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  1. I think it's best that any questions from 4g players are directed to 4g (Inova).
  2. The sound effect when you get an epic or legendary nugget of something gets me all "BANGERANG!!!!" Thanks, @BobbyM!
  3. The plans are coming together nicely. On a whim, I went into the game last night and asked people to bring me their donations. I felt a bit like one of those Salvation Army bell ringers you see outside the shops during the holiday season. Not only did we get some incredible stuff for the giveaway, I had a really good time chatting with everyone. So far, we've got lots of great jewelry, crafting mats and lots of maces & axes. Someone generously donated an epic quiver; I'd love to pair it with an epic or legendary bow. Please DM or email me if you would be willing to donate one. Thanks!
  4. The forces of Balance were unstoppable as they claimed landslide victories on both the EU and NA servers. FULL STORY
  5. The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many , securing a prestigious place in history is equally important. The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #crowfallgame and #warstories) or the Crowfall forums.
  6. In this Founders' Update, studio co-founder and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman reflects on the busy year that's drawing to a close. FULL STORY
  7. Pann


    Discord seems to be the place, and there are several different channels/servers. I'm sure that if you go into the Unofficial Crowfall Discord, you'll find out where the real dirt is being dished up and served. 😃
  8. Guessing you missed the part in the forum guidelines about constructive posts.
  9. Join us for the ACE Q&A for December live stream on Wednesday, December 4, at 11 am CST. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame
  10. Heyo! This is my first day back after a long, not-so-relaxing Thanksgiving break. I'm catching up on emails and DMs, so if I haven't gotten back you yet about your Crowmas gift, I appreciate your patience. So far, it looks like we'll have enough participation to be able to stretch out 12 days of gift-giving, but the more the merrier so keep those baubles and bits coming! Info about the actual event - how and when you can win - will be shared next week. Meanwhile, ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper. I'm not afraid!
  11. Thanks for putting this together! Lots of folks will find it very helpful, and we'll learn a lot from the comments and feedback it generates.
  12. I keep hearing about your overlays and seeing the teaser images on Twitter. Can't wait to see it all! Let us know when you're doing the big premier!
  13. Figured it was worthwhile to paste the question here and share the answers. Q: Will you give away more then one gift per day if you have enaugh or is the amount you give away and so the amount you collect restricted? A: The more the merrier! It will all come down to how many items we have to give away for each server. Q: is it possible to gift bundles or only single items/itemstacks? A: That's up to the giver. If the intention is to have items bundled together, then that's how they will be gifted. Q: Will all giveaway be given over the stream of CrusaderW? A: No. I mentioned Cru because there were many times I would see him giving away "new player bundles" during his streams; these were all items he'd collected or crafted himself. I thought it was a really cool idea and it inspired me to see if the community could come together to do something similar over during the holidays. There are a few ways the giveaways could happen, and we aren't restricted to one way or another. We can mix-and-match. Certainly, doing giveaways during live streams is one possibility - and we have Crow Circle members on both the EU and NA servers. Social media, /r/crowfall and these forums can also be part of the fun. DebySue (aka "CC" as Todd often calls her during our streams) suggested doing trivia questions to select winners. There's still time to sketch out a good, FUN plan. As always, your suggestions are welcome. More than anything, it will come down to how many gifts are received. My hope is to have a big, luxurious 12-day spread of great stuff. Realistically, I know it could be combination of 12-days of giveaways total, but that there may be more for one server or another. We'll just have to see how it all shakes out.
  14. I've seen this question several times since the topic was touched upon in a live stream, but "they" won't let me talk about it yet.
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