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  1. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Crow Appreciation Rewards program! FULL STORY
  2. Please move the discussion about rules and policies to this thread.
  3. The Aracoix Knight is joining his Assassin and Druid brethren in the Aracoix War Tribe camps. FULL STORY
  4. I direct your attention to this post about "towel-snapping" in War Stories. That, sir, is a personal attack on the forum and a violation of the Rules of Conduct. I'm going to let this one slide as a example for others to see the difference between what's allowable in a War Story video and what's not allowed on the forum.
  5. LAST CALL! We've only received one video so far. Videos need to be submitted by 10 am CST on Thursday so that there's time for them to be reviewed and approved before the Stream-a-Thon. Don't miss your chance to promote your guild!
  6. [NOTE: This was originally posted in the Saga forum. After thinking about it further, I thought moving it here was a better idea. So, here we are. ~P~] I received this question in a private message and thought it would be better to answer it publicly. The Rules of Conduct are clear about what's allowed on the forum, and how those rules differ from the in-game rules. War Stories sort of bridge the two in that they are based on in-game action - where rules are far more flexible - and the forum rules where the stories (or links to videos) are posted. I get where this could lead to confusion. It is okay to call out a player or group in a War Story video so long as: It is a reference to the character, not the actual person behind the character (e.g. no personal attacks). There is no hate speech*. We have a zero tolerance for any manner of hate speech whether it's on the forums, in-game or in a War Stories video. There are no real-world threats. Those threats are another bullet point on our "zero tolerance" list. No private communications are shared. Clipping something said in an open chat channel is fine. Blasting something said in a private message isn't. Do not accuse others of cheating/exploiting. If you suspect someone is cheating, contact support@crowfall.com. Don't post about it on the forum or spout off about it in-game. Crowfall is all about conflict and conquest. Not all rivalries are going to be friendly, and there's going to be some smacktalk. And that's okay, so long as people don't take it too far and keep it in the proper place. HMU with questions. * From the Rules of Conduct: Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups.
  7. Shutting this down because I don't want to hand out a bunch of personal attack warnings on my birthday.
  8. The Crowfall® community is getting larger by the day (thanks to you!) and new players are looking to flock with some Crows of a feather. There will be a Crowfall Twitch Take-Over on February 14 - 16. We want to help spread the word about guilds who are open to bringing in new members. You can help us accomplish this by creating a guild recruiting video for the streamers to share during the event. Your video should be at least 30 seconds but not more than 60 seconds in length. In accordance with our Fair Use Policy, your Crowfall-related creations may include images and video from Crowfall; however, please avoid any materials -- such as images, video or music -- that are under copyright protection from a source other than ArtCraft Entertainment. Content must also be in line with our Rules of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. Upload your guild recruitment video to YouTube and send the link to community@crowfall.com. If you’re choosing not to make the video public, you’ll have to use the Private setting so that we can view it and share the link. The video description should include a link to your guild’s thread in the Guild Recruiting section of the Crowfall forum. You may also wish to include a link to your guild’s website and/or Discord information. Hit me up if you have questions.
  9. This thread is pure gold!
  10. Eep! I haven't heard about this. Is it still an issue?
  11. I laughed. I cried. I ate all the popcorn. 💘 also: Alas, poor Dern. I knew him, Horatio. 😭
  12. You guys are the reason we can't have nice things. =P
  13. We'd like to clarify that the "Valentine's Day Sweet Surprise" teaser in our Kickstarter update this week is related to a cool, upcoming player promotion, not a big news drop about the War of the Gods (5.110) update. We know that everyone is excited about the update - we are, too! - and don't want anyone to be disappointed when the announcement on Feb. 14th isn't connected to 5.110.
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