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  1. Dev Tracker Borked Again...

    It appears to be working for all of us. If it's still broken for you, please contact so we can help troubleshoot.
  2. Dev Tracker Borked Again...

    Thanks, Weebles. I'll let Ed know.
  3. We know everyone is anxious to dive into 5.3. We'll make an announcement when it's ready to be deployed to TEST. We're not quite there yet.
  4. Guild List Bugs

    Thanks for the list. I've shared the info with Ed & Gordon.
  5. Forum Issues

    heh damn skippy!
  6. Forum Issues

    I noticed this morning that the Dev Tracker is only picking up posts from Jack and me. Ed has been alerted and will investigate when he can.
  7. @blazzen I ran your question by Gordon. It's not possible for us to do that on the Bloodbath map.
  8. We would greatly appreciate any and all testers who can jump into the Singapore server tonight (Bloodbath map) to help us dig deeper into latency combat. This special test will run from 9 pm through 11 pm CDT.
  9. Sugoi - The Elite Academy - (PvX/NA)

    Temporarily locking the thread while we clear out OT posts at the request of the OP. Note that when the thread is reopened, OT posts will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the special rules of the Guild Recruiting forum. UPDATE: I cleared back as far as the last time I cleaned this thread in Dec 2016. Reopening now. Stay on topic and don't bump. Bumps are for chumps. =P
  10. Kingdom Under Fire II

    The Guild Recruiting forum is for recruiting Crowfall guilds, so this thread has been moved to the Other Games forum.
  11. Two forums--Community Creations and Crowfall Videos--have been merged with the Crows of a Feather forum. All content from Community Creations and Crowfall Videos was moved to Crows of a Feather before the forums were removed. This should make it easier for Crows to share information about the cool stuff they are doing in the areas of video production, live streaming, events and such.
  12. Just saw this via Twitter. Great stuff! =)
  13. In addition to the Rules of Conduct, there are a few additional rules and conditions for this forum section. New topics restricted to recruiting only. Discussions in the threads must be limited to recruiting, resources (websites, chat) and activities for the guild. Off-topic and derogatory posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be penalized (including account suspension). This is not the place for guild politics and warfare; save it for the battlefield. If someone is posting off-topic content in your guild thread, please report it as quickly as possible so we can address it. For big clean-up jobs, we may find it necessary to lock the thread as we sweep it.
  14. Forum Issues

    Dev Tracker is fixed. Please let us know if it fizzles again.