - and in cases like that, I'm comfortable with helping you find your way out.
  2. This forum is for sharing tales from the battlefields.
  3. Please try exiting fully out of the client and patcher, then restart the TEST installer. We have seen players on TEST so we know it's working.
  4. Shutting this down. It's not what this forum is for. If you are unhappy about how the Trial of Malekai is going, you can post your feedback in the Testing forum. Thanks.
  5. The latest news on talents, leveling, disciplines, campaigns and how to earn some snazzy accessories for your characters. FULL STORY
  6. It's written as intended. I'll share your feedback with DebySue, our VP of Marketing. She's the one that wrote it.
  7. Comments or questions about the new website? Share them here. Please post about website issues/broken things in this thread so we can keep the two separate. Posts about game issues and issues will be removed. Please use the proper forum for those things. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for helping us find the wonky bits and for your feedback. Additional comments, questions and suggestions may be posted here. If you encounter any issues, please post them in this thread so I can bring it to the attention of the web wizards.
  9. Known issues: RSS gone: ETA for fix is ~2 weeks Dev tracker: ETA for fix is ~1 week Exiting game does not take user to feedback forum: ETA TBD Guild message field gives 409 error: ETA TBD Cottage missing from Store: ETA TBD Changelist:
  10. @Devonic are you still seeing this issue?
  11. @Devonic please try again and let us know if it's still giving you trouble. Thanks!
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