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  1. Zybak Discussion

    It is our firm policy not to discuss a player with a third party. As stated before, if you have concerns about a member of the community, please contact
  2. From the desk of Creative Director J. Todd Coleman, here's an update on what's coming in the final phases of pre-alpha and the beginning of alpha testing. FULL STORY
  3. Scoring mechanics changes were at the forefront of Tuesday’s live stream FULL STORY
  4. You might want to take another look. It looks like the discount was applied to your purchase.
  5. Hurry! The Crow Links special order will end 11:59 PM CT//4:59 PM GMT on Thursday, January 31, 2019. FULL STORY
  6. I'm going to do a bit of cleanup and close the thread. I'd like to remind everyone that accusations of trolling, cheating and other improprieties should be communicated via where it can then be routed to the necessary folks at ACE. The forum itself is not a place for such accusations since it always leads to off-topic derailment that snowballs into forum warnings that can lead to forum bans.
  7. Zybak asks questions from the Crowfall community, Todd talks Dregs. FULL STORY
  8. "A soldier’s potential is gated by the quality of his equipment" FULL STORY
  9. Exploring options for capture point mechanics FULL STORY
  10. We're in the final stages of propping up a new build on TEST. We hope you'll jump in, kick the tires a bit and explore the new map. Patch notes and bug & feedback threads will be posted ASAP.
  11. Todd and Blair will answer audience questions during live streams on Tuesday and Thursday. FULL STORY
  12. Crowfall backers engage in the first non-sanctioned PvP Campaigns to try and conquer the world FULL STORY
  13. That's a great idea, @Tinnis. I'll run it by the crew.
  14. Join Game Designer, Valerie Kromas, at 11 AM CST on as she wines and dines us with insider tips to improve your cooking levels and methods. FULL STORY
  15. Get character creation and new player tips from fellow Crows FULL STORY
  16. We would appreciate your feedback regarding our weekly newsletter, As the Crow Flies. What type of content would you like to see more of: player-related content (like videos, guild showcases and player spotlights), game guides/resources, game tips from the dev team or something completely different?
  17. It's come to our attention that the Dev Tracker isn't working properly. We're on it and hope to have it fixed soon.
  18. @Anthrage shares tips on group harvesting FULL STORY
  19. Feedback wanted: Newsletters

    I passed the ATCF baton to someone else quite some time ago, and I have now shared this post with them, too.
  20. On December 6, 2018, we put out a call for front-line reporters, and we'd like to thank each of you who answered that call: Saga Correspondents may post here, but this forum is read-only for anyone outside the group. This should make it easier for conversations to stay on-topic. You may use this forum to share links to your Campaign-related videos and streams, social media channels and even your reports. You may also contact us via if you wish to share your submissions privately. Please note that any content submitted in the "line of duty" as a Saga Correspondent becomes the property of ArtCraft Entertainment.
  21. BigJerk letters from the front

    I await the next letter with eager anticipation. =)
  22. A new Campaign begins today at 1:30 pm CST for EU, 6:30 pm for US! Imports and exports will be available and set to 200/200, so you'll need to place any items you want into your Spirit Bank before the current Campaign ends. There will not be a character or EK reset
  23. @KDSProm shares tips for creating and managing a guild FULL STORY
  24. IMPORTANT NOTE: New Non-Sanctioned Campaigns will kick off today (Thursday, December 20): EU at 2:30 pm CST and US East at 9:30 pm CST. Before the current Campaigns end, players need to take items they want to import into the new Campaign and place them into the Spirit Bank. This includes any weapons or armor that is equipped on your characters, items on your vendors and items stored in local banks. Disciplines that are equipped on your character are safe and will not be lost. JTC reflects on what we've learned so far from Campaigns and how this learning will impact future Campaigns. FULL STORY Update: looks like we are having trouble with import/export settings -- so we're going to hold off on restricting imports until we can get that fixed. Thanks! -- Todd