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  1. We are going to re-open our TEST service so players can test our War of the Gods update and help us to further test game stability. Please be aware that due to the testing we are doing the server may go up and down several times throughout the day. Thanks for your support with this process!
  2. UPDATE - Thursday, 3-26-20, 6 pm CDT - Please be aware the War of the Gods Update on TEST will be unavailable the rest of the night. Tomorrow, we will notify our community as soon as we have an update on when it will be available. Thank you! The big day is here! Crowfall backers are cordially invited to log into TEST and get their first look at the eagerly-anticipated War of the Gods update! Please remember, this update is on TEST because it needs to be TESTED so check the release notes to ensure you are aware of what to expect and...have fun playing! PHASE 1 We’re taking a phased approach to releasing the update on TEST in order to collect feedback on specific updated features. In this first phase of testing War of the Gods, we will focus on updated combat and gameplay, leveling progression in the God’s Reach world, and Frostweaver gameplay and mechanics. God’s Reach offers new Crows a safe haven where they can explore the world at their own pace before advancing to the Campaign Worlds where you face higher risks (and rewards!) In God’s Reach, playtesters in both EU and NA will come together as one faction, on one server, to explore the new gameplay. After we get through the initial phase of testing on God’s Reach, we will move into the next phase of testing, introducing the Dregs (guild vs. guild) world on TEST. The ultimate goal is to test all of the new features for polish, balance and performance. Then, we’ll be ready to take The War of the Gods to our LIVE testing environment. FAQ Which test groups will have access to TEST? TEST will be available to everyone who’s purchased a backer pack, so please jump in and join us! To become a backer, it’s not too late to purchase a backer pack to get in and play now and forever, no waiting. All backer packs, include immediate access to play the game plus a digital download of the game at launch. Where do I download the game? The download can be found here. (You must be logged into your crowfall.com account.) Note that the TEST version of the download is different than the LIVE version, so be sure you’re downloading and installing the correct one. Who do I contact if I have trouble downloading, installing or running the game? Send an email to support@crowfall.com for assistance. Please include a DXdiag report (the steps are listed here, it is very helpful in resolving your issue if we can see that data, so thanks in advance!) so we can help troubleshoot the issue more quickly. Where should I send feedback and bug reports? Please use the designated Testing forums to share your feedback and submit bug reports; and thanks for posting them - your feedback helps us to hit our quality bar. What if I find an exploit? Suspected exploits should not be posted on the Testing forums. Please send them to support@crowfall.com with as much information as you can about what you were doing when you noticed it and the steps to reproduce it (if possible). P.S. It's noon somewhere, right? See you in-game!!!!
  3. Who’s awesome? You are, you victorious Crow, you are! And that’s why we’re creating this Victory Salute appreciation award just for you. FULL STORY
  4. I think it was Dern who started the "give a mouse a cookie" thing on Discord. I should have explained that when I first posted the video yesterday.
  5. I was asked on Discord if the Frostweaver is duel-wield. Yes.
  6. You are correct. No promo class yet. Kind of glad for that because I still haven't decided which way I want to go. #choices
  7. That's only the default. You can always remap it. For example, now that universal banking is gone, I remapped "B" to do Auto-Run. Wasn't a fan of having to use NumLk for it.
  8. We know everyone is waiting with baited breath for the War of the Gods to be released on TEST. In lieu of that, we wanted to share a couple of things with you for theorycrafting and discussion. As you explore the Crowfall worlds, you’ll spot these intriguing podiums here and there. When you spot one, the “F to Interact” option appears. Interacting with them will give you a buff of some kind. This particular one is next to the Tree of Life in the Sun Temple. When you interact with it, your food meter (aka “chicken ticker”) will be completely filled. This is a wonderful quality of life benefit! Someone recently asked me how saddles slot into the new power bar, so I wanted to give you a peek at the slick revisions were made. On the right end, you’ll see the Mount icon (hit O to summon) and the Recall icon (Alt+P will take you back to the temple). Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience!
  9. I'm sorry, but there's no Dev Diary/article this week. Lemme see if I can at least snag a little morsel of something to make the waiting slightly less painful.
  10. The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many, securing a prestigious place in history is equally important. The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #crowfallgame and #warstories) or the Crowfall forums.
  11. For future reference, you can report your own post/thread and request for it to be deleted. Leaving his here now so you can see my message, but I'll lock the thread.
  12. After weighing the pros and cons of this, it's not a good idea. After skimming over the last page or so of posts, I've decided it's time to close the thread. We'll share an update as soon as there's news to share. Thanks again for the kind words and patience.
  13. As Todd said in our last live stream, when it's time to go, we'll go. I'm not even going to venture a guess of when it might be. We're excited, too! I'll ask.
  14. Back on topic, please. Thanks for making this announcement, Todd ACE has transitioned the team to WFH Progress on 5.110 has not stopped Friday was close but not "da dae" We will tell you when it is "da dae Anything else will be removed. Thanks.
  15. Pann

    CF covid-19 impact?

    Thanks for the concern. We work in an office building with other companies, so we aren't really isolated and need to take the same precautions as everyone else. Additionally, school closures and daycare closures are also having an impact on the team. So, yes, we we have moved to a WFH structure. However, everyone on the team has plenty of WFH experience, we're set up to do it efficiently and the lines of communication are super strong. The situation will not impact our development at all. (Except that we had been bringing lunches in each day for a few weeks and now half of us don't remember how to fend for our own lunches anymore. haha!) Ya'll stay safe, too!
  16. Here's the oft-requested Centaur -- And a bonus because it's Friday -- P.S. Crowfall peeps = best peeps. ❤️
  17. Maybe people will think about being nicer to me. LOL
  18. Hrmm... Do I share more of these Racial Discipline images - at least another Guinecean one -- or have the words "Thursday at noon" and "DERGS" taunted me so badly that my sense of generosity has been suppressed past the point of giving?
  19. Leveling the playing field with Racial Disciplines FULL STORY P.S. I know how much some of you were looking forward to that Interactive Roads article, but no matter how hard I tried, I could simply not compete with the fine work @Staff and @Kraahk had already done in this thread. Kings to you, sirs!
  20. I "see" what you did there.
  21. Yes. I had to leave a bit for an appointment, but I'm back now and putting the finishing touches on Dev Diary: The Many Splendors of Interactive Roads in Crowfall. I know everyone has been having a hard jones for it. TODAY IS THE DAY I MAKE THOSE INTERACTIVE ROAD DREAMS COME TRUE!
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